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    My name is Emma Loveheart. I make homes happier! I work to release poor energy in homes and replace it with positive energy.

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I listen to your experiences of stresses in your home. There may be areas of your home you don’t feel comfortable in, or there is tension within relationships.

Living around poor energy manifests itself in may ways; harming relationships, creating a bad atmosphere, causing tiredness and poor health.

I assess the level of stress within a home and fix it using dowsing

There are three main types of stress that I work on; geo-psychic, geo-pathic and electromagnetic, all of which can contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing.

I will determine the level of each stress, plus the overall vitality of your home, and then work using an historic method called dowsing. Through dowsing I connect to spiritual energy within your home and work from a distance. I do not need to be on site to conduct the clearing.

You will experience the release of poor energy and restore calm and peace to your home

Clearing and thus healing will be different for every property, as no single house is the same. Many people feel calmer after clearing and relationships are much more harmonious. House plants can thrive, animals can be calmer and the atmosphere can be lighter. In some circumstances, people that had health issues or sleeping issues find they disappear. People can feel less tired or drained, but also sleep better.

What does it cost?

I offer home assessments for FREE, giving you a detailed report of the energy stresses within your home and a quote and time frame to clear your property of those stresses. Prices start at £195 per property.

Read my case studies for more information on my work.

A little bit about me
Case Studies and Testimonials

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Thank you Emma Loveheart for the wonderful work you did. I am not sure how it all works but only know that we are a much calmer, peaceful and happier household, which is all I need to know.


A friend of mine came round yesterday for a tea and catch up. She sat on the sofa.. Looked at me.. And said…your house feels really nice, I don’t know what it is but it feels different.


Emma, I can’t thank you enough as the whole feeling of the house has changed. We both were feeling so dragged down and inexplicably worn out. Interestingly I am more focussed at work and our phones are now keeping charge along with battery clocks keeping time. It feels a very different space now, so glad to have found you before things got further out of hand here. My partner is won over as he can see huge shifts here and he was a bit sceptical to say the least at first! Thank you for a job well done, much appreciated!


My husband was at my mum’s house yesterday when you were doing the clearing.  I didn’t tell him you had done it and he said a funny comment that it felt calmer and lighter in my mums flat….how bizarre is that!


Thanks Emma, I did feel an uncontrollable urge to do some clearing yesterday, which is not like me as all, so something has changed!


My home feels so much lighter and I have just applied for a new job which will move me away from my home. But I would never have done that before the clearing so it has cleared the way for me to make a change.


Is the fact that this weekend I have not been stressed about the lack of tidiness in the house and I have been calmer about a bit of chaos, linked to the work you are doing?!


Thank you so much, I will be eternally grateful to you for being so kind and quick to rescue us. My son and I arrived home this evening at 7pm and the first difference was he walked straight through the front door, having hesitated ever since we moved in 2 years ago. I also feel calmer and warmer. We are also seeing glimpses of our son coming back and he has eaten something decent for the first time in months.


I am amazed with your work especially without knowing the details and clearing from 3000 miles away. Thank you.


Thank you again for all your hard work, I know it’s all made a huge difference


The house feels lighter and warmer!


My 2 week old tension headache has now disappeared (I never used to suffer from them before moving here last November) and I slept well, waking refreshed.  Thank you!


My home is so lovely and I’ve started to really enjoy it!  I think you do an amazing job and clearly are very good at what you do!!!


Thank you so much for your work!!

We are all feeling great! We all sleep well and no entities to declare at the moment ;-)

My husband is smiling more and more every day, and my son looks more confident and happy to go to school (that was the major issue so far).

I feel more relaxed, and more focused on my family. I’m happy to prepare good meals (I’m not a big fan of cooking) and I like to take time in my kitchen!

I’m more confident in general for the future. That’s the main differences I can notice so far! And it’s already huge!

FrederiqueSouth Africa

There was never a bad feeling here so it’s hard to say, but since last week I’ve been SLEEPING! which has been unheard of for months and there’s something unexplainably calm. I’ve also not had the weird smoke thing and just feel so so pleased to have cleared anything for the children.


“Thank you for clearing my house. In the last week I have managed to clear so much clutter and clothes. Then my husband started sorting his clothes! He is a massive hoarder and most rooms are packed full with his stuff’.


House feels happier!


I’ve not had any of the experiences or feelings in the house since you cleared it and even other people have made comments about how calm they feel there, how amazing.


The work that you have done is amazing. Other healers that I have worked with insisted that the [building away from the property] couldn’t be affecting me, and in the end I started to doubt myself about it. Thanks for listening to me. I really feel that I’m starting to get my spark back.


When arriving home from holiday and after your clearing, I found myself grinning like an idiot, if felt so much lighter, like I could breathe.


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