Top 5 Tips to Lifting Your Energy

Our homes are a reflection of us, so one way to achieve positive and restorative energy in our homes is by raising our own energy. In this article I will share five quick and easy tips of things you can do to lift your own personal energy.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I work with energies to make homes happier and love to explore and share different ways of achieving this.

Tip One – Brushing

Such an easy one to do and can be very affective, very quickly.

When I talk about brushing in this context, I am talking about brushing any negative energy away from your body and using a brushing action rather than a physical brush.

Using your hands, sweep your right hand along your left shoulder from the neck outwards in a brushing action. Do the same with your left hand on your right shoulder. Repeat and alternate between shoulders. Imagine all your worries being swept away. It’s as simple as that!

Tip Two – Essential Oils

Essential oils are created from plants and carry the scent of the plant. Different plants have different healing qualities such as lavender for relaxation and citronella for invigoration. There is no right or wrong in using oils as the smell will be personal to you and what smells good will be what you need!

Simply put 2 or 3 drops of the oil in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together and then cup your hands to your nose and inhale. Let the scent fill your immediate space and this will infuse your aura with the scents healing qualities.

Tip Three – Movement

When we stand by the sea, the waves ebb and flow and we can feel the energy of the moving water. Just like we can feel the energy of the wind, this is us experiencing movement. We are aware of it and it feels good and the good news is we can create our own movement.

How you achieve this is personal to you. It could simply be walking, or other more energetic exercise such as running. It could be doing some yoga movements or other posture modalities. My favourite, however, is to dance and move to music. I can be creative with my movements and the music lifts my mood too.

Movement creates energy in our bodies so any type of exercise is a great mood shifter.

Tip Four – Singing Bowl

My brass singing bowl has become a favourite of mine. I bought it from Tibetan Monks and asked them to choose the one most suited to me, so it feels very personal and special.

I find the sound resonates through my body and instantly lifts me. It is a great tool for clearing any stagnant energy your body might be hanging on to.

Practice using it and get used to how it sounds and feels and enjoy the energy waves as the sound grows and falls as you play.

Tip Five – Cutting Negative Cords

We can connect to negative energy from places and other people as well as old trauma or emotions. An easy practice is to cut those connections on a regular basis.

If something, such as a situation or a person is bothering you then there may be some negative energy cords attached to you so this is a great opportunity to disconnect.

Using your hands, and thinking about the situation, hit the edge of your hand against your palm of the other hand in a chopping action, then swop hands. You can do this as many times as you like until you feel disconnected to the situation. This simple action will release emotional ties and helps shift your energy and perspective on the situation.