Raising Vibrational Energy in Your Home & Clearing Blocks

With more of us working from home, as well as recent lockdowns, having a space that supports you and makes you feel positive is an integral part of your daily life. In this article, I will share with you some basic tips to understand how energy works in the home and how you can raise it so you can feel creative, yet safe and calm in your space.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work with energies within a home to make them happier.

Firstly, let us understand how powerful energy can be.

I work to heal and move negative energy from a home and do this all from a distance. I heal homes all around the world by simply connecting to energies created by psychic activity or earth stresses and then clearing them. It somehow doesn’t seem possible but I get results every time! This is the power of working energetically and how you can alter energy in an environment.

Now bring this concept into your home and you can perhaps understand how everything within your home has an energy field that constantly interacts with your own personal energy field. We want to make sure that the energy we are living with is positive and constructive to us feeling good in our home spaces.

We know that if we connect with a person who is negative, we will eventually feel drained and sapped of our energy. Likewise, if we connect with a person who is positive, we feel good and energised by them. Like attracts like. Therefore, if we can create positive energy in our homes, we in turn will reap the benefits and feel energsied.

Different vibrational energy can create a different emotional response in us. In the home we want to feel positive experiences such as safe, calm, peaceful, joyful, rejuvenated, harmonious, comfortable and so on. We need to create the energetic environment that allows these energies to exist.

Creating the right space

When you cross the threshold of your home, usually through the front door, you are crossing the intersection between the outer world and the inner world. This inner world is reflecting you and influencing you. The space within your home is a reflection of you.

Take some time to look around your home and assess what the space says to you and how it makes you feel. Then ask yourself is this how you WANT to feel.

When you truly connect with your home environment it can sometimes feel overwhelming as to what you have compared to what you want in your space. We can look at beautiful pictures of designer rooms in home magazines and feel ‘space envy’!

However, don’t let this put you off, because everything is achievable within your own space to create the emotions you desire. Just a few simple changes can have huge affects on how you feel.

Clearing energy blocks

The biggest block to energy is clutter.

Clutter stagnates energy and stops the flow. You can pump in positive energy all day but if there is lots of clutter, it will continuously get blocked and diffused.

To understand what clutter is, you need to carry out the clutter test. It is very simple. Take any item of furniture or object and ask yourself:

  • Do you love it?
  • Do you use it?
  • Does it bring you joy?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then it usually means it is clutter!

There are other reasons why you might want to keep something but it is often an excuse, and there will be an emotional reason as to why you are not willing to let it go. That’s ok. Sometimes it takes time to work through emotional connections, so give yourself that time and focus on the obvious clutter first.

Other blocks to energy is when certain energy becomes stagnant. A great way to clear stagnated energy is to use music. Play whatever you like and what energises you. There is no right or wrong as long as it feels good to you. We know how we feel like moving when we hear music and it creates energy in us, the same happens within the home. You can use singing bowls or bells for the same results.

Using crystals in the home is another great tool. Using clear quartz or amethyst placed around the home as generators of good energy is quick and easy. You can also use black tourmaline to absorb negative energies. It very much depends on how sensitive you are to energy as to how you use crystals. You can have them in the bedroom to aid sleep, or have at the front door to protect against energies coming in. Go with what feels right for you.

Getting Started

The hardest part of working with your own home is getting started. It may feel too much and you haven’t got the time.

Understand why you want to change the energy in your home and what you want to achieve. Telling yourself what the benefits are going to be will be a reminder to motivate you.

Clearing clutter will get the biggest result. Start with something small. It could be a shelf, or a drawer and only allocate 10 minutes to the task so it is achievable. As you start to clear you will feel the positive results and want to do more.

Take baby steps and feel the benefits as you take each step, and soon you will have a home that is full of positive flowing energy allowing you to be the truest version of yourself.

Good luck!

Lockdown-induced Stress

What is your Default in times of Stress?

My review of stress induced by Lockdown.

Stress affects us in different ways, from work stresses to juggling family life, together with managing a home and possibly a garden, having social activities, fitness activities, hobbies, the list goes on.  There was constantly so much going on, running from one thing to the next.

Then came along LOCKDOWN!

Lockdown brought with it a new type of stress where suddenly the world that we were familiar with had changed beyond recognition. Now we are being told we cannot leave our homes other than for food shopping and for one form of outdoor exercise a day. Unless you are a key worker or have to travel for your job (assuming there is still work for you to do), you must stay at home.

