Releasing stresses in the home

How do you know if you have stressful energy around you?

Answer any of these questions NO and you could be affected by negative, draining energy.

Do you feel at peace where you live?

Is your home a sanctuary?

Do you feel comfortable with the space around you ?

Do you feel energised and nourished by the space around you?

Is everyone living at home calm and respectful?

Read on to find out about stressful energy.

Everything is made up of energy. Some energy we can see, some we cannot. Energy can be positive or negative, and where positive energy makes us feel good, negative energy is very draining. If you are living with negative energy either within your home or within relationships, this can cause you stress and sometimes illness.

It is, however, possible to clear poor energy from within your home and from those you live with, through spiritual clearing. Energies I focus on are geopsychic spiritual stress, land stresses known as geopathic stress and electro-magenetic stresses.

I do this work using an old method called dowsing. I work through dowsing to connect to spiritual energy within your home from a distance. I do not need to be on site to conduct a clearing.

Geopsychic Stress

This is stress within a property or on land caused by psychic phenomena. This could be earthbound souls, or it could be negative imprints, negative thought forms, or negative power objects as some examples. Healing geopathic stress cannot begin until psychic phenomena is cleared. Trapped souls and entitles are comfortable in negative energy, so can become very unsettled when healing comes in if they have not been removed.

Geopathic Stress  (GS)

GS is a form of stress that is underground and can be from underground streams, geological fault streams, tunnels and mines and crossing points of energy/ley lines. These can all cause energy stresses above ground where we live. The level of stress is measured through dowsing before and after clearing to ensure the stress has been cleared.

Electromagnetic Stress (EMS)

All electrical items produce magnetic waves and these will be measured as EMS. Electrical items include TV’s, wifi, microwaves, electric wires, fuse boxes, electric clocks, etc. Some people are sensitive to these waves, some are not.  There is also EMS from masts if nearby.  Part of the clearing process is to neutralise negative waves emitting from electrical items and put in protection around the property against outside emissions.