Child with Nightmares

Sandie came to me as her son was having continued nightmares and she was desperate for some help to stop them but didn’t know where that help might come from.

I offered to do a free assessment on her house. I found overall vitality to be only 11%, so immediately knew there was work I could do to change the energy. I also found some darker energy present and located this to be in the front room. This corner of the house was also where the wifi and TV were located and they were always shaving trouble with the TV turning itself off and on, as well as the wifi signal dropping out. It was also the area that was directly under the son’s bedroom.

I started the work and when carrying out checks on everyone found the son to have an attached energy, but one that he had invited into his energy space, like an imaginary friend. It was like a gremlin figure and was very happy living in the corner of the house and being with the son. I was however, able to remove it and replaced it with the son’s guardian angel. I felt sure this would help with the nightmares.

A week later Sandie reported back that her son had had a whole week of unbroken sleep! He had started talking loudly in his sleep one night but didn’t wake up, when he usually would have done, so this was a huge relief.

I continued with clearing the earth stresses, finishing with protecting against electro-magnetic frequencies, so that the energies emitting from the devices was neutralised instead of negative and draining.

Sandie soon became aware that the corner of the front room felt brighter, almost radiant and the TV stopped having problems. She could also hear her son snoring heavily in the room above!

Sandie was very pleased with the results and only wished she had come to me sooner. Spiritual work however, will happen when it’s the right time, and now was obviously the right time.

Overwhelming Sadness & the Ringing Doorbell

The client had lived in their listed house for 3 years in the old town of a desirable city in the East of England. It was accessed via a cobbled narrow street, and the buildings dated back to the 18th century. However, despite working hard to make improvements to the feel of the house since moving in, there was always a feeling of sadness.

They wrote to me:

“My listed house is in an historic conservation area part of the city, but somehow has a dreary feel to it. I knew the house and the locality had associations with sadness and suffering when I bought it over 3 years ago, but thought the house simply needed some loving. Much has been done to improve the feel of the house, but there are still some stubborn vestiges that require clearing. Is this something that you could do? “

I offered to carry out an assessment of the property to understand what might be causing the sadness.

I found the earth stresses to be high. This would be common for a city built up location, so I was not surprised, however whilst the negative energy this created would have been draining to live on, it would not have been a feeling of sadness. I next needed to connect to any psychic activity to see what was present.

I immediately found multiple spirits. I saw men, women, and children in poverty and desperate. They were attached to the building somehow, as if they were queuing to get in. I thought it could be a workhouse, so I asked the client if they knew of any history.

They replied:

“This is the only remaining building of an Infirmary for Sick Children. It is in an area that has associations with medical practitioners going back centuries.

There is a large under croft which is currently being restored.  It was once an Apothecary but has been left redundant for decades. There is a residual sadness in the immediate locality as well as in the house.”

I had been close! When I began the healing, I connected to the spirits I had seen. The ones I had initially seen were poor families queuing to get their sick children into the infirmary. They were desperate not knowing where to turn to get help but were also too poor to pay for medical assistance. It was initially sad to witness, but then satisfying to finally release them to the light where their trauma could be closed, and emotional healing could take place.

In addition, I found lots of stuck souls within the infirmary where they had passed away. No wonder there was so much sadness! Many souls were released on that first day of clearing.

What truly fascinated me was when the client replied with this:

“We have had a lot of incidents of the doorbell ringing with nobody outside. One Christmas It was going all day. All those poor souls still trying to get into the infirmary! Needless to say the doorbell ringing has ceased since your clearing, although next Christmas will be the true test!.”

I continued my healing work over the next few weeks, healing the earth stresses and then any residual psychic activity. I brought the vitality reading up to 100% from a low 29%. This is the measurement in percent of the overall lifeforce of the property and is a good indicator that there is healing to be done.

When I reported to the client I had finished my work, they responded:

“There is a much better “feel” to the house. I have not had any gruesome dreams since you started. Your home healing coincided with works to the under croft that are going better than expected. This part of the building has been neglected and dormant for decades. Other works that have not been progressing for sometime, have now been completed in the last three weeks. It looks as if you have had a positive impact!”

