Clients Reaction to Clearing

One of the areas of fascination about my energy clearing work is how different people react to the changes.

Unanimously though, everyone agrees that there is a calmness in the home, and relationships within the home are more harmonious after clearing has taken place.

There are 3 distinct stages to the clearing work that I do. Firstly, I clear any psychic activity. This can vary for different properties and can be a real change for some people, whereas others won’t even notice.  Some people have felt physical symptoms as I clear stuck spirits. The spirits pass their energy through people living in the house, which can be felt by some people. It doesn’t last long, but can be a strange sensation. Most spirits like to be moved on into the light and are very happy to go. Some may have lessons or messages for the existing inhabitants, but most are just stuck from previous lifetimes. They know no time, so there is no associated pain for them. Only poltergeists or spirits of the dark don’t like being moved on. They enjoy creating negativity and fear and stress, and can really impact on someone’s feelings, thoughts and actions. They definitely need to go, and require spiritual skill to be moved on.

Stage 2 is working on the geopathic stress. I offer an additional level of earth clearing where I work on clearing negative energy blocks before clearing any geopathic stress. This stage of clearing has the biggest impact for most clients. It is this stage that everybody seems to notice and benefit. It’s people reactions that vary. Some feel an overwhelming urge to de-clutter and tidy areas of the house that have been left for so long. Others relax more in parts of their house they never used to use. Many people sleep better, and feel more positive about life. This stage can also be the catalyst for change where someone has previously been procrastinating.

The final stage is protecting against EMF’s and also altering damaging rays to positive rays in some cases. Again, this can have different effects on different people. There are people that have become so sensitive to EMF’s, it has made them ill. I am unable to change frequencies to the extent that people’s symptoms disappear, but I can certainly alleviate the cause in their home space. This way they can free themselves to work on healing their bodies, so they are not susceptible to illness from EMF’s.

So, everyone has a different experience. Many of the home clearings I have written up as case studies and these are available to read on the website. There is some interesting reading there to help understand people’s individual stories and experiences going through a home healing.


Raising the Vibration of Love Conference November 2016

Things come in to and out of our lives all the time.

Things like people; strangers or friends. Things like moments, events or experiences. You never know what new things are coming your way, although you do make conscious choices to act and allow these things to come into your life. Sometimes these things can be pivotal moments in your life, however small or large, and can be inspirational or life changing. On Sunday 27th November, such a thing happened in my life.

I attended Conscious Café’s conference on ‘Raising the Vibration of Love’. I didn’t have any preconceptions or expectations of the day, other than I wanted to explore more about what love is and have an enjoyable, stress free day to myself. I left my worries behind and went to the conference with an open mind. I was looking forward to being in a conference room with people interested in the topic of love.

To say I was blown away was an understatement. I was blown away by the first speaker and it didn’t stop for the rest of the day! I listened to inspirational speakers and ‘love’ workers throughout the day, all spreading the underlying message of love through their daily work.

The highlight for me, however, was a panel discussion on raising the vibration of love in the world of work. The panel consisted of 4 members, all business people, all experienced in the world of business, some having worked with FTSE 100 companies. I too once worked for a FTSE 100 company in the field of Human Resources. I now run my own business as an HR Consultant. However, some 5 years ago, I discovered I had spiritual healing capabilities and have been pursuing this path as well, learning about myself along the way and much more about ‘love’. I always felt the two paths were polar opposite and envisaged myself at some point leaving my HR work to move into a more positive environment of healing. It was such a shock for me to hear 4 people discussing how they had combined the vibration of love with the world of business. It took my breath away!

You never know who you might meet, but hearing the stories of those amazing panel members has really given me hope that we can raise the vibration of love in so many more ways than you think. I was humbled and inspired by their contribution in making our world a more loving place.

My healing work specialises in altering energies from negative and draining, to positive and beneficial within homes.  So could this be the start of creating positive, beneficial energy in business premises?! We will see!



Clearing radon gas


The final stage of the clearing work that I do, involves clearing ‘other’ stresses that affect a property. So having cleared the psychic stresses, I then clear earth and geopathic stresses, and finally look at any remaining ‘other’ stresses.

I look at electromagnetic stresses from masts and wifi, and alter these energies to be positive, but I also assess whether there is radiation or radon gas.

Radon gas usually exists where there has been a lot of earth movement to build the property, so where the ground has been dramatically disturbed.

Three cases I have dealt with that have had very high radon gas levels, are a property on an old waste site, a property in an old tin mining area and a property on a site on the bottom of a mountain, where most of the mountain had been moved to create flat area.

In these cases I neutralise the radon gas and transform all the neutralised elements into the most positive and beneficial for all. Depending on the severity of the gas, it can take me weeks of clearing daily to finally neutralise all elements.