How does that make you feel?

On top of these feelings and emotions, the reason you are being told to stay at home is to stop the spread of a potentially life threatening virus. Are you someone who thinks it won’t happen to you, or someone who believes their life is at risk if they step outside the front door?

Whatever your situation or belief, it is very real and whatever your circumstances, your life will have changed dramatically in some form or another.

So how do you react to stress?

We are all feeling it in different ways and will be reacting in different ways as a consequence. We will probably have a default reaction which has been learnt from other times when we experienced stressful situations. This is what our brains have learnt worked before, so deduce it will work again and instinctively we are back dealing with stress in the same way.

I have heard of many people drinking more alcohol than usual. Others have turned to online shopping for the distraction. There will be many other traits, but for me, my default is what I lovingly term as ‘fuzz head’.

I make procrastination look like a full time worthy occupation. It is a fine art!

As I plundered into my daily erratic routine of doing absolutely nothing but being extremely busy, in about week two of lockdown, I started getting glimpses of my reality. One wonderful thing of being confined to your home, is you have a lot of time to reflect and observe yourself and habits, whether you like it or not.

Moving forward..

Working through the mountain of emails and social media posts about what to do during this time, I start to pick up snippets of hope, as I form my reality and awareness of how this change was affecting ME. At the same time as this is processing, I am aware of the silence and peace outside that is new.

I make the most of my one outside daily activity and start to see the outside world through different eyes. With less traffic on the roads, and less planes in the sky, there is definitely a new peace. Everything has slowed down quite suddenly and I realise I like it.

I need to make the most of this opportunity I conclude. I need to rest like I’ve never been able to before. I can clear my home, get some jobs done that I never normally have time for, but I feel so much better for when done.

I am being given a chance to truly connect to myself and true purpose. I have completely reviewed my business and now understand where I want it to go that suits me and what I want out of my future. I understand the Universe is giving me time out and I am very grateful.

I am healing, I am learning and I will come out of lockdown a lot stronger and more aware than when it began.

There is the saying that every cloud has a silver lining and I truly believe this. During adversity we find new aspects of ourselves and I believe there will be elements of lockdown we will actually miss. It’s not been easy at times and we still have a way to go but I have already achieved so much and will surely look on life differently when we get to venture out once more.  Try and view this unique time as an opportunity rather than a loss.  Step back and reassess, try and find your silver lining.

I hope you have a new bond with your business and a stress free approach to your everyday.  As I posted the other day; ‘Do what you love and love what you do’.

If you are considering a change of direction or thinking about adding a new skill to your repertoire you may be interested to know that I shall be running home healing courses for the curious and for those that wish to home heal as a profession.  Details will be on the website soon.


Keeping Energies Positive during Self-Isolation

With the current outbreak of the Corona virus and people needing to self isolate or preparing for possible self isolation, what does this mean to you?

Does staying in your home fill you with excitement or absolute dread?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer. I work with clearing negative energies in the home to make homes the safe and welcoming place they should be.

What does confinement mean to you?

To help you understand how you feel about being confined to your home, I have a little exercise to take you through.

Take a minute to centre yourself and sit quietly without distraction. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a white room. In the middle of the room is a large bed, covered with white sheets and blankets and white plush pillows. To the side is a comfy upholstered easy chair strewn with white blankets and squishy pillows. There are no windows or doors, just you and the room.

There are one of two ways to view this scenario. One is panic, where despite the comfort of the bed and chair, there are no doors or windows so therefore you can’t get out, and therefore you could feel trapped. The other scenario is one of bliss. You can relax on the bed or chair in comfort. No one can disturb you. You can just be, go within, relax in the moment.

There is no right or wrong, it shows you where you are in your belief system. For me, the vision immediately brings me peace and tranquillity. Personally, I could spend a lot of time in that space, although it doesn’t get much work done! Having said that I need to go to that space, as it has become an important part of my existence. It allows me to find some freedom in my head and subsequent clarity.

If the opposite is the case for you, then you are living in a physical realm. This is a very day to day existence. It takes everything at face value. Perhaps if you could live in a more spiritual way, then should you find yourself confined to your home, you may be more at ease with the prospect.

What about the energy in your home?

Everything is made up of energy, be it positive or negative.

I work with energies within the home. So even if you are comfortable being confined, if there are negative energies around you, perhaps the thought still fills you with dread.