This example of a home healing highlights how psychic activity can impact our lives in how we feel and sleep. In this particular case there was a lot of activity so would have been a greater impact on the occupants of the house. It is always a pleasure to work on situations like this, as I am not only helping the house inhabitants but also the lost and stuck souls.

Dogs Barking at a Wall

Laura came to me when she heard that I could clear energy in homes.

Although she had lived in her home for some 10 years, she had always been aware of some strange energy there. She couldn’t put her finger on anything particular, she just sensed negativity in the house. She felt low in the house, but it was her dogs that were really uneasy in the home.

At the end of the hallway downstairs was a small window looking out into the garden and it was here that 1 of her dogs would stand and bark persistently. There was nothing to be seen outside and the dog couldn’t see out the window anyway because it was high, but it was here, without fail, the dog would stand and bark.

The first stage of clearing a home that I tackle, is the psychic phenomena. When I connected to Laura’s house, there was a very upset spirit hanging around, and no coincidence, it was just outside the window where the dog barked. It was a mother trying to protect her son who had died in that spot long before the house was built. She was upset and angry and did not want to leave. In these situations, healing is required for the spirits. Once this was done, it took the spirits family dog to beckon them to the light before they were ready to leave. Seeing them go happily though was lovely to witness.

Back in the house, the immediate difference was the dogs. They were much calmer and stopped barking, it was instant! Laura said the house also felt more positive.

The next step was to clear the earth stresses. These can be caused by geological faults or underground water for example but once cleared, another layer of stress is removed.

At the end of clearing, Laura said the difference in her house was significant. It felt lighter, she felt she could see the house again. She started investing in the house; carrying out overdue projects and  making the place look more like home. She also felt compelled to declutter.

She said the house felt more like a sanctuary, which was what she had always wanted her house to be like, but it had felt like somewhere you just went, rather than home. It hadn’t felt like she belonged there, and she didn’t feel revived after being there.

It wasn’t until it was all cleared, that she realised how strange it had been!

Now, however, the dogs are happier, everyone is calmer, the children are more relaxed and chilled. Everyone is getting on better, there is more understanding and definitely less friction. The house now has a calming effect.

Children not Sleeping in New Home

When Sarah got in touch with me, she was quite distressed and desperate for some help. Ever since she moved into a new rental property, strange things had occurred.

Sarah was sensitive to energies, happily working with spirit guides, but from when she moved into this new home, she was finding it harder to connect and described her energy as feeling ‘sporadic’ and not something she had experienced before. She felt blocked by the environment.

Added to her own awareness, strange incidents were happening.

The lights kept flickering, but in a rhythmic way, like they were doing morse code. Sarah felt it to be a distress signal or perhaps a message she was unable to connect with. Electrics or lights being tampered with are usually a sign of some spirit activity wanting to be noticed.

Also, a crack next to her son’s bedroom door had appeared in the shape of an upside down cross and this together with his outbursts of strange and frightening behaviour indicated something was trying to get attention. It is not uncommon for spirits to target children if they are wanting to be heard, as children are more intuitive and sensitive to energies. This is why it is so important to listen to your children if they sense something.

Sarah was trying her best to connect with the light to help her navigate what was going on, but the more she tried, the more amplified the darker energy became. As soon as she made contact with me, the problems stepped up a level too. This is also a very common occurrence as the spirit activity often doesn’t want to be moved or knows it’s getting close to being heard.

When I connected to the property to begin the healing, I first noticed there were lots of layers. The home was part of an estate which had been a boys prep school and a monastery. There were lots of unhappy souls and past trauma hanging around over many years. There was also a negative power object nearby which is set with the intent to bring bad luck and attract dark energy.

As I healed and cleared souls, and cleansed the power object, I felt the energies lifting. The next day I received an update from Sarah:

“Thank you for your work. I can confirm the baby slept through the night for the first time since we have lived here last night.

The scratching noise that was bothering my son in his room has ceased along with the feeling of foreboding around the house. The lights are no longer communicating morse code and no items are involuntary flying across the room. I am also pleased to report no objects have gone missing. My breathing as an asthma sufferer has also improved dramatically!”

I continued to work on clearing the earth stresses and any residue spirit activity that revealed itself as I worked. Thankfully most of the issues were related to the multiple spirit activity and were cleared immediately, but fully healing the property and land brought the vitality reading of the home up to 100% and ensured only positive energies would be attracted to the space going forward.