The client tends not be aware of this stage, the first and second stages have the greatest impact, but this is a very important stage for the future health of the inhabitants.

There are many reports about people living on old waste sites and falling ill and this has been attributed to the gasses being released from the ground.

Do I need to be on site to work?

Do I need to be on site?

I do all my negative energy clearing work from a distance. I access universal energy and then direct this to where I need it to go, and tell it what I need it to do. All I ask for from clients is the home address, to make sure I am directing the energy to the right location.

The simple answer is I do not need to be on site to carry out my work, and I would like to share an example of a house I cleared proving this point.

This particular house had some rather dark energies at one side of the property. It came up in the psychic clearing stage. It was spiritual, had been in the building for some time, and was being fuelled by a ‘not very nice neighbour’ on that side of the house. When I came to clear it, I visualised the energy in an attached garage, running the length of the property front to back. I moved the spiritual energy on and replaced it with healing energy and then carried on with the clearing.

As this client was local to me, I visited the home after I had finished the clearing and on arriving at the property I parked in front of the garage – a separate building opposite the house.  There was no garage attached to the house as I had visualised.

This gave me doubts as to the accuracy of my work. However, on talking with the client and her showing me round the house, I explained about the darker energy to one side of the house which was a living room and how I had seen it as a garage. She immediately told me the room had been converted from a garage and how she hardly ever sat in that room as it felt uncomfortable.

This gave me confirmation that I do not need to be at the house. If I had seen the house before I did the work, I would not have believed I was seeing a garage and my logic brain may have stopped me being as effective. I always have to trust my intuition working with spiritual energy.

Could your home be happier?

Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe place. It should be the space where you can relax and be yourself. A place where you can rest and rejuvenate.  It is the place where you feel nourished both inside and out; a place where you nurture yourself.

How many of us do not have this experience when we are in our homes? Do our homes feel unhappy or unhealthy?  Do we dread coming home? Is there an atmosphere or a heavy feeling when we walk through the front door? Is there tension amongst others living in our homes?  Is there a feeling of never feeling really rested?

You would not be alone if this is how you felt about your home. Essentially your home could be anywhere you make it and does not rely on material belongings to make it home, although material possessions can be pleasurable and comforting. So, perhaps it is more about WHERE your home is and the energy within your home.

There are energies all around us that we are mostly unaware of, but could be the cause of tension, stress and illness.

Whatever our beliefs, there is such energy as psychic energy, which can be residue energy from past life activity. Previous inhabitants of a home can leave their energy patterns and sometimes these can be angry or unhappy, and these feelings can affect new inhabitants.

Our homes can also be affected by earth stresses. Such stress as geo-pathic stress caused by underground streams or fault lines running underneath your home, can have a very draining effect should you live above them.

And finally, in this technical age, we find ourselves surrounded by electro-magnetic frequencies. Many are within our homes such as wifi, mobile phones, TV’s, and electrical kitchen equipment. Not to mention the masts and cables that bring all this technology to us, which surround our property’s.

My home healing work can change all this. I can clear and neutralise  damaging EMF energies through using an ancient art of dowsing. I also alter earth stresses to be positive and move on pyschic activity.

Can energy reverse back to negative?

The simple answer is yes, but only when a specific action happens.

I have had 2 cases where clients have contacted me several months after their homes were cleared of negative energy through my home healing, to say they had experienced an influx of negative energy. They could feel the change. It was a feeling of cold and discomfort in a now normally light and positive environment.

The first case was a home in California. The earth stresses were very high in this home, which was due to the site being on an excavated area of mountain that had been cleared to complete the housing estate. There had been some earth drilling in the neighbouring property, preparing for some new building and it was a couple of days after this drilling that the client experienced a very strange feeling in their home during the night. A weird energy passed through the house and was very unnerving. On investigation, I discovered one of the ley lines passing through their home had been damaged by the drilling, turning it negative, and this had caused the negative flow of energy to enter their home. I was able to repair this ley line back to its original purpose of bringing in positive energy and the client confirmed that all positive energy had been restored again.

The second case was a home in the UK which had benefitted mostly from psychic clearing, but had had negative energy blocks and broken ley lines. The council had replaced all the street lamps in their road, of which one was directly outside their home. On carrying out some DIY work inside their home one weekend which required taking down an internal wall, they were aware of a sudden feeling of cold and discomfort. It felt very eerie. On investigation I found that the street lamp had disturbed a ley line that travelled through their home and was letting in negative energy. Once restored they were pleased to report that the energy had returned to positive again.

So, it appears that ley lines can be damaged again after home healing has been conducted. If you have had your home cleared, be aware of any building activity around your property, but also any strange feelings within your home as these could be signs of a broken ley line.