Why do some People sense Energies but Others Don’t?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work on clearing unwanted energies from peoples homes, as well as any negative energy people themselves can sometimes carry around with them.

But how is it that some people are aware of this energy whilst others are blissfully unaware?

I often have clients come to me when they know there is some strange energy around their home but are not sure what it is other than being an ‘energy’, but their partner does not feel there is an issue at all. This can be a difficult situation because if you feel it, you feel it! I think it is important to point out here that it is ok to feel and that you are not going mad just because your partner or others do not feel the same. But let’s explore why it is different.

Levels of Sensitivity

We all have awareness of energy around us but in different ways. Some of us can be very perceptive to other people’s moods for example, knowing that someone is sad even though they don’t outwardly show it. People can pick up on other’s moods without speaking to them, they can just sense it. This is sensitivity and being able to attune to energy outside of your own. However, your level of sensitivity will be very personal to you. It’s your own individual energy radar.

But given that energy is all around us, it is not surprising that this sensitivity can also make us aware of an energy misalignment in our surroundings.

Quite often people just describe it as a feeling. In extreme cases and for more sensitive people they can get a physical reaction to an energy, where they might feel a cold shiver, or feel an emotion that is not theirs, but mostly it is an inner knowing something is not right.

In many cases of home healing, it is not until children refuse to sleep in their bedrooms or demonstrate genuine fear of a space in the house that parents put aside their beliefs and contact me to check if there is something paranormal in their home. In every enquiry I get from one person sensing something, that person is always right about a psychic presence.

Open and Closed Intuition

Tapping into one’s intuition is connecting to an inner space within where you ‘feel’ what is right and what is wrong. Again, people have different levels of intuition, some find it easier to follow this guidance, for example in their everyday life with making decisions, whilst others will prefer to apply logic to any decisions they are making.

We are born with clear and open connections to our intuition which is why children often sense energies where we as adults don’t. For some of us that connection stays with us through life, for others it gets blocked.

Emotional trauma is the biggest block to our intuition and can come from experiences gained in childhood and later life. Traumas such as physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse, grief and stressful situations are all examples of emotional baggage that collects in our energy field until our heart space becomes blocked. The blockages mean that any awareness, perceptiveness, intuition, inner knowing, and spiritual guidance cannot get through, and so our sense of our outer world becomes restricted.

This is all rectifiable with healing but only if the individual truly wants to go through the process. We have to accept that some will never sense in the same way that someone connected can and that’s ok. But equally we also need to accept that some of us do sense everything and that needs to be honoured in the same way.

We are All Different

I think it is a wonderful we all have our idiosyncrasies. That is what makes the world far more interesting. I do lean more towards people that are intuitively connected because I believe that’s the way we need to go as a human race. It is also, of course, the field I work in by helping remove those energies that people don’t want to live with. I know from all the clients I have worked with, that when you are living in a situation that you can feel something negative or scary, it is very unpleasant, so it is my honour to be able to bring peace and harmony to a home whatever the occupants beliefs.

If you feel the energies in your home are not quite right or you feel uncomfortable then please get in touch with me to find out how I can help. I offer free home assessments where I assess what draining energies there may be, whether that is spiritual activity or earth stresses, or even high electro-magnetic interference.

Complete the enquiry form on www.homehealer.co.uk/contact or email emmaloveheart@outlook.com.

Love isn’t just for Valentines Day

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer specialising in clearing negative energies from homes. I work intuitively to increase positive vibes in a home and this comes from a loving place within me to be able to do this.

As Valentines Day fast approaches, we see the marketing of red hearts and tributes to love filling our shops and email inboxes, but love isn’t just for Valentines Day, and is something we actually ALL work with daily.

Where is love in our daily life?

  • Love what You Do

Whatever your vocation there will be something about your work that you will love. We have all been given skills and abilities and these will draw us to a line of work. Whether it is helping someone else, being creative in some way, contributing to a team or being a leader, there is an element of what you do that is fulfilling to you and something you are good at. I started my career in Human Resources and then moved into healing. Although very different professions they both work closely with people which has always been very rewarding for me.

  • Self Love

Whether you realise it or not, there will activities in the day where you show yourself love. It could be as simple as making yourself a cup of tea, allowing yourself some time to read, listen to music, making a healthy meal or taking a nap. We naturally look after ourselves and are best at it because we know what we want! As a real treat to yourself, try a ‘self-healing day’. Plan a day just for you to have time for yourself. It could include a pamper, a long walk, or just be a duvet day. Enjoy.

