Clearing larger homes and Estates

Larger homes and estates can also be cleared, but with outbuildings, and being set in a substantial amount of land, they do take time.

When clearing on this scale, work has to be broken down into areas.

The first area of psychic clearing would normally be concentrated within a building or where a building used to be, rather than on land. There are also outbuildings, and each building would need to be checked for psychic activity.

Land, however, can hold psychic energy where there was human activity in the past. If there had been a historic battle for example, this would definitely leave a stressed energy on the land. Animals are good indicators for poor energy. If there are grazing animals, you may find they avoid certain patches of land. This could be due to psychic activity or earth stresses.

Earth stresses are often caused by man, so again are more likely to be greater where there are buildings or have been buildings, unless they are as a result of underground earth activity. Underground streams and fault lines can create stress, but only really an issue if you are living above it or near it.

Where there have been horses on a site, horses can be much calmer after clearing. The same applies to dogs. Animals are far more perceptive than we are to negative energy and of course we can notice a difference in their behaviour. They are a good indicator of a change in energy.