Is your Dog Barking Mad?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer working with spiritual energy. I work to clear unwanted energies in homes but am not the only one who can sense or feel spirit beings.

If you are a dog owner, you may have experienced your dog behaving strangely at times, as if they are seeing something, and have wondered why.

The Sixth Sense

As we know dogs have a wonderful sixth sense. Incidentally, so we all do as humans possess the ability to connect to the paranormal, it’s just that most of us don’t trust our senses and judge a feeling, unlike a dog.

Dogs are unable to judge, making them more sensitive to supernatural goings on. They are also unable to explain what they are experiencing, but they can show us in other ways.

People have reported their dog staring at a wall for example or barking consistently at the same spot in the house.

I had one client whose dog would bark at the wall underneath a small window at the end of the hall. When the client asked me to energy clear the house, this was the exact spot I found a very angry female spirit just outside the window not wanting to move. (See case study Dogs Barking at a Wall). The dog was simply letting their owner know there was something there.

Signs of Spirit Activity

How can you tell whether your dog is barking at a ghost or strange energy rather than the next door neighbours cat that has just run through the garden?

To be honest you can’t. There are some signs to look out for though.

The test is to look for patterns. When a dog is barking or staring at the same space in the house, this is a good indication something is there. If this is a door or a window they can see out of, then of course it is more likely to be events outside, but when it is a wall or an area of a room then this could indicate a spirit presence.

Dogs are great indicators of what energy is around them. Having the acute sense allows them to be aware of energies that we wouldn’t necessarily pick up on. It is easy to think your dog is barking at a shadow or a passer by, or something that you can think of to explain your dogs behaviour, but that is a human trait to try and find a rational reason.

Your Dog is Warning You

Dogs don’t judge a feeling or sense, but they will react. Often they are warning you of unusual energies. My first dog Kodi, a Husky and German Pointer cross, was always looking out for me and giving me warning signs. He was very much the protector and when we thought as a puppy he would like being in the safety of a dog crate – he hated it! We came to understand he was unable to follow his protecting instincts if was in anyway restricted.

He would always bark when a certain family member came to visit. The situation became quite embarrassing and we would laugh it off but then it occurred to me one day that perhaps he was warning me of something. I found this person to be carrying some negative energy and was able to clear it. Firstly Kodi never barked again but miraculously soon after clearing this person made amends with another family member who they hadn’t spoken to for some 20 years!

Clever Dogs

Dogs do have exceptional hearing and sense of smell and a dog’s view allows them to sense small movements with their sight as well. They can see delicate movements and have a sense of smell 1,000 to 10.000 times stronger than that of humans and can hear at higher frequencies.

As a result they can sense danger before we can too. Before the Tsunami in 2004, many animals, including dogs, exhibited behavioural differences and ran for cover or refused to go outside. Animal experts believed they felt the vibrational changes before the earthquake shook things up.

What we do know, is dogs are loyal, wonderful friends and we would do well by listening to them and not ignoring them, or try to explain their behaviour away until we investigate whether they are actually trying to tell us something.