Emma Loveheart Guest Speaker

Regular speaker at events and on radio

My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a home healer.

I work to clear negative energies found within the home or that are affecting the home from outside, in order for there to be calm and harmony.

To do this I use my spiritual connection and work remotely with properties all over the world.

I am available to talk about and share the impact of psychic attack and the effect negative energy can have on the home environment, as well as sharing spiritual tips to improve wellness within the home.

Many of us have experienced some kind of spiritual encounter and want answers. With my quick and sudden introduction to the world of spirit, I have gained a lot of experience and am able to give guidance to working in harmony with the universe to navigate the spiritual journey.

To book me or find out more, please contact me on email Emma@homehealer.co.uk.