Sarah realised the energy was amiss in her new home and recognised she needed some help to clear it. My assessments of home energy are FREE, so if you would like your home checked please complete an assessment enquiry on


My Child won’t Sleep in their Bedroom

This is not an uncommon complaint I hear from clients that come to me for help with the energy in their homes and was the exact reason why Emma approached me for an assessment.

Emma had a young daughter who would not sleep in her own bedroom through the night. It meant every night was disturbed sleep for both of them. This had only been the case since the child had moved into their own room.

In addition, she told me the family TV had a habit of switching itself on which immediately raised alarm bells for me of some spirit activity being present. Psychic activity is energy and therefore can tamper with energy appliances in the home – anything electrical basically. Often clients report lights going on or off randomly or appliances seemingly not working that suddenly start working again.

In Emma’s case, I found some entity type energy, so not of human origin, but which could move around the house affecting things. There was also a spirit path crossing the property which is a footpath for spirits. Paths carry lots of spirit activity, usually harmless but draining energetically none the less.

When I started my clearing, I firstly moved the entity on. I moved it back to the Universe to be handled as appropriate by the light force as definitely didn’t belong in Emma’s house. Entities don’t like to be moved generally speaking as they like to cause havoc, and have fun doing so, but it is possible and safe to move them.

Secondly, I relocated the spirit path. I don’t want to close the path or block it as spirits need a path to move freely, but I can relocate the paths and subsequently the moving spirits so their energy will not interfere with any human beings.

The great news was that after this first stage of clearing, Emma’s daughter started sleeping in her own room again!

Children are very perceptive to energies around them. They are more sensitive and don’t have the logical brain to come up with reasons why they might be ‘feeling’ something. In Emma’s case, her daughter struggled to get to sleep, then wouldn’t sleep all night in her room which meant sleep disruption for the daughter and subsequently for Emma too.

Emma was not aware of feeling any energy herself, but did get suspicious of something being awry with her daughter unsettled and the TV turning itself on.

She was right of course. It’s so easy to come up with reasons why these things might be happening and dismiss a child’s sleep issues as something else, but luckily Emma listened to her gut instinct and sought some help.

Whilst psychic clearing is one aspect of my home healing work, I also focus on clearing and healing earth stresses under the home. This can have a real calming affect on the energy in the home and is another contributor to a good night’s sleep.

Emma’s final update was as follows:

“I haven’t noticed much difference energy wise but then I am on the go most of the day and rarely get a chance to sit down and feel!

One great change though, is that my daughter is sleeping all night in her own bed which is amazing and helps us all have a better nights sleep!”


Trying to sell a Flat

The flat itself had freezing rooms, with dramatic temperature differences in some rooms, even after new flooring and new heating was installed. The owners could see specific energy slumps in certain rooms, whilst other rooms generated anger.  Their child had regularly seen a shadow of someone, and they often felt anxious and unsafe.

They lived in a ground floor flat of a semi-detached house and wanted to move. They were aware there were issues with the energy within their home, especially as their child was so anxious, that’s when they decided to get in touch with me.

I found the vitality (life force reading) to only be 4% so knew immediately there was a lot of draining energy there. I detected spirit activity in the ground under their property that was affecting them, which was quite dark in nature as well as there being a sprit path crossing their boundary. This is a footpath for spirits to travel on. Whilst harmless, it means there is a lot of energy continually passing through the home.

My clients also wanted to understand more as they were spiritual themselves and felt they could clear it with their own methods. They asked:

“Can you advise me if I can change the energy and support a healing process in my home myself? I am spiritually connected and while living here in the past few years  I have definitely made a positive energy change, using light protection therapy, daily white light protection, smudging, candle-light therapies, daily meditations to name a few. I wanted to ask, as I’m eager and happy to put work into my own home to support my own homes health. Or is something far darker and deeper that is going on in my home?”

I replied:

“As it stands the draining spirit energy and earth energy going on in your home can only be masked and reduced by the wonderful healing you are doing. It’s like putting perfume over a bad smell, it’s much more effective to get rid of the smell. You will still be able to do your healing work but it will be much more effective after my clearing.”

