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    My name is Emma Loveheart. I make homes happier! I work to release poor energy in homes and replace it with positive energy.

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I listen to your experiences of stresses in your home. There may be areas of your home you don’t feel comfortable in, or there is tension within relationships.

Living around poor energy manifests itself in may ways; harming relationships, creating a bad atmosphere, causing tiredness and poor health

I assess the level of stress within a home and fix it using dowsing

There are three main types of stress that I work on; geo-psychic, geo-pathic and electromagnetic, all of which can contribute to the symptoms you are experiencing.

I will determine the level of each stress, plus the overall vitality of your home, and then work using an historic method called dowsing. Through dowsing I connect to spiritual energy within your home and work from a distance. I do not need to be on site to conduct the clearing.

You will experience the release of poor energy and restore calm and peace to your home

Clearing and thus healing will be different for every property, as no single house is the same. Many people feel calmer after clearing and relationships are much more harmonious. House plants can thrive, animals can be calmer and the atmosphere can be lighter. In some circumstances, people that had health issues or sleeping issues find they disappear. People can feel less tired or drained, but also sleep better.

What does it cost?

I offer home assessments for FREE, giving you a detailed report of the energy stresses within your home and a quote and time frame to clear your property of those stresses. Prices start at £195 per property.

Read my case studies for more information on my work.

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Case Studies and Testimonials

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Sandie came to me as her son was having continued nightmares and she was desperate for some help to stop them but didn’t know where that help might come from. I offered to do a free assessment on her house. I found overall vitality to be only 11%, so immediately knew there was work I […]

Overwhelming Sadness & the Ringing Doorbell

The client had lived in their listed house for 3 years in the old town of a desirable city in the East of England. It was accessed via a cobbled narrow street, and the buildings dated back to the 18th century. However, despite working hard to make improvements to the feel of the house since […]

Dogs Barking at a Wall

Laura came to me when she heard that I could clear energy in homes. Although she had lived in her home for some 10 years, she had always been aware of some strange energy there. She couldn’t put her finger on anything particular, she just sensed negativity in the house. She felt low in the […]

Children not Sleeping in New Home

When Sarah got in touch with me, she was quite distressed and desperate for some help. Ever since she moved into a new rental property, strange things had occurred. Sarah was sensitive to energies, happily working with spirit guides, but from when she moved into this new home, she was finding it harder to connect […]


Thank you Emma Loveheart for the wonderful work you did. I am not sure how it all works but only know that we are a much calmer, peaceful and happier household, which is all I need to know.

A friend of mine came round yesterday for a tea and catch up. She sat on the sofa.. Looked at me.. And said…your house feels really nice, I don’t know what it is but it feels different.

Emma, I can’t thank you enough as the whole feeling of the house has changed. We both were feeling so dragged down and inexplicably worn out. Interestingly I am more focussed at work and our phones are now keeping charge along with battery clocks keeping time. It feels a very different space now, so glad to have found you before things got further out of hand here. My partner is won over as he can see huge shifts here and he was a bit sceptical to say the least at first! Thank you for a job well done, much appreciated!

My husband was at my mum’s house yesterday when you were doing the clearing.  I didn’t tell him you had done it and he said a funny comment that it felt calmer and lighter in my mums flat….how bizarre is that!

Thanks Emma, I did feel an uncontrollable urge to do some clearing yesterday, which is not like me at all, so something has changed!

My home feels so much lighter and I have just applied for a new job which will move me away from my home. But I would never have done that before the clearing so it has cleared the way for me to make a change.

Is the fact that this weekend I have not been stressed about the lack of tidiness in the house and I have been calmer about a bit of chaos, linked to the work you are doing?!

Thank you so much, I will be eternally grateful to you for being so kind and quick to rescue us. My son and I arrived home this evening at 7pm and the first difference was he walked straight through the front door, having hesitated ever since we moved in 2 years ago. I also feel calmer and warmer. We are also seeing glimpses of our son coming back and he has eaten something decent for the first time in months.

I am amazed with your work especially without knowing the details and clearing from 3000 miles away. Thank you.