On my website I ask several questions to evaluate how home is for you.

  • Do you feel at peace?
  • Is your home your sanctuary?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the space around you?
  • Do you feel energised and nourished by the space around you?
  • Is everyone living at home calm and respectful?

Should the answer to any of these questions be no, then you may be living with some unwanted negative energies. Thankfully this is solvable, and my healing work looks at removing psychic activity attached to people and within the home, as well as healing draining earth energies. Clearing all these factors can make for a much happier home environment. It often leads to an urge to tidy and declutter, and people find relationships improve. A welcome benefit if you are spending more time together!

If you think there are is low energy in your home, please follow the link on this website for free assessments.

What short-term fixes are there to improve energy?

In the short term however, there are some fixes you can take to help improve the energy within your home, and should you be confined, it will be a great opportunity to do this.

The first challenge is to ‘accept’ that you are going to be confined to your home. Sounds simple but is really important, otherwise you will be continually fighting the confinement. The next stage is treat the time as an opportunity and take the following steps.

  1. Tidy up and De-clutter

It is a great opportunity to have an excuse to tidy up. We all have clutter around us, but this stagnates energy. It stops energy from flowing through the home which includes positive energy flow. Having clear space around you also gives you clarity.

This is your chance to go through your wardrobe, clear out draws and cupboards.  See this as a positive experience, what clothes or items can be passed on to friends or charity, mended or sold on.

  1. Focus on 3 key areas

Tidying up the areas of the home that relate to areas in your life is a great opportunity. 3 key areas of challenge for us are usually wealth, health and relationships. Parts of our home represent these areas so if they are clear for energy to flow, then could improve greatly. As you look at your home from the front door, the left hand back corner represents wealth, the centre of the home is health and the back right corner is relationships. These are Feng Shui principles and having these areas clear will help manifest positive changes as an added bonus.

  1. Remain positive in yourself

As soon as you let fear, doubt and anger creep in, you lower your vibrational energy and can attract negative energies. The negative energies love it when you do this so keep them away by keeping your spirits high whilst at home. Listen to some relaxing or upbeat music, depending on your mood. Get outside in the garden for some fresh air. You can use bowls of salt water around the house to absorb any negative energies. Simply refresh daily. Light a candle for the soft light it creates or for the scent. If you have them, you can also raise vibrational energy with bells or a singing bowl.

This too will pass

Finally remember, that like everything in life, this too will pass. Nothing lasts forever, that is a given. What we don’t know of course is how long it will last. What we do know however, is that we WILL  get through this challenging time and lessons will be learnt. The whole world is in this together right now, so we can take some solace in that.

Love and light to you all as always.

Do you have a soul contract with your home?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes and clear out their negative energies.

Many people approach me when they move into a new home having recognised that issues and problems only began after moving in.

There are cases where people feel spirit activity ranging from a ‘cold’ feeling in certain areas of the house, through to more serious cases of objects moving or disappearing. I have had many incidents involving electrics being messed with too, such as the TV going on and off randomly, or lights turning on and off. One client had touch lamps either side of their bed which kept turning on in the middle of the night until I cleared some spirit activity.

There are also cases of people moving into a home and not being able to sleep or developing an illness. This could be that sometimes previous owners can leave their energy behind and if they were ill this can attach to the new owners. Or the energy can simply be so draining within a property that an individual’s immune system depletes and illness sets in.

I often get people ask me if their house will sell once I clear it. This is always a hard question to answer. Whilst I can say with some certainty that clearing will make the house more attractive to more potential buyers, this does not guarantee a sale. A difficult sale may also be due to the owner having a soul contract with the house.

A soul contract is a commitment your soul undertook before it took on your human existence. There will be many in your lifetime that you will never know about but one area it can happen is with a house.

As I have explained in my previous blogs about 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional living, we are here to learn and heal in each lifetime, and in our current times many of us are being encouraged to live a more spiritually connected life. Thus many people coming to me are learning about the fact that another life exists at all in the form of energy affecting us.