  • Showing Others Love

Every time you smile at another person, you are spreading the love! It is wonderful to see people smile: faces can literally light up with a smile. Thanking another driver for giving way to you is a lovely gesture, holding the door open for another is helpful, and saying thank you is warming for both parties. It doesn’t take much and you do all this daily without thinking about it.

Of course, giving gifts and sharing messages on Valentines Day is a wonderful way to celebrate love with those closet to you and not to be dismissed.

  • Loving a Pet

One of the many gifts a pet can offer is giving unconditional love. It is heart-warming every time I walk back into my living room to have my dog greet me with as much excitement as if she hasn’t seen me for weeks. Pets don’t hold grudges and can offer comfort in times of need. They so enjoy being loved and lap up the attention, so what better way to share tender moments than with your pet.

  • Loving Nature

Our natural world has so much to offer us and yet sometimes we can take it all for granted. Caring for our environment has received heightened media attention of late, deservedly so, and anything we can do to protect the natural habitat is a good thing. I am lucky enough to have many lovely countryside walks near me which I enjoy daily on my dog walks. I am grateful for these rambling footpaths criss crossing the woods and fields, and enjoy the seasonal changes of temperature, wlldlife and the myriad of native plants. In return I collect any rubbish I find as I walk. It’s only a small gesture but is one of the ways I feel I can give back to nature.

  • Love in Our Homes

What better place to create love than in your own home. This is the very place where you can surround yourself with loving things. Firstly making your home space safe and rejuvenating is a gift to yourself and those you live with. Having objects, including photographs, around you that bring joy lifts you every time you look at them. There may be objects that carry happy memories too. Using colour or furniture that evoke emotions such as peace or fun will make you feel good. Be aware of clutter though. Clutter is the destroyer of positive energy flow and will cause an element of stress, so keep the home free of items that you do not love or use.

Should you however feel there is some negative energy in your home that causes tension or discomfort then please do get in touch for a free assessment of the energy.

Happy raising the energy of Love!

Top 5 Tips to Lifting Your Energy

Our homes are a reflection of us, so one way to achieve positive and restorative energy in our homes is by raising our own energy. In this article I will share five quick and easy tips of things you can do to lift your own personal energy.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work with energies to make homes happier and love to explore and share different ways of achieving this.

Tip One – Brushing

Such an easy one to do and can be very affective, very quickly.

When I talk about brushing in this context, I am talking about brushing any negative energy away from your body and using a brushing action rather than a physical brush.

Using your hands, sweep your right hand along your left shoulder from the neck outwards in a brushing action. Do the same with your left hand on your right shoulder. Repeat and alternate between shoulders. Imagine all your worries being swept away. It’s as simple as that!

Tip Two – Essential Oils

Essential oils are created from plants and carry the scent of the plant. Different plants have different healing qualities such as lavender for relaxation and citronella for invigoration. There is no right or wrong in using oils as the smell will be personal to you and what smells good will be what you need!

Simply put 2 or 3 drops of the oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then cup your hands to your nose and inhale. Let the scent fill your immediate space and this will infuse your aura with the scents healing qualities.

Tip Three – Movement

When we stand by the sea, the waves ebb and flow and we can feel the energy of the moving water. Just like we can feel the energy of the wind, this is us experiencing movement. We are aware of it and it feels good and the good news is we can create our own movement.

How you achieve this is personal to you. It could simply be walking, or other more energetic exercise such as running. It could be doing some yoga movements or other posture modalities. My favourite, however, is to dance and move to music. I can be creative with my movements and the music lifts my mood too.

Movement creates energy in our bodies so any type of exercise is a great mood shifter.

Tip Four – Singing Bowl

My brass singing bowl has become a favourite of mine. I bought it from Tibetan Monks and asked them to choose the one most suited to me, so it feels very personal and special.

I find the sound resonates through my body and instantly lifts me. It is a great tool for clearing any stagnant energy your body might be hanging on to.

Practice using it and get used to how it sounds and feels and enjoy the energy waves as the sound grows and falls as you play.

Tip Five – Cutting Negative Cords

We can connect to negative energy from places and other people as well as old trauma or emotions. An easy practice is to cut those connections on a regular basis.

If something, such as a situation or a person is bothering you then there may be some negative energy cords attached to you so this is a great opportunity to disconnect.