Thank you again for all your hard work, I know it’s all made a huge difference

The house feels lighter and warmer!

My 2 week old tension headache has now disappeared (I never used to suffer from them before moving here last November) and I slept well, waking refreshed.  Thank you!

My home is so lovely and I’ve started to really enjoy it!  I think you do an amazing job and clearly are very good at what you do!!!

Thank you so much for your work!!

We are all feeling great! We all sleep well and no entities to declare at the moment 😉

My husband is smiling more and more every day, and my son looks more confident and happy to go to school (that was the major issue so far).

I feel more relaxed, and more focused on my family. I’m happy to prepare good meals (I’m not a big fan of cooking) and I like to take time in my kitchen!

I’m more confident in general for the future. That’s the main differences I can notice so far! And it’s already huge!

There was never a bad feeling here so it’s hard to say, but since last week I’ve been SLEEPING! which has been unheard of for months and there’s something unexplainably calm. I’ve also not had the weird smoke thing and just feel so so pleased to have cleared anything for the children.

“Thank you for clearing my house. In the last week I have managed to clear so much clutter and clothes. Then my husband started sorting his clothes! He is a massive hoarder and most rooms are packed full with his stuff’.

House feels happier!

I’ve not had any of the experiences or feelings in the house since you cleared it and even other people have made comments about how calm they feel there, how amazing.

The work that you have done is amazing. Other healers that I have worked with insisted that the [building away from the property] couldn’t be affecting me, and in the end I started to doubt myself about it. Thanks for listening to me. I really feel that I’m starting to get my spark back.

When arriving home from holiday and after your clearing, I found myself grinning like an idiot, if felt so much lighter, like I could breathe.

Hello Emma I hope you don’t mind me contacting you again but after the clearing you did on my daughter and her home etc I had to let you know again that the change in her is so so good it has been what I’ve prayed for a long time. She is more confidant more sociable and more relaxed. She has to date lost over a stone in weight(at last). Her home is so peaceful. She is becoming her again so again a big big Thankyou. God bless!!

I have felt and am feeling very positive differences within our home and within familial relationships.  There is a change and it’s effecting us in a really good way.  Our home feels lighter, more balanced and energy is calmer and I personally feel more connected to the universe.   Thank you, Emma, it is so very much appreciated what you have done, and words can’t express my deep gratitude.

Thank you – so glad you have cleared it all.  I must say that I have never felt anything unpleasant here (I hope that I would have felt it if there were something) but things have often been awkward – for lots of our reasons, as well as the house/grounds.

It feels calmer and more serene, in addition to which I feel more determined and refreshed for the push to get rooms cleared, decorators on board and jobs done.  I don’t feel energy, just calm and silence.

We walked into [our new house after clearing] and it was like a shroud had been lifted from it.  It was lighter, brighter and so positive.  Husband kept on saying how different, cleaner and better the house was than he remembered!!! He has no clue I asked for your help … he doesn’t believe anyway, so pointless telling him!

So I thank you for helping us get the house to where it should be and making those lost souls here happy in their next step.  The house feels safe and welcoming – like it hugs us when we arrive.  Couldn’t ask for more :))

Just wanted to say happy new year to you from me and also please keep doing what you do! After clearing her home, my daughter keeps going from strength to strength, her health her outlook on life her confidence and best of all her home continues to feel cosy and welcoming all because of you. Thank you.

Thank you so much for everything you have done, our house now feels like a home.  I am delighted to say, for the first time in 4 years, a sensor light which was situated in the downstairs loo/cloakroom has finally stopped turning on randomly at all hours.  The house now feels peaceful, safe and protected.  Yesterday was the first time I was actually excited about going home, I have always felt overwhelmed (with the amount of house jobs to do) but now I feel much more relaxed and positive.  My husband is less stressed and much calmer too. I can’t thank you enough!!

We absolutely love our house now, the feel, the energy is so different and it continues to get better and better. Even on a personal level I feel like I understand a whole lot more about myself now. You do an amazing job – don’t stop!

I definitely feel a difference in energy. I feel more at peace. My boyfriend and I argue less and the arguments are less intense.
Some of the rooms even feel lighter, like some energies have left. Thank you so much for your service!