I had now completed the first stage of healing which was to clear the psychic activity. I found a type of gateway on the land under the home to an underworld and a gatekeeper there. I moved it and the spirit path so that it no longer affected the home or anyone else’s. No wonder they had experienced temperature changes with that amount of psychic activity under their home.

As a result of this clearing, the vitality reading rose up from 4% to 55%.

The client reported back the next day:

“This morning I definitely have more energy and the flat feels more solid and there is a better energy, which sounds weird but it just feels underfoot more solid!”

I continued to work through the earth healing until vitality was at 100%. The client reported back they finally had a buyer so all was looking good.

A few months later however they got in touch again:

“The flat sale has fallen through and our son is hugely anxious again and back to sleeping in our bed.  I had something tap me in bed and 2 nights ago a shadow woke me up.  This morning my son told me that he keeps hearing voices in the bedrooms at night and someone keeps poking him from behind!  I play this down for his sake and try to make a joke of it but I’m concerned as we’ve both felt activity in the last week and this also ties up with the sale falling through.  We all want to move on from this and we’re ready to move. This will be the 3rd time we have tried to sell the flat and it keeps falling through.  I really want to keep the flat clear and the spirits that are affecting us away, so that they are not holding us in or back.”

Again I connected to the energy of the property and found new psychic activity which I cleared until everything settled again and the sale was back on track.

All was quiet for a month until I heard again:

“The electrics are playing up again in our flat. The lights are blowing and there are temperature differences again in certain rooms.  In some rooms I have also felt the exhaustion and anger issues returning.  We’re so keen to leave now and are desperate for this flat to finally fully sell.  Could you please check this property once again!”

I cleared again and restored calm but was clearly missing something. I asked what their neighbours were like and got the following reply:

“I believe we are getting all the problems from the neighbour who has their back door directly opposite our back door. We are part of a semi-detached house and the house we are attached to has positivity and health, the two flats upstairs, again have peaceful healthy people in residence. But the opposite flat door that we also share a courtyard with, we definitely get a direct energy flow from them. The couple living there are long term tenants, they are elderly and very sick but also have lived and live a rather unhealthy life.  I am peaceful and polite to them, we have helped them and given them company multiple times.

The neighbour did tell me someone was murdered in their flat years ago, they have lived there 20 years or so the murder was prior to them moving in. I have felt for a long time we get their energy and they are desperate for us not to leave.”

This inspired me to clear negative energies from this neighbouring flat. This can sometimes happen where a neighbouring property has negative energy and those energies can jump over and psychically attack.

Finally calm was restored in the clients flat, the sale got back on track with exchange dates agreed and they were able to move on at last.

Clearing Office Space


Helen got in touch with me initially to clear her house as had never felt really connected to the house and had issues with smelly drains and rats. I found discarnates in the sewer system and cleared the negativity. Add this to clearing earth stresses, the house felt a lot better for everyone and no more rats!

Soon after this, Helen got in touch with me again about her husband’s office. He had been so impressed with the change in his home, he wanted to see if I could make a difference in his work place. Both himself and his business partner felt quite stuck there and unable to really move the business forward, although business was generally good.

What I found in the offices was quite shocking spiritually.

His office was in a rented Tudor listed building and I found a scene of 3 witch hunters torturing a young girl. It was very dark and traumatic and this scene was continuously replaying itself. Once I was able to move the spirits on and clear the earth stresses, there was a huge release of negative energy.

One year later, I had an update from Helen explaining how much had changed for her husband since the clearing of his offices. His business partner, who had never wanted to move premises, suddenly announced she wanted to move soon after I cleared the stuck female energy there. What followed, was a series of synchronicities that brought a new premises to their attention, becoming available just when they needed it. They moved into the new offices a few months later, which was based on a farm with horses in the field just 5 feet away looking out of the window, lots of light and space, bird song and wonderful walks at lunchtime, but no more traffic noise or street grime.

Helen said, “I KNOW this was as a direct result of what you did to clear that other space and the unhappy energy that felt it was keeping him trapped there, almost like it was holding onto him to keep it company. He’s been in such a much better-feeling place about work since that move”.

Negative energy in offices can affect you as much as in your home, but can be cleared to not only support you, but also work colleagues and business growth.