Using your hands, and thinking about the situation, hit the edge of your hand against your palm of the other hand in a chopping action, then swop hands. You can do this as many times as you like until you feel disconnected to the situation. This simple action will release emotional ties and helps shift your energy and perspective on the situation.

My Dowsing Journey

I remember the time I first picked up a pendulum and asked for a yes and it started swinging clockwise without me moving. Needless to say I was amazed. All I could think of was how much I wished I had known about this before and all those questions I could have asked. As well as yes/no answers you can also ask to locate something (for example divining for water) or get percentage readings.

But once you get passed the initial adoration of being able to get answers to your questions, you start to understand it doesn’t always work because you can’t ask questions of the future and you have to ask questions in a certain way to get a true answer.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I specialise in moving unwanted negative energy from a home and one of the techniques I use is dowsing with a pendulum to clear. The pendulum acts as a connection between yourself and the universal energies which guide you when you ask for something.

There are different tools that can be used for dowsing and it really depends on what you want to dowse for. Many people use dowsing rods to searching for things not seen by the naked eye, such as ley lines or water sources, or even lost objects, as well as yes/no answers.

The possibilities are boundless, but every dowser will develop their own unique style and strength with how they use dowsing, and it is important to follow what feels right for you. I started with a crystal pendulum but you can actually dowse with anything on the end of a piece of string. Currently I use an omega egg because I understand that energetically the connection through the egg shaped pendulum is clearer than using a crystal that is pointed, and since most crystal pendulums seem to be pointed I use the egg. Any pointed objects have a ‘stabbing’ energy which can imbalance the signal coming through.

How to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is to establish how your pendulum behaves when it gives a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. So you ask for a yes and wait to see how the pendulum moves. Hold your pendulum by the chain, still and out in front of you. If you are female, ask the question ‘Am I female? ‘. The pendulum will swing and you have your yes. Ask the question ‘Am I male?’. The pendulum will swing differently and you have your no. This is similar to divining rods crossing when you are over water. The crossing signifies a ‘yes’ answer to your question: is there water here?

A pendulum will either swing side to side, clockwise or anti-clockwise. If it doesn’t swing at all then you are blocking the answer, so come back to it later, or try to empty your mind of what you think it will do.

The first universal rule with dowsing is to ask permission to dowse. Once you know your yes and no, you ask “Can I? May I? Should I dowse?.”

If ever you receive a no, do not carry on. In my time as a dowser, it is rare to get a no, but when it happens you have to accept it. You can sometimes find out why by asking the right questions but it is not always clear and perhaps you do not need to know why. We are only vessels for the messages coming through dowsing and occasionally have to accept there are other factors involved we do not know about.

I remember getting conflicting yes/no answers when I first started practicing and soon learnt the common mistakes made trying to dowse:

  • Do not have legs or arms crossed as this blocks the energy
  • Do not rest your arm holding the pendulum on anything as this acts as a diversion for the energy
  • Trust your first answer!
  • Free your mind and do not anticipate the answer

The real key to dowsing I have found is the skill of emptying your mind. The main block to dowsing is your mind taking over and providing the answer. This is why it is always harder to get answers when dowsing for yourself as you have a personal agenda for the outcome whether you admit it or not.

A good way to start is to ask questions for someone else or ask about something you are not emotionally attached to.

Blink Dowsing

Over time I have developed other dowsing techniques to help reduce my mind interfering with the answer and get to an answer faster. I was lucky to learn of ‘blink’ dowsing from the late Christopher Strong as one of those techniques. I have two blinks for a yes and one blink for a no. I find the response is so quick, I don’t have time to put in any judgement and when needing a quick answer I will resort to blink dowsing.

Wrist Dowsing

Another quick technique I use is my wrist. Holding my arm out loosely in front of me at a right angle, if my hand falls to the right it is a yes and if it falls to the left it is a no. This took me some time to master but improved with practice. I would return to my trusted swinging clockwise yes and swinging side to side no with a pendulum to be sure. However, I learnt 2 years ago that my yes and no had changed with the pendulum which I found quite confusing so it was time to move on, and now I will use my wrist all the time for a yes or no response. It is quicker and more discreet, especially if you happen to be in public!

How I Use Dowsing

I use dowsing to clear energies by using the pendulum to signal the start and end of what I have asked it to clear. I also use dowsing for yes/no answers.