I have a personal experience of this, where I helped a burglar, something I committed to as a soul to help someone in this lifetime. I didn’t know about this at the time he crossed my path, but found out some years later as the incident had always bothered me. My home was burgled. The burglar got in through an unlocked window and took the TV, children’s electronic games and their pocket money. It would have been my jewellery too judging by the dirty footprints on my cream bedroom carpet, but we believe he was disturbed by my neighbour popping round to drop our dog back. How do I know it was a man? Because the police recognised his style of burglary and tracked his path of break ins that particular evening. He was very clean and careful with stealing, closing doors behind him for example. But I also met him. Some time after, I was walking down my road when he came up to me and asked for money. I just knew it was him. I could see it in his eyes. And I knew I knew him although I had never met him before. I could feel his sadness and when I connected with his spirit later on, I saw I committed to helping him in this life. But just the once. I had been decorating the downstairs room at the time and stripping back the wooden window frames, so the windows didn’t close properly. It was as if I left the window open for him! We were also out for the day and so was the dog. It was a horrible experience which left me feeling very afraid to stay in my house at night, but in actual fact he didn’t take anything much of value.

So this is one example of a soul contract, and another could be with a house. Our homes are made up of energy and sometimes we need to heal them. Although I carry out the clearing, I still need the clients to recognise their home needs healing and ask for my help before I can do anything. When a home is healed it is then able to let the owners move on. That owner could have agreed to heal the energies in a home. Or it could be a contract to help a trapped spirit in a home. They could have been in a past life together.

There are multiple reasons and contracts made without our knowledge, but don’t think a house is just a house. It is somewhere to be nourished and to heal within. It can support us or challenge us. As can the people and neighbours living around us. All the variables are part of the journey and learning.

Is it all Woo Woo?

My name is Emma Loveheart and the more I speak about spirituality and  the universe, and how much it impacts our lives whether we like it or not,  I sometimes get the reaction, ‘are you talking about all that woo woo stuff?’


First and foremost there is quite often a fear. If you are not sure of something then you are naturally going to be fearful of it. Of course when something is unexplainable, there can also be a fear. Think about how many films have been made about the unexplainable which are mostly fear based. I immediately think of Poltergeist and how scary that is even after all these years.

There is next the aspect of seeing ethereal beings or being aware of other energies. If you don’t experience this and then hear someone talking about what they have seen or felt, yes, I can understand this does sound strange!


My journey into spirituality has been an interesting one in that I did not see or was aware of anything existing other than our world. I must also point out that I was quite content in this world of mine and didn’t feel it was lacking in any way. But when I was suddenly introduced to the world of spirituality and the fact there was a universe out there wanting to support us, I wasn’t phased by that either. It was as if I knew it all along. Since then I have seen and connected to energies that even I would refer to as woo woo at times. But not having seen this all my life I can understand how it is for people to hear for the first time, and I can relate to how you could think it crazy.


I have worked with two clients recently that came to me due to experiencing strange goings on but with no logical explanation. What saddened me was that they thought there was something wrong with them, or they were being punished in some way. I guess if you don’t know what could be causing the issues then this may be a rational answer.

The first client was an elderly lady who was being woken every night by 3 taps. Tap, tap, tap. Sadly for her she could never get away from it as it wasn’t just happening in her home but also happened to her when she was away. When she heard from a friend that it could possibly be some kind of psychic attack she contacted me. It was a huge relief for her to know there wasn’t anything wrong with her. I found it to be her childhood Governess, and the tapping was the Governess relentlessly tapping a pencil on the table. This spirit did not have a good energy at all, and was very angry and strict and I can’t say I liked her much.  It was a relief to move the spirit on and release my client from the torment, but also let my client know it wasn’t her but the Governess being of a nasty energy.

The second client I worked with was hounded by bad luck and poor energy since moving into a new home. Sadly she felt it was something to do with her and that perhaps she had done something wrong. I felt pretty sure it wasn’t and was right when I found a curse in the house. Curses are set with an intention to bring bad luck. I also found her to be carrying some negative energy that she had picked up and I was able to clear this. The results were being able to sleep for the first time in ages and a feeling of release.

I am not for a minute suggesting that psychic attack is the cause of all bad luck or strange goings on but it is something to recognise as a possible solution.