“I asked Emma to heal my flat because it wasn’t selling. She did an initial energy assessment and then provided me with a comprehensive report of what needed clearing. She set to work straight away and kept me updated on progress throughout the two weeks she cleared the energies. I was delighted with the results – and the flat has since sold, which is fantastic. I would highly recommend Emma – she’s thorough, professional and lovely to work with. Thank you so much, Emma!”

Thank you so much for all you have done.

I have noticed the house and garden feels  lighter and happier.

Also, I noticed my energy levels have gone up and I’m getting a lot more done now the fog has cleared.

I really appreciate what you have done and can’t thank you enough.

I have more energy now to get on and deal with the challenges of the past months since the break-in and the severing of the unhealthy relationship.

I can feel that you have helped me and that huge fog is gone, as are some of the symptoms that I had at the time.

You have a great gift. Thank you for sharing your gift with me and for your kindness especially.

First of all the energy within the house is amazing, like night and day compared to this time last month! The most amazing thing was that after you first cleansed the house my son felt that his room was “better” (his words) and from that moment on has slept with the light off, plus he is eating better. More importantly he hasn’t mentioned the dark figure again. Its amazing!!

I have been sleeping better than I have in a long time and both my husband and I are filled with a new enthusiasm for the house….if that makes sense?? The house feels like a safe calm haven now especially with what’s going on [corona virus].

Emma did an amazing job of removing some unwanted and oppressive energies and psychic activity in our new house.

After weeks of not sleeping and  feeling restless and uncomfortable, after Emma had done her work I was finally able to relax and feel at peace in home. It finally felt like a home.

Thankyou Emma! I am extremely grateful.

Relief is my first feeling, so pleased it’s all over. I heard no noises at all last night and I felt an uncontrollable sense of excitement and happiness!

It’s absolutely wonderful what you have been able to do for me and I thank you so much. I can move on now feeling positive about the future!

I wanted to let you know since you did the clearing on our house, our daughter has been sleeping through the night a majority of the time. (Emma she has very very rarely slept through the night for the past 5.+ years!!!)  A huge Thank you

I must say I personally feel a lot more free, which has lead to a much calmer and stable me. Happier, less argumentative and more relaxed. The house is also a better place, I’m not always looking over my shoulder or have my heckles standing up.

I must say a big thank you to you.

I hope you’re well. I’m very grateful for everything that you have done and continue to do for us. We live in a happier environment thanks to you.

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for us, we really felt the difference, and have some amazing news.

The day after you cleared the land and healed it of the female presence, we had two viewings on the house requested, both the viewings resulted in offers very close to the asking price. This is after only 2 viewings and no offers in over a year on the market!

The house has a complete different, very wonderful energy.

I am very happy! And grateful

In the last few days good changes have happened, my husband is calmer and we have been able to talk about what had upset him. Our son seems a little better. We all sleep better. I am more active and feel lighter.

The house is brighter and less oppressive.

Your clearing has changed us all and I sincerely thank you for it, especially the extra work you did.

Oh wow, that’s really interesting because you are literally the first person who’s been able to remove whatever it is these beings do to the room when they get access, seriously I’ve asked so many people and it never worked, I was hesitant to try sleeping back in the house after you cleared it because I had little hope of a room being okay again after its been energetically interfered with, I was so surprised, it really is the biggest relief to me to know that someone out there can remove this stuff as it was the main issue in my life, thinking how can I live when this keeps happening….

Well i am so pleased to report to you that it is feeling so much calmer in the house! Even my husband who has ME and a sleep condition got up early today to let the phone engineer in the house which honestly is unheard of! My eldest son is still all over the place energy wise but overall it feels super calm here. My youngest son still feels worried going back to his bedroom but even then going in there today I felt a sense of calm. I just cannot thank you enough! Absolutely incredible the work you do! Honestly I never thought it would ever feel this calm here!

Well, I don’t know when you cleared this week but my husband is a different man!! He has a lighter mood and is fun to be with.  I am feeling slightly better too and have lighter thoughts and no anxiety thoughts at the moment-thank you sooo much.

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