For my healing work however, I use the egg pendulum. I must clarify here that I do all my work remotely so never actually visit a home. I use dowsing to activate certain elements of clearing or healing within a home and know the work is complete when the pendulum stops swinging.

Working this way for many years I am aware of the swing changing or being faster or slower at times and this is an indication for me that something else is happening. Sometimes it can swing fast and furious as if it is clearing a lot of energy. Other times it can be sluggish and this usually indicates to me there is some other energy to be worked on.

So I have learnt that dowsing is very individual and lots of practice will develop your connection to the source of energy that comes through to your dowsing method. I have seen it change over my 10 years, I have felt it get stronger, my answers have got quicker, I can feel when there is another message to come through and ask appropriate questions. It has become a trusted friend and ally and a part of my everyday life as much as a key to my work.

There is always room for improvement of course and I will experiment with asking more personal questions such as what supplements are good for me, or what food do I need.

The end goal I believe though is to be so connected to source that you do not need a dowsing method to give you an answer as you can ‘feel’ what is right and what is wrong. This one I am working on and for the meantime I will continue to dowse.


Using Oracle Cards

 My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I specialise in working with universal energy to help others work more harmoniously in life, and the home has a big impact on how we can achieve that.

I use many methods for spiritual guidance to help me heal the energy of homes and one of those sources is Oracle cards.

I can use them for messages to assist me in my home healing if I am facing a challenge or block, but also for messages directly for the client.

What are Oracle Cards?

They are a deck of cards, usually 44 cards, with spiritual messages and guidance. They will have been compiled by someone who has been given the messages through divine contact. Sometimes the contact can come very quickly and other times over a longer period of time, but a series of guidance will be collected and a deck formed.

I have found the messages between different decks of cards can sometimes be similar, but it is often how it is phrased that you eventually hear it, or sometimes you need to hear it more than once for the message to finally click!

Divine guidance is no different to asking a good friend for advice or support. Friends want to help you, and it can be very comforting to receive their wisdom to support your actions or intentions.

Advice, however, can also come in the form of something you don’t want to hear. Or it’s not the answer you want. This is more challenging and harder to understand the message as a result, but this is where the real learning and healing is found.

How to read Oracle Cards

Tuning into spiritual messages can be a challenge, but oracle cards can help activate your intuition, helping you receive messages to fully realise your purpose and potential in this lifetime.

Oracle readers have been around throughout time from the earliest history of humankind. People would turn to these visionaries to gain wisdom and insight about their own lives. However, it is no longer necessary to turn to an oracle reader to unlock the answers to your questions, as our souls have evolved enough to interpret the messages ourselves.

As with most things in life, practice is the key. Using cards on a regular basis, will help you begin to align your natural inner spiritual existence with your outer life.

The key is not to overthink it. There is a strong belief you can never choose the wrong card. You will always pick the one you need at that time.

I remember seeing my first deck of cards spread out on the table and trying desperately to connect to which card was for me. I ran my hand over the fan of cards waiting to feel something, a tingle, some heat, but it never happened! In the end I just picked a card I felt drawn to. This is a simple way to get started.

Now that I have been using cards for several years, I choose a card through a quick yes/no dowsing method.

I ask, ‘Is there a card for me?’ Sometimes there can be a message for me and another person in my life. Then I ask, ‘Is there more than one card?’ More often it is just one card, but sometimes it could be two or three. When it is 3, I ask if it is a message about the past, present and future, as this is more likely the case.

Each deck will have guidance at the beginning of the guidebook that comes with the pack. It is advisable to read this before using the cards to understand them better and to ensure you use them in the best way possible.

How to get a message

Firstly it is important to be in a calm state of mind, feel relaxed and ready to receive any messages with the love they were intended to give. You do not want to rush into a reading as you are less likely to get a clear message. The cards are to be treated with respect.

Before choosing a card, it is advisable to pose a question. What would you like an answer to? If you do not have a specific question however, it is also ok to simply ask for any guidance that will help you in your life right now. Whatever approach you choose to take, you are setting an intention.

Next shuffle the cards 3 times. The number 3 is a universal number of power and in this instance is infusing the deck of cards with your energy so they are aligned to you.

Should a card fall out whilst you are shuffling, then read it! This can happen to assist you in receiving a card that you need to see. When you are drawing cards as part of a group, then a card falling out of the pack can be a message for everyone present.

Remember there is no right or wrong. When using the pack, you are tapping into your own personal intuition system and need to believe in yourself. Enjoy getting to know your cards.