3rd, 4th or 5th Dimension

Where are you on your dimensional and spiritual journey?
My name is Emma Loveheart and I work with energy, specifically with clearing negative energy in homes. I started my spiritual journey in 2011 when I had a premonition about my eldest daughter having an accident. The closer I got to the event where I saw it happening, the stronger the visions got. I could see my daughter clearly after the accident as a vegetable and not having the life I expected her to have. It was so frightening that we completely changed our plans to avoid the incident happening
All my life prior to this event, I had had no spiritual experiences. No-one in my family was psychic, in fact, we were all atheist and the belief of there being anything else out there was just not an option! I was firmly embedded in the third dimension. However, this event was exactly what was meant to happen, because it was part of my journey in this lifetime to learn about spirituality.
This is my understanding of the different dimensions:
When we come to earth, we are souls taking on a human experience. Living in the third dimension is an existence without spiritual awareness. We are very much focussed on our own lives and accomplishments. We go through education. We begin a career. We have relationships, and we look for a suitable partner to start a family with. We then focus on bringing up children and support them to start the same journey. We grow old, we look to retire, we look forward to welcoming grandchildren into the family. This was certainly how my life was panning out and I was very happy thank you very much. Obviously, it’s not always as simple as that, as life doesn’t always go to plan. Life’s obstacles are what I call spiritual assignments. They are sent to us to help us learn, but when you are in the third dimension, they will be experienced as bad luck. It’s very difficult in the third dimension to see anything that goes wrong as a learning opportunity. Or to see any life challenges as representing a chance to develop and grow.


The next dimension is the fourth dimension. We are seeing more and more people moving into more spiritual awareness. This may be because of a wider societal acceptance of existence beyond our own. My story is not unusual in terms of being introduced to this stage very suddenly. The visions I was seeing were so vivid. It was like nothing I had experienced before. I was being shown there was something else out there, but initially, my reaction was ‘what is going on?!’
The dimension following the fourth is of course the fifth. In the fifth we are truly connected to source. Source is the universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it. It is not a religion as there are no rules or restrictions, it is just being connected to your inner love and the love of the universe. There is no real time, there is only the present moment. There are no worries, there is only peace. There is no judgement. It is a place and feeling we aspire to. It is actually available to all of us right now, it just depends how we wish to look at the world and what we see.
For a majority of us that understand perhaps there is more out there, we hover in the fourth dimension. This is where the assignments really challenge us. We doubt what life is really about. We question why life always seems to go wrong for us. Sometimes we sit in the third dimension and cling to our daily lives and routines. Other times we have a spiritual healing or experience that blows us away and we feel immense love and peace within us.
Our aim of course is to be more present in the fifth. This is where true love and true peace exists. Do not feel if you are nowhere near this point that you have failed. We cannot fail in life, we can only learn. For me, knowing there is a universe out there supporting us to learn and experience, is very comforting. It is an immense library that I can tap into and use. I use it to help others through my business and also use it to work more intuitively in both my work and personal life. I do question and struggle at times, but ultimately, I have something to fall back on to bring me back on my path.
I hope this helps you on your own personal journey and know you are doing a great job even it feels hard at times.

Working Intuitively with Life

My name is Emma Loveheart and I work with energy on people and their homes to ensure there is no negative energy around to cause discomfort or disharmony.

Naturally, as someone in the healing profession, personal life and challenges can often weave their way through my work and the theme for me at the moment is definitely working more intuitively in life. It’s about letting go and trusting that all is well and taken care of. Easier said than done!

We can get so caught up in our worries, I know I do, but we need to find ways to bring our awareness back to reality and bring our thoughts back to the here and now.

I love all the positive quotes people often post on social media, the successes people share, and the wisdom I get from authors sharing their own experiences when I read or revisit an inspiring book. They are little nudges and reminders, but I also know that sometimes, if I am not in a good place, they are extremely annoying! If you are having a bad day, it feels like the last thing you want to hear and can actually demoralise you even further.

On my radio show this month on Newsforthesoul.com, my guest was a healer called Amanda Farrar. She is a teacher in Law of Attraction and Manifestation. We discussed how important it was to be connected to a high vibrational energy within yourself to assist your life to flow rather then stick or be blocked. But how can you achieve this?

In a previous article I wrote called, ‘Are you under Psychic Attack’  I explored how there could be negative energy attached to you or attacking you which would be influencing your thoughts and your behaviour. This is something that needs to be cleared, and is a service I offer, before you can really work on the next step which is raising or keeping your vibrational energy high.

To truly work intuitively with life, you need to be connected to life through your heart.

This week I shared the picture of a dandelion and asked, ‘Do you see a weed, or perfection and beauty?’

