Emma Loveheart – Home Healer

In 2011, I discovered I had a spiritual gift that enabled me to connect with universal energy.

This discovery came to me very quickly and without warning. My spiritual life previous to this had been non-existent. I was not attached to any religion, or had any visions, or felt anything. I was very content with my life.

The universe clearly had other ideas for me and sent me a premonition of an accident that would happen to one of my daughters. The vision got to the point that I could clearly see life after the accident, and it was not a pleasant life at all. I made the decision to listen to the vision/warning and change course so the accident wouldn’t happen. This then raised questions for me as to where did that vision come from. Through some wonderful people around me I began my spiritual journey, learning about a whole new universe out there. I found I connected very easily and could tap into this wealth of support and wisdom.

Although in many respects beautiful, this new world also opened up huge challenges for me. Family very dear to me challenged what I was experiencing and wanted to stop me practicing. I got very ill at the same time and had to battle every step of the way.

I did not stop learning though, and it has been the spirituality, as well as sheer determination, that has healed me and got me to where I am today.

I pursued my gift as a spiritual healer; holding circles with friends, becoming reiki attuned, healing with crystals, working with the angelic realms and giving readings. Then I went on a course about home healing through dowsing and Into The Light Property Healing was born.

I now use my spiritual connection to alter energy in homes here on earth. It’s fantastic. If I couldn’t do it and get the results I have achieved, I wouldn’t believe it myself.

This line of work is now my business and my life. I take my work very seriously, although I understand that many of my clients will never truly understand what I do. That’s ok, because it is the result that matters.