When you have picked your card, read the message with an open mind. Try not to judge the message. Feel which part of the message resonates with you the most. Sometimes it is only part of the message you need to hear and know.

Be aware as well not to over pick cards. If you continue to pick card after card from a deck, you will simply get a different card with a similar message. You are not respecting the messages by doing this. Stay aligned, stay true to your intention and be open to receive.

 Which deck is best?

Choosing the right pack for you is again an opportunity to use your intuition.

You can search for cards online and feel which pack you are drawn to. In the same way you can view several different packs in a shop and choose one. Or two!

I now have 13 packs of oracle cards, which I have built up slowly over the years as I was drawn to them. The early packs I bought from a shop, but latterly I might see an advertisement that catches my eye, or someone will use a pack that I feel a connection too, and so I will order my own.

There is no right or wrong and we are all drawn to different sets of cards that will work for us.

Using the Cards

If I am feeling stuck with a situation or in need of some support, I head to my cards all lined up beautifully on a shelf in my office. I love my cards. They are full of wisdom and insight, and I enjoy seeing them on display ready to be used.  I will scan the row until my eye settles on a pack and this is the one I choose.

Depending on the message, I may want to carry the card around with me for an hour or even a day. Sometimes I might have it by my bedside overnight or under my pillow, or on display on my desk. This way I benefit from the reminder of the guidance at the same as allowing the energy to merge with my own energy field.

Always do what ‘feels’ right for you and ENJOY your cards!

Why have an Energy Altar in your Home?

My name is Emma Loveheart and as a Home Healer, I work on energy in homes.

Obviously my remit is to improve energy where clients are experiencing a problem, but there is also an opportunity to work on creating a desired energy.

This is where the energy altar can play a part.

What is an Energy Alter?

An altar can be whatever you want it to be, but it is a statement of objects, colours, smells, textures that mean something to you. It is usually best placed in a central point in your home as well where you can see it, so on display.

Everyone has a heart space in their home; usually a central place. For some this could be the hearth of a fireplace for example. Others it could be the kitchen/dining area. It will not necessarily be directly in the middle of the home, but a place where family members tend to congregate, or you spend most of your time.

How do you create an Energy Alter?

You firstly need to determine what you would like to achieve from your altar. What feelings and emotions would you like it to bring into your home? For some it could be calm and peace, others it might be joy and laughter. There is no right or wrong. You can use any objects or images that reflect your desired outcome.

Step 1:  Set up a base. You can use any type of material. Fabric may be easier or use coloured card. Fabric can be folded or cut to size, and card can be cut easily and even shaped. Choose a colour, or pattern of colours, that represent the emotions you wish to create. Here you can use your intuition. Vibrant colours such as orange and yellow create warmth, where white creates the feeling of calm. You can use greens and blues to bring the stability and balance of nature into the home. Have some fun and let your creative juices flow!

Step 2: Gather objects that represent the feelings you would like. I tend to go round my home and pick up objects that catch my eye. I make a point of only having things in my home that make me feel good, even if they don’t really make sense to a colour scheme or design. If I like them, they are on display! So I enjoy collecting items to bring them to a prominent place on my altar. You can also collect objects from outside such as feathers, stones, pebbles, and sticks. Nature can provide many things if you use your imagination.

Step 3: Place your base where you have decided your altar will be. Arrange your items however you wish on the base. Your altar can be a bold statement and take up a reasonable amount of space or it can be smaller and more symbolic. Your altar can change over time as well. You can either swap some items round or start afresh. A way to activate your altar is to have a candle in the centre. It could just be a tea light on it’s own, or you can have a coloured candle, or have it on a special dish. There are many options.

What are the benefits of an Energy Altar?

Altars are a great opportunity to use your imagination, follow your intuition and create a desired energy within your home. They can help you connect to your home and surroundings by focussing attention on a particular topic.

One of my altars in the picture below is one of balance and abundance. I wanted to manifest more abundance in my life but also to allow it to happen in a balanced way. I have a gold base and coins for wealth abundance, and then mixed feathers and calm colours for balance, as well as lavender for calm. It feels good for me and I have it on the mantelpiece which is in the middle of my main living space.

You can use altars for any energy you wish to create in your life when you feel the need. By setting the intention of energy, you are reaching out for that energy to come into your life. Working with your home is a very effective way to bring about change in your personal life, since your home is a reflection of you, and you are a reflection of your home.