Obviously a dandelion is a weed, and they are everywhere, but if you look closely, it really is a work of art. Another analogy is whether your glass is half full, or half empty. We are all aware that we can switch between the two trains of thought. The first challenge is being aware of this, the second challenge is discovering how to see beauty and have that glass half full. This is seeing life through your heart and through love.

Your challenge is to find a solution that works for you, to bring you back to that place of positivity when you find yourself drifting.


On the show, Amanda and I shared some of the solutions we use when times are challenging.


Writing a journal and downloading all the stress and worries in your head is a great start to clearing the negativity from your head. It has been proven scientifically that writing your worries down, releases your brain from having to think about it anymore. Great!


Getting out in nature and reconnecting to mother earth is a great way of clearing your mind and getting life back into perspective. Just breathing fresh air really helps calm stress levels and helps the brain see things more clearly.


A good old laugh does wonders for lifting your mood and shaking off negativity. Find the thing that will make you laugh, such as watching a film or reading a book.


Don’t get too hung up on the intricate details of what meditation is, I see it as my time to simply go within. By taking time out and connecting to my emotions, I give myself the opportunity to understand what is driving my thoughts with the aim of ultimately letting them go. I can assure you that if you choose to ignore your feelings, they will only come back to haunt you in another way, so you need to deal with them.

There are plenty of other things you can do too, but I recommend you write a list of the solutions that work for you. When you next feel down, visit that list to remind yourself of what you need to do. Good luck.

If you do however feel you are under psychic attack then please contact me. I can offer a free assessment of your energy to see what could be holding you back.

Clearing Psychic Attack Results

This month has seen me honouring my offer to clear people of psychic attack or unwanted energies and what fun we’ve had!

One of the highlights has been helping a young boy with autism who was having sudden attacks of anger and which were becoming more frequent. When I connected with his energy, I could feel he was a gentle playful character, but could also see a dark interfering energy attached to him. I was able to release this energy and free him, which has meant the anger attacks have stopped.

I also worked on a young girl who was being difficult at home and struggling with relationships. I found her to have entities attached to her which love to influence negative behaviour, but she also had a negative attachment to one of her parents. Her parent had put hooks into the young girl as a result of their own issues. Once cleared, the girl was being far more polite and relaxed and less negative at home.

Another lady came to me wanting to be cleared as just felt her energy was not as good as it could be. I found her to be working with a dark energy rather than her higher self but then also found parts of her to be under the influence of dark energy. I wondered if she had been involved in drugs at some point in her life as this is a classic time when these sort of energies can attach. She hadn’t, but had had a series of abusive relationships. Someone able to be abusive would more than likely be carrying dark energy which could have easily been transferred to her.

One lady explained how she felt freer and more liberated after I had cleared her. She had some entities attached to her and influencing her mood which I removed. She was also working with a spirit guide rather than her higher self. Guides are good but not as your main support since they will have their own agenda. This lady worked in the healing field so it was important that she was working directly with her higher self.

So this is just some of the highlights of this month’s clearing on people.

How Can You Heal Remotely?

“Don’t you need to come to my house to clear the negative energy?’ is a question I sometimes get asked.

It is a good question.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes from a distance (wherever I happen to be actually, I just need quiet and to not be disturbed) and I can alter energy within another home. But how?

We live in a very physical world. Our homes and possessions are physical. We can touch them, see them, hear them, smell them. We use our senses to confirm physical existence. It is natural for us to expect a physical solution to a problem that is physically affecting us.

However, energy is all around us and at the very core of our existence. Although it can manifest itself physically, like hearing a radio through a radio signal, we don’t necessarily identify it with our senses. But it is the energy that I connect to and work with, and because it is energy, I can connect to it from anywhere. I don’t need to be at the exact place where I am conducting clearing work.

When working with paranormal activity in a home, I use my spiritual self to connect to it. Using support from universal beings and energy, I am able to move it on and therefore clear it from a property. For clearing earth stresses I use an age old tradition of dowsing to alter negative stresses to positive. Because I am connecting to the earth stresses via the universe through dowsing, again, I do not need to be on site to have an effect.

Connecting to energy is something we can all do and can have a positive and empowering effect on ourselves and others around us.

Let me share with you two simple exercises that work with energy.