Unhappiness in a New Home

In this case, Danielle got in touch because the house she had been living in for 6 months was dragging her and her husband down. There was a lot of tension in the house.

She was aware the previous owners had been unhappy there and felt that the energy wasn’t right in the house

My initial assessment showed vitality to be at a very low 8% and I picked up some draining psychic energy present, which I believed to be on the land before the house was built. The house was a new build.

The psychic energy I found was a scene of a fight with swords on the road out the front of the house. The area felt like a meeting point or crossing point of some kind from times past. The spirits involved in the fight were replaying the scene over and over, so the energy was around anger, fear and pain. I was able to move the spirits on once I showed them they were no longer living and they were happy to be released from their suffering. I also found a spirit path which I re-routed. A spirit path carries spirit traffic so there is constant movement. It could feel equivalent to living on a motorway in terms of exhausting energy! These 2 significant energy drainers would have really disrupted the energy fields within the house and negatively affected anyone living around them. Clearing this energy immediately brought vitality up to 48%.

Working on the earth stresses was then quite straightforward until at the end the clearing revealed another psychic path, this time an entity highway. This is again spiritual traffic but not of past human spirits but of entities.

On completion I contacted Danielle and this is the response I got:

“Thank you for clearing my house. In the last week I have managed to clear so much clutter and clothes. Then my husband started sorting his clothes! He is a massive hoarder and most rooms are packed full with his stuff. 

 I do believe there were unhappy/marriage/depression relationship vibes at my house but I do think they are better. I have felt in a big rut and I am beginning to feel a release.”

Psychic and earth stresses can have a huge impact on your life without you even realising they are there. One clearing can alleviate tension and bad health, leading the way to harmony and peace in your home.

Headaches and Bad Business after moving

Chris got in touch with me after searching on google for help with bad energy in the home.

She had already had some feng shui carried out on the house, but the practitioner had noted there was some bad energy there which was spiritual and that she could not resolve.

Five months after moving into a dream home in the country, Chris had suffered unrefreshed sleep and headaches and her husband had seen his business decline, with customers not returning calls.

My assessment of the house showed very high geopathic stress, although the number of negative blocks was not extreme.

There was dark psychic energy at work though, which I pinpointed to be at the rear of the house. This was coupled with entities in the electrical network and the plumbing network.

The overall vitality of the house was 34%.

What I found was the energy of a gremlin type creature at the back right of the house. It brought with it a damp and mouldy energy. I also found the spirit of a previous owner trying to protect the house from the gremlin. He may have stopped it from causing havoc all over the house.

I was able to move both on and Chris immediately got in touch to say her headaches had subsided and she had slept the best in many months.

They also found a buried horseshoe at the entrance gate and I believe this to have been buried there to protect the house against evil spirits. It made me think the gremlin had been there a long time, possible before the house was built, but had never been detected or moved.

I am pleased to say that wellbeing has improved for both and business is busy again.

Doesn’t Feel like Home after 14 Years

Doesn’t feel like home after 14 years

Annabelle came to me after hearing about the work I do from a friend of hers.

She was very intrigued to see if I could make a difference having not known there was anything she could do in relation to the energy in her house. Her friend had had such good results, she wanted to give it a go.

The house was a large 7 bedroom house with a separate guest house and a converted barn doubling up as an office and stables. There were meadows and paddocks surrounding the house.

The vitality was very low, with a reading of 2%. I immediately got psychic activity present, especially around the barn.

On connecting with the main house, I discovered a curse on some previous occupants effecting the house and the land. A curse will always bring bad luck and make life difficult. I lifted the curse and then looked for anything else. I found one end of the barn to be very dark in energy. I was shown a scene with 3 witches working with black magic. It looked like about 150 years ago. They were having fun but causing a lot of damage and their energy was not good. I found out from Annabelle that the barn buildings were over 150 years old and so it was quite feasible that witches had been there. I was able to move them on, although reluctantly, and this transformed the energy of the barn. I heard the horses were more settled in the stables and that this was an area of the office that previously hadn’t been used.

The next stage of clearing the negative energy blocks and earth stresses was straightforward but with huge uplifting results. The family were much more at ease and the atmosphere felt very different.

Annabelle was very happy that she had gone ahead with the clearing.