How can I help?

I work with creating altars for clients and some examples are on my Instagram account. Check out my photo wall on @emmaloveheart1 if you are looking for some inspiration.

If, however, you have some energy in your home that you would like to see the back of, then a home healing to clear negative energies may be required. Feel free to request a free assessment Contact – Into the Light (homehealer.co.uk)

Is your Dog Barking Mad?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer working with spiritual energy. I work to clear unwanted energies in homes but am not the only one who can sense or feel spirit beings.

If you are a dog owner, you may have experienced your dog behaving strangely at times, as if they are seeing something, and have wondered why.

The Sixth Sense

As we know dogs have a wonderful sixth sense. Incidentally, so we all do as humans possess the ability to connect to the paranormal, it’s just that most of us don’t trust our senses and judge a feeling, unlike a dog.

Dogs are unable to judge, making them more sensitive to supernatural goings on. They are also unable to explain what they are experiencing, but they can show us in other ways.

People have reported their dog staring at a wall for example or barking consistently at the same spot in the house.

I had one client whose dog would bark at the wall underneath a small window at the end of the hall. When the client asked me to energy clear the house, this was the exact spot I found a very angry female spirit just outside the window not wanting to move. (See case study Dogs Barking at a Wall). The dog was simply letting their owner know there was something there.

Signs of Spirit Activity

How can you tell whether your dog is barking at a ghost or strange energy rather than the next door neighbours cat that has just run through the garden?

To be honest you can’t. There are some signs to look out for though.

The test is to look for patterns. When a dog is barking or staring at the same space in the house, this is a good indication something is there. If this is a door or a window they can see out of, then of course it is more likely to be events outside, but when it is a wall or an area of a room then this could indicate a spirit presence.

Dogs are great indicators of what energy is around them. Having the acute sense allows them to be aware of energies that we wouldn’t necessarily pick up on. It is easy to think your dog is barking at a shadow or a passer by, or something that you can think of to explain your dogs behaviour, but that is a human trait to try and find a rational reason.

Your Dog is Warning You

Dogs don’t judge a feeling or sense, but they will react. Often they are warning you of unusual energies. My first dog Kodi, a Husky and German Pointer cross, was always looking out for me and giving me warning signs. He was very much the protector and when we thought as a puppy he would like being in the safety of a dog crate – he hated it! We came to understand he was unable to follow his protecting instincts if was in anyway restricted.

He would always bark when a certain family member came to visit. The situation became quite embarrassing and we would laugh it off but then it occurred to me one day that perhaps he was warning me of something. I found this person to be carrying some negative energy and was able to clear it. Firstly Kodi never barked again but miraculously soon after clearing this person made amends with another family member who they hadn’t spoken to for some 20 years!

Clever Dogs

Dogs do have exceptional hearing and sense of smell and a dog’s view allows them to sense small movements with their sight as well. They can see delicate movements and have a sense of smell 1,000 to 10.000 times stronger than that of humans and can hear at higher frequencies.

As a result they can sense danger before we can too. Before the Tsunami in 2004, many animals, including dogs, exhibited behavioural differences and ran for cover or refused to go outside. Animal experts believed they felt the vibrational changes before the earthquake shook things up.

What we do know, is dogs are loyal, wonderful friends and we would do well by listening to them and not ignoring them, or try to explain their behaviour away until we investigate whether they are actually trying to tell us something.

Children with Sleep Issues

One of the most common reasons clients find me, is because they are worried about their children and particularly about their children not sleeping. This could be not sleeping all night, not being able to sleep in their own rooms or waking up at certain times.

This has a huge impact on the family because children aren’t getting enough sleep and nor are the parents, which in turn adds a lot of stress onto the family.

There may be certain reasons that are connected to the home causing the issues, and in this article I will share some things to look out for and tips to analyse what could be a cause.

Where do you start?

If your child is scared to go to sleep or wakes scared, then start by listening to them! They may be picking up some energy that you can’t. I hear of many people feeling scared as a child and being told ‘nothing is there’, and ‘you are making it up!’ but why would a child make that up?

Our children are far more intuitive than us adults and the best thing we can do is trust them and listen to what they are experiencing. It could be they are being affected by some paranormal activity.

You know what it feels like to have a bad night’s sleep, so you know how a child will feel. But what if they are scared as well? Start by listening to what they feel or ask what they are seeing.

