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    My name is Emma Loveheart. I am a home healer and can release any bad energy that resides within your home. Find out how and hear from satisfied clients on this site.

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How do I work?

I listen to your experiences of stresses in your home. There may be areas of your home you don’t feel comfortable in, or there is tension within relationships.

Living in bad energy manifests itself in may ways; harming relationships, creating a bad atmosphere, causing tiredness and poor health.

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I assess the level of stress within a home and fix it using dowsing

There are three main types of stress that I work on; geo-psychic, geo-pathic and electromagnetic, all of which can contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing.

I will determine the level of each stress, plus the overall vitality of your home, and then work using an historic method called dowsing. Through dowsing I connect to spiritual energy within your home and work from a distance. I do not need to be on site to conduct the clearing.

You will experience the release of bad energy and restore calm and peace to your home

Clearing and thus healing will be different for every property, as no single house is the same. Many people feel calmer after clearing and relationships are much more harmonious. House plants can thrive, animals can be calmer and the atmosphere can be lighter. In some circumstances, people that had health issues or sleeping issues find they disappear. People can feel less tried or drained, but also sleep better.

What does it cost? Does it work?

I offer home assessments for FREE, giving you a detailed report of the energy stresses within you home and a quote and time frame to clear your property of those stress. Prices start at £95 per property.

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If for some reason you don’t experience any change after a clearing, I will offer you your money back, but this hasn’t happened yet.

A little bit about me
Case Studies and Testimonials

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Thank you Emma Loveheart for the wonderful work you did. I am not sure how it all works but only know that we are a much calmer, peaceful and happier household, which is all I need to know.

EsterNewbury, Berks

Thankyou Emma for transforming our home.


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