Why do some People sense Energies but Others Don’t?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work on clearing unwanted energies from peoples homes, as well as any negative energy people themselves can sometimes carry around with them.

But how is it that some people are aware of this energy whilst others are blissfully unaware?

I often have clients come to me when they know there is some strange energy around their home but are not sure what it is other than being an ‘energy’, but their partner does not feel there is an issue at all. This can be a difficult situation because if you feel it, you feel it! I think it is important to point out here that it is ok to feel and that you are not going mad just because your partner or others do not feel the same. But let’s explore why it is different.

Levels of Sensitivity

We all have awareness of energy around us but in different ways. Some of us can be very perceptive to other people’s moods for example, knowing that someone is sad even though they don’t outwardly show it. People can pick up on other’s moods without speaking to them, they can just sense it. This is sensitivity and being able to attune to energy outside of your own. However, your level of sensitivity will be very personal to you. It’s your own individual energy radar.

But given that energy is all around us, it is not surprising that this sensitivity can also make us aware of an energy misalignment in our surroundings.

Quite often people just describe it as a feeling. In extreme cases and for more sensitive people they can get a physical reaction to an energy, where they might feel a cold shiver, or feel an emotion that is not theirs, but mostly it is an inner knowing something is not right.

In many cases of home healing, it is not until children refuse to sleep in their bedrooms or demonstrate genuine fear of a space in the house that parents put aside their beliefs and contact me to check if there is something paranormal in their home. In every enquiry I get from one person sensing something, that person is always right about a psychic presence.

Open and Closed Intuition

Tapping into one’s intuition is connecting to an inner space within where you ‘feel’ what is right and what is wrong. Again, people have different levels of intuition, some find it easier to follow this guidance, for example in their everyday life with making decisions, whilst others will prefer to apply logic to any decisions they are making.

We are born with clear and open connections to our intuition which is why children often sense energies where we as adults don’t. For some of us that connection stays with us through life, for others it gets blocked.

Emotional trauma is the biggest block to our intuition and can come from experiences gained in childhood and later life. Traumas such as physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, grief and stressful situations are all examples of emotional baggage that collects in our energy field until our heart space becomes blocked. The blockages mean that any awareness, perceptiveness, intuition, inner knowing, and spiritual guidance cannot get through, and so our sense of our outer world becomes restricted.

This is all rectifiable with healing but only if the individual truly wants to go through the process. We have to accept that some will never sense in the same way that someone connected can and that’s ok. But equally we also need to accept that some of us do sense everything and that needs to be honoured in the same way.

We are All Different

I think it is a wonderful we all have our idiosyncrasies. That is what makes the world far more interesting. I do lean more towards people that are intuitively connected because I believe that’s the way we need to go as a human race. It is also, of course, the field I work in by helping remove those energies that people don’t want to live with. I know from all the clients I have worked with, that when you are living in a situation that you can feel something negative or scary, it is very unpleasant, so it is my honour to be able to bring peace and harmony to a home whatever the occupants beliefs.

If you feel the energies in your home are not quite right or you feel uncomfortable then please get in touch with me to find out how I can help. I offer free home assessments where I assess what draining energies there may be, whether that is spiritual activity or earth stresses, or even high electro-magnetic interference.

Complete the enquiry form on www.homehealer.co.uk/contact or email emmaloveheart@outlook.com.