How do you know if it is connected to the home?

If there is a pattern to the child’s sleep and waking times, or they sleep well in other rooms or other properties, then there is likely to be some unsavoury energy within the home. Keep a diary and log results every day for a week of the times they wake, what they are experiencing and where they are. Just because we aren’t having the experience, does not mean they aren’t. Log what they see, hear or feel.

What signs are you looking for?

If there is some paranormal activity in the bedroom or in the house moving around, then the child will probably be able to describe an image and see it in the same place every night or following the same pattern of movement. Spirits are usually stuck in a place or in a loop which repeats itself. There will be the same noises each time too and possibly at the same time every night.

Remember the energy will be there all day, but it is night time when the mind slows down and there are no distractions, that the senses are more able to pick up on the energies.

If, however, it is continuous waking rather than a regular pattern of waking, then it could be earth stresses. This will be more apparent if you have just moved into a new home. You may find poor sleeping only occurs in certain rooms of the house or is not an issue when away from the house. There could be underground earth stresses directly under their bed. Sometimes simply moving the bed can make a difference.

In summary…

To build a picture of what is going on for your child follow the steps below.

Step 1. Listen to them

Step2. Note what they are seeing, hearing and feeling

Step3. Keep a log of the times they wake for a week.

Step 4. Look for a pattern

With this information you can work out what the cause might be and whether there is paranormal activity and/or earth stresses causing the issues.

If you think this may be the case in your home, I offer FREE assessments of the home energies. Go to www.homehealer.co.uk and complete the assessment form.

What do clients say after a home healing?

‘Baby slept all night for the first time since we moved in’

‘My son is not hearing noises anymore’

‘My daughter is sleeping all night in her own room’

Raising Vibrational Energy in Your Home & Clearing Blocks

With more of us working from home, as well as recent lockdowns, having a space that supports you and makes you feel positive is an integral part of your daily life. In this article, I will share with you some basic tips to understand how energy works in the home and how you can raise it so you can feel creative, yet safe and calm in your space.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work with energies within a home to make them happier.

Firstly, let us understand how powerful energy can be.

I work to heal and move negative energy from a home and do this all from a distance. I heal homes all around the world by simply connecting to energies created by psychic activity or earth stresses and then clearing them. It somehow doesn’t seem possible but I get results every time! This is the power of working energetically and how you can alter energy in an environment.

Now bring this concept into your home and you can perhaps understand how everything within your home has an energy field that constantly interacts with your own personal energy field. We want to make sure that the energy we are living with is positive and constructive to us feeling good in our home spaces.

We know that if we connect with a person who is negative, we will eventually feel drained and sapped of our energy. Likewise, if we connect with a person who is positive, we feel good and energised by them. Like attracts like. Therefore, if we can create positive energy in our homes, we in turn will reap the benefits and feel energsied.

Different vibrational energy can create a different emotional response in us. In the home we want to feel positive experiences such as safe, calm, peaceful, joyful, rejuvenated, harmonious, comfortable and so on. We need to create the energetic environment that allows these energies to exist.

Creating the right space

When you cross the threshold of your home, usually through the front door, you are crossing the intersection between the outer world and the inner world. This inner world is reflecting you and influencing you. The space within your home is a reflection of you.

Take some time to look around your home and assess what the space says to you and how it makes you feel. Then ask yourself is this how you WANT to feel.

When you truly connect with your home environment it can sometimes feel overwhelming as to what you have compared to what you want in your space. We can look at beautiful pictures of designer rooms in home magazines and feel ‘space envy’!

However, don’t let this put you off, because everything is achievable within your own space to create the emotions you desire. Just a few simple changes can have huge affects on how you feel.

Clearing energy blocks

The biggest block to energy is clutter.

Clutter stagnates energy and stops the flow. You can pump in positive energy all day but if there is lots of clutter, it will continuously get blocked and diffused.

To understand what clutter is, you need to carry out the clutter test. It is very simple. Take any item of furniture or object and ask yourself:

  • Do you love it?
  • Do you use it?
  • Does it bring you joy?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then it usually means it is clutter!

There are other reasons why you might want to keep something but it is often an excuse, and there will be an emotional reason as to why you are not willing to let it go. That’s ok. Sometimes it takes time to work through emotional connections, so give yourself that time and focus on the obvious clutter first.

