Could your home be happier?

Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe place. It should be the space where you can relax and be yourself. A place where you can rest and rejuvenate.  It is the place where you feel nourished both inside and out; a place where you nurture yourself.

How many of us do not have this experience when we are in our homes? Do our homes feel unhappy or unhealthy?  Do we dread coming home? Is there an atmosphere or a heavy feeling when we walk through the front door? Is there tension amongst others living in our homes?  Is there a feeling of never feeling really rested?

You would not be alone if this is how you felt about your home. Essentially your home could be anywhere you make it and does not rely on material belongings to make it home, although material possessions can be pleasurable and comforting. So, perhaps it is more about WHERE your home is and the energy within your home.

There are energies all around us that we are mostly unaware of, but could be the cause of tension, stress and illness.

Whatever our beliefs, there is such energy as psychic energy, which can be residue energy from past life activity. Previous inhabitants of a home can leave their energy patterns and sometimes these can be angry or unhappy, and these feelings can affect new inhabitants.

Our homes can also be affected by earth stresses. Such stress as geo-pathic stress caused by underground streams or fault lines running underneath your home, can have a very draining effect should you live above them.

And finally, in this technical age, we find ourselves surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies. Many are within our homes such as wifi, mobile phones, TV’s, and electrical kitchen equipment. Not to mention the masts and cables that bring all this technology to us, which surround our property’s.

My home healing work can change all this. I can clear and neutralise  damaging EMF energies through using an ancient art of dowsing. I also alter earth stresses to be positive and move on pyschic activity.

Can energy reverse back to negative?

The simple answer is yes, but only when a specific action happens.

I have had 2 cases where clients have contacted me several months after their homes were cleared of negative energy through my home healing, to say they had experienced an influx of negative energy. They could feel the change. It was a feeling of cold and discomfort in a now normally light and positive environment.

The first case was a home in California. The earth stresses were very high in this home, which was due to the site being on an excavated area of mountain that had been cleared to complete the housing estate. There had been some earth drilling in the neighbouring property, preparing for some new building and it was a couple of days after this drilling that the client experienced a very strange feeling in their home during the night. A weird energy passed through the house and was very unnerving. On investigation, I discovered one of the ley lines passing through their home had been damaged by the drilling, turning it negative, and this had caused the negative flow of energy to enter their home. I was able to repair this ley line back to its original purpose of bringing in positive energy and the client confirmed that all positive energy had been restored again.

The second case was a home in the UK which had benefitted mostly from psychic clearing, but had had negative energy blocks and broken ley lines. The council had replaced all the street lamps in their road, of which one was directly outside their home. On carrying out some DIY work inside their home one weekend which required taking down an internal wall, they were aware of a sudden feeling of cold and discomfort. It felt very eerie. On investigation I found that the street lamp had disturbed a ley line that travelled through their home and was letting in negative energy. Once restored they were pleased to report that the energy had returned to positive again.

So, it appears that ley lines can be damaged again after home healing has been conducted. If you have had your home cleared, be aware of any building activity around your property, but also any strange feelings within your home as these could be signs of a broken ley line.