Dogs barking in same corner of the house

Tracey was aware of some strange energy in her home ever since she had moved in, some 10 years ago. She sensed the negativity in the house, relationships had been challenging for a number of years, she felt low in energy and her 2 dogs would often bark in corners of the house. It’s not until now that it’s all gone, she realised how strange it was!

She always wanted her house to be a sanctuary, but it felt like somewhere you just go, rather than home. It didn’t feel like she belonged there and she didn’t feel revived after being there.

The first clearing conducted was removing the psychic activity.  There was a particular part of the house that this was concentrated and where the dogs always barked. Once cleared, the immediate difference was the dogs. They were much calmer and stopped barking. The house also felt more positive.

The next step was to clear the geopathic stress and protect against EMF’s. Tracey said the difference in her house was significant. It felt lighter, she felt she could see the house again. She started investing in the house; a new rug, some new blinds, just little things, but things that made the place look more like home and look loved. She also felt compelled to declutter. The house now feels more like a sanctuary, especially as she continues to make changes here and there.

In terms of realtionships in the house, the dogs are happier, everyone is calmer, the children are more relaxed and chilled. Tracey even invited her Mum to visit, having never done this before. Everyone is getting on better, there is more understanding and definitely less friction. The house now has a calming effect.