Other blocks to energy is when certain energy becomes stagnant. A great way to clear stagnated energy is to use music. Play whatever you like and what energises you. There is no right or wrong as long as it feels good to you. We know how we feel like moving when we hear music and it creates energy in us, the same happens within the home. You can use singing bowls or bells for the same results.

Using crystals in the home is another great tool. Using clear quartz or amethyst placed around the home as generators of good energy is quick and easy. You can also use black tourmaline to absorb negative energies. It very much depends on how sensitive you are to energy as to how you use crystals. You can have them in the bedroom to aid sleep, or have at the front door to protect against energies coming in. Go with what feels right for you.

Getting Started

The hardest part of working with your own home is getting started. It may feel too much and you haven’t got the time.

Understand why you want to change the energy in your home and what you want to achieve. Telling yourself what the benefits are going to be will be a reminder to motivate you.

Clearing clutter will get the biggest result. Start with something small. It could be a shelf, or a drawer and only allocate 10 minutes to the task so it is achievable. As you start to clear you will feel the positive results and want to do more.

Take baby steps and feel the benefits as you take each step, and soon you will have a home that is full of positive flowing energy allowing you to be the truest version of yourself.

Good luck!

Lockdown-induced Stress

What is your Default in times of Stress?

My review of stress induced by Lockdown.

Stress affects us in different ways, from work stresses to juggling family life, together with managing a home and possibly a garden, having social activities, fitness activities, hobbies, the list goes on.  There was constantly so much going on, running from one thing to the next.

Then came along LOCKDOWN!

Lockdown brought with it a new type of stress where suddenly the world that we were familiar with had changed beyond recognition. Now we are being told we cannot leave our homes other than for food shopping and for one form of outdoor exercise a day. Unless you are a key worker or have to travel for your job (assuming there is still work for you to do), you must stay at home.

How does that make you feel?

On top of these feelings and emotions, the reason you are being told to stay at home is to stop the spread of a potentially life threatening virus. Are you someone who thinks it won’t happen to you, or someone who believes their life is at risk if they step outside the front door?

Whatever your situation or belief, it is very real and whatever your circumstances, your life will have changed dramatically in some form or another.

So how do you react to stress?

We are all feeling it in different ways and will be reacting in different ways as a consequence. We will probably have a default reaction which has been learnt from other times when we experienced stressful situations. This is what our brains have learnt worked before, so deduce it will work again and instinctively we are back dealing with stress in the same way.

I have heard of many people drinking more alcohol than usual. Others have turned to online shopping for the distraction. There will be many other traits, but for me, my default is what I lovingly term as ‘fuzz head’.

I make procrastination look like a full time worthy occupation. It is a fine art!

As I plundered into my daily erratic routine of doing absolutely nothing but being extremely busy, in about week two of lockdown, I started getting glimpses of my reality. One wonderful thing of being confined to your home, is you have a lot of time to reflect and observe yourself and habits, whether you like it or not.

Moving forward..

Working through the mountain of emails and social media posts about what to do during this time, I start to pick up snippets of hope, as I form my reality and awareness of how this change was affecting ME. At the same time as this is processing, I am aware of the silence and peace outside that is new.

I make the most of my one outside daily activity and start to see the outside world through different eyes. With less traffic on the roads, and less planes in the sky, there is definitely a new peace. Everything has slowed down quite suddenly and I realise I like it.

I need to make the most of this opportunity I conclude. I need to rest like I’ve never been able to before. I can clear my home, get some jobs done that I never normally have time for, but I feel so much better for when done.

I am being given a chance to truly connect to myself and true purpose. I have completely reviewed my business and now understand where I want it to go that suits me and what I want out of my future. I understand the Universe is giving me time out and I am very grateful.

I am healing, I am learning and I will come out of lockdown a lot stronger and more aware than when it began.

There is the saying that every cloud has a silver lining and I truly believe this. During adversity we find new aspects of ourselves and I believe there will be elements of lockdown we will actually miss. It’s not been easy at times and we still have a way to go but I have already achieved so much and will surely look on life differently when we get to venture out once more.  Try and view this unique time as an opportunity rather than a loss.  Step back and reassess, try and find your silver lining.

I hope you have a new bond with your business and a stress free approach to your everyday.  As I posted the other day; ‘Do what you love and love what you do’.

If you are considering a change of direction or thinking about adding a new skill to your repertoire you may be interested to know that I shall be running home healing courses for the curious and for those that wish to home heal as a profession.  Details will be on the website soon.