Clearing radon gas


The final stage of the clearing work that I do, involves clearing ‘other’ stresses that affect a property. So having cleared the psychic stresses, I then clear earth and geopathic stresses, and finally look at any remaining ‘other’ stresses.

I look at electromagnetic stresses from masts and wifi, and alter these energies to be positive, but I also assess whether there is radiation or radon gas.

Radon gas usually exists where there has been a lot of earth movement to build the property, so where the ground has been dramatically disturbed.

Three cases I have dealt with that have had very high radon gas levels, are a property on an old waste site, a property in an old tin mining area and a property on a site on the bottom of a mountain, where most of the mountain had been moved to create flat area.

In these cases I neutralise the radon gas and transform all the neutralised elements into the most positive and beneficial for all. Depending on the severity of the gas, it can take me weeks of clearing daily to finally neutralise all elements.

The client tends not be aware of this stage, the first and second stages have the greatest impact, but this is a very important stage for the future health of the inhabitants.

There are many reports about people living on old waste sites and falling ill and this has been attributed to the gasses being released from the ground.