Exercise 1

You can control your energy and ensure it is vibrating at a proper level to attract positive experiences in your life. To understand this, firstly think of something that makes you unhappy. Where do you feel this? Sit with the feeling and notice how it brings you down, makes you sad, or makes you feel miserable. You will usually feel this in the pit of your stomach. Now think of something that makes you really happy. Something you love to do or someone you love to be with, or somewhere you love to be. How does this feel and where do you feel it? You will usually feel this in your heart, or in your head and it can feel light and joyous. That is the difference between low vibration and high vibration. The secret is to stay in a higher vibration as this is where you attract positive energy back into your life. It also makes you feel good and everyone around you will benefit!

Exercise 2

You can do this exercise with a friend. Sit opposite each other and take it in turns to send positive thoughts and send positive energy to your friend. Think of light flowing from you to your friend and send them love. Bathe them in your wonderful loving energy. Now ask you friend to do the same to you and notice how you feel. Close your eyes and feel the energy pouring into you.

These exercises demonstrate the power of energy and how we can influence it within ourselves and on others. Working with energy in this way is how I am partly able to conduct my work remotely.

I offer free assessments of energy in homes and if you would like a report please complete the request form on my website www.homehealer.co.uk.

Meeting the Biker Spirits

Quite often when I go away to somewhere new, spirits will find me to help release them. I have had situations finding spirits attached to a building or a place, and it’s not always obvious at first.

Meeting the biker spirits was one of those NOT obvious situations. Once I realised they were there though, it explained a lot!

I have taken my motorbike licence this year. It is in 4 stages. The first stage is the Compulsory Basic Training which consists of basic handling and road awareness on a 125 cc motorbike. This allows you to ride a motorbike up to 125cc with L plates. The second stage is passing a theory test. These 2 stages I completed perfectly well and keenly went on to the next stages. It was then that is started going wrong.

Next is Module 1 which is the handling and manoeuvring of a 650cc bike. The test is taken within a test centre marked with bollards. One of the assessments is to carry out a u-turn. This is quite often a manoeuvre people struggle with to balance and there is a tendency to put your foot down or ’dab’ as it is called. I was fine carrying out u-turns on the road but as soon as I got in the test environment, I lost my nerve somehow and would dab. Anyhow, I kept practicing and had been performing u-turns well on the day of the test. However, when it came to the actual test I put my foot down! I was furious with myself as I knew I could do it and it was an immediate fail. Not put off, 3 days later I was back and this time I passed effortlessly.

So, trying not to feel too disheartened by my fail, I went on to Module 2. This part of the test is road awareness and safety. I had 2 days of riding around my home town, mastering roundabouts and when to conduct a lifesaver, as well as hill starts and pulling away. I found this all quite straightforward and was looking forward to the test. On the day of the test I turned up without my documents. How did I forget them?! I knew I had to bring them with me, but luckily my daughter was at home and saved the day by bringing them to me. All set, I began the test. All was going well until I pulled up at a T-juntion on a slight camber sloping to the left. I came to a stop and put my left foot down. I felt the bike’s weight leaning left and before I knew it we were both on the ground! I was mortified and the tester behind me looked bemused to say the least. How had that just happened?! I had made no faults up until that point and had never wobbled with the bike’s weight before. Needless to say I was very upset and embarrassed. I didn’t understand why these tests were proving so difficult for me. It just seemed to keep going wrong.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt, just a bit bruised, but the incident kept going over in my mind. I kept seeing myself falling with the bike. As this played out in my mind, I suddenly became aware of an energy behind me. I connected with my Higher Self and turned round to see about 50 spirit people gathered behind me. All bikers! I had picked up biker spirits that had been killed in motorbike accidents. I think I picked them up from the test centre. Many were stuck on the earth plane and were gathered at the Centre. With me being psychic, they naturally attached themselves to me. They desperately wanted to stop me passing my test so I wouldn’t ride and subsequently die in an accident.

I had to tell them I had no intention of dying in an accident but merely wanted to have fun on my bike! I then reminded them of how much fun it actually is.

I was able to release many of them quite quickly. Some took off on motorbikes, others connected to family members. There were a few that were harder to move as they hadn’t wanted to die and were stuck in the trauma of dying. I eventually showed them the light and they moved on.

I am hoping this has now released me from being influenced by other forces when on the bike. I did suggest rather than trying to stop me, they protect me instead, so that we could all have fun on a ride! I have not been back on the bike since the failed test, so will be interested to see how it feels. I do not, however, underestimate the power of a collective force of spirits in having an influence in real life and look forward to finally passing my test and getting out on the road on my bike.