My Child won’t Sleep in their Bedroom

This is not an uncommon complaint I hear from clients that come to me for help with the energy in their homes and was the exact reason why Emma approached me for an assessment.

Emma had a young daughter who would not sleep in her own bedroom through the night. It meant every night was disturbed sleep for both of them. This had only been the case since the child had moved into their own room.

In addition, she told me the family TV had a habit of switching itself on which immediately raised alarm bells for me of some spirit activity being present. Psychic activity is energy and therefore can tamper with energy appliances in the home – anything electrical basically. Often clients report lights going on or off randomly or appliances seemingly not working that suddenly start working again.

In Emma’s case, I found some entity type energy, so not of human origin, but which could move around the house affecting things. There was also a spirit path crossing the property which is a footpath for spirits. Paths carry lots of spirit activity, usually harmless but draining energetically none the less.

When I started my clearing, I firstly moved the entity on. I moved it back to the Universe to be handled as appropriate by the light force as definitely didn’t belong in Emma’s house. Entities don’t like to be moved generally speaking as they like to cause havoc, and have fun doing so, but it is possible and safe to move them.

Secondly, I relocated the spirit path. I don’t want to close the path or block it as spirits need a path to move freely, but I can relocate the paths and subsequently the moving spirits so their energy will not interfere with any human beings.

The great news was that after this first stage of clearing, Emma’s daughter started sleeping in her own room again!

Children are very perceptive to energies around them. They are more sensitive and don’t have the logical brain to come up with reasons why they might be ‘feeling’ something. In Emma’s case, her daughter struggled to get to sleep, then wouldn’t sleep all night in her room which meant sleep disruption for the daughter and subsequently for Emma too.

Emma was not aware of feeling any energy herself, but did get suspicious of something being awry with her daughter unsettled and the TV turning itself on.

She was right of course. It’s so easy to come up with reasons why these things might be happening and dismiss a child’s sleep issues as something else, but luckily Emma listened to her gut instinct and sought some help.

Whilst psychic clearing is one aspect of my home healing work, I also focus on clearing and healing earth stresses under the home. This can have a real calming affect on the energy in the home and is another contributor to a good night’s sleep.

Emma’s final update was as follows:

“I haven’t noticed much difference energy wise but then I am on the go most of the day and rarely get a chance to sit down and feel!

One great change though, is that my daughter is sleeping all night in her own bed which is amazing and helps us all have a better nights sleep!”