School of Home Healing

Welcome to our learning space for all things home healing.

Founded by Emma Loveheart, home healing is about making homes happier as set out in Emma’s vision:

“To clear the way for positivity, growth and harmony within the home and oneself”.

This can be achieved in multiple ways and the School of Home Healing provides a platform of options to support this vision.

In addition, the Company mission is to:

“To clear as many homes as possible around the world from negative energy through remote spiritual energy healing and teaching. This will be achieved through direct home healing and also raising awareness with individuals of how to live a more spiritual life”.

Emma herself has cleared energy in upward of 500 homes, but wishes to teach and support others, so as to increase the reach of home healing around the world, through individual home clears and teaching simple techniques for individuals.

Self Healing Workshops

Demystifying Psychic Attack

Ever felt your emotions aren’t your own?

Do you find yourself having negative thoughts?

Do you feel drained of energy for no apparent reason?

Are there constant blocks in your life?

If so, this workshop could be for you as you may be under psychic attack. It will help you understand where psychic attack comes from, how it can affect you, but more importantly how to protect yourself and carry out your own basic clearing.

Each session begins with a meditation to align your energies and to set the intention.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand where psychic attack comes from and how to protect yourself
  • To have some techniques to clear yourself of energy attack.

Section 1:        What is Psychic Attack

Learn about different sources of psychic attack and how it can attach to your energy.

Section 2:        Grounding

Learn about the different types of grounding and understand why it is so important.

Section 3:        Protection

Learn about different types of protection, including recently revealed ancient symbols and find the technique that’s right for you.

Section 1:        Heart direction

Learn your personal heart direction and why this is important and how to activate it.

Section 2:        Vibrational Energy

Learn what vibrational energy is, how to recognise it and how to raise it within your body.

Section 3:        Clearing Self

Learn about techniques to clear yourself of unwanted negative energies.

Raising Vibrational Energy in the Home

Do you feel at peace in your home?

Do you feel rested after time in your home?

Can you enjoy every room and space within your home?

Do you look forward to walking through the front door on returning home?

If your answer is no to any of these questions then this course may be for you. It will give you actions you can take to understand how energy works and learn techniques to alter the energy within your home allowing you connect to your home space.

Each session begins with a meditation to align your energies and to set the intention.

Course Objectives:

  • To understand how the home can affect your energy and life
  • To have some actions you can carry out in your home to alter energy

Section 1:        Vibrational energy in the home

Learn how to feel vibrational energy and use this awareness in the home space.

Section 2:        Analyse home energy

Complete an exercise to understand your existing emotional response versus the desired emotional response of the energy you have in your home.

Section 3:        Learn about key energy areas in your home

Each area of your home has an attachment to areas of your life. Learn about the 3 main areas of wealth, health and relationships and how you can positively boost these areas of life through actions in the home.

Section 1:        Energy blocks in your home

Learn about personal blocks and space blocks that could be stopping the flow of energy in your home and life.

Section 2:        Energy shifting tools

Discover how to use ancient symbols and common tools to lift the energy in your home

Section 3:        Energy Altars

Learn how to create an energy altar and understand the relevance of having one in your home.

Section 4:        Actions to clear home space

Define your own personal action plan to raise energy in your home and life


To become a certified Home Healer, Emma has developed a workshop presented in 2 separate modules.

MODULE 1 – Self Clearing & Dowsing

In the first part of this module, you will learn about how you can be affected by the energy around you and also how to connect your own energy to support and protect you. You will learn several techniques to clear yourself from psychic attack.

In part 2 of this module you will learn how to dowse. You will learn to dowse with a pendulum and be given activities to practice dowsing on yourself.

This is the most intensive part of the Home Healing course where the focus is on healing your own energy. However, it is the most important as your energy needs to be as clear as possible before you can undertake any other energy healing work.

This workshop is divided into 2 half day online events.

One half is ‘Connecting Your Energy’ and the other half is ‘Dowsing’.

There will be a maximum of 6 attendees to ensure learning is also achieved through questioning.

Each part begins with a meditation to align ones energies and to set the intention.


Section 1:        Grounding – how and relevance

Section 2:        Protection – learn different types and best suited to you

Section 3:        Heart direction – discover yours

Section 4:        Energy Circuit – switching it on and filling energy well

Section 5:        Vibrational Energy – techniques for raising

Section 6:        Clearing Self – types of psychic attack

Section 7:        Practical Exercise of clearing self


Section 8:        Dowsing Principles– learn different types, principles & how to dowse

Section 9:        Practical – clear negative energies in water experiment

Section 10:      Practical – clear self to work with Higher Self and clear further blocks on self

MODULE 2 – Earth Healing.

In this second module you will learn how to heal energy in a property and on the land. Healing energy in a property also includes clearing inhabitants of psychic attack using some of the principles learnt in Module 1.

There are 3 distinct stages in this module.

The first stage of healing a property is clearing the psychic activity. You will learn the many different ways psychic energy can attack a home, as well as the inhabitants and how to clear it.

The second stage is to work on healing the earth stresses. You will learn sophisticated methods of working on geopathic stress to include both clearing and healing.

The third stage is about protecting the home and inhabitants from electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF’s). Some people are very sensitive to such energy waves and you will learn different methods to reduce the negative impact on people.

You will learn how to measure energies to track healing progress and be able to report to your clients.

You will be given the complete home healing process in a word document allowing you to practice home healing straightaway.

This workshop is divided into 2 half day online events,.

Stage 1 ‘Psychic Clearing’ is in one half day and stage 2 ‘Earth Healing & Geopathic Stress’ and stage 3 ‘EMF Protection’ are in the other half day.

There will be a maximum of 6 attendees to ensure learning is also achieved through questioning.

Each part begins with a meditation to align ones energies and to set the intention.


Section 1:        Introduction – recap Module 1

Section 2:        Overview of Home Healing Process

Section 3:        Psychic Clearing 1– How to clear Discarnates in homes and on people

Section 4:        Psychic Clearing 2 – How to clear other Psychic Phenomena


Section 5:        Learn about Earth Healing

Section 6:        How to clear Geopathic Stress

Section 7:        Learn Blessings


Section 8:        Learn about EMF Protection

Section 9:        Home Healing Final Checks

Section 10:      Course Summary


You can only apply for module 2 when you have completed module 1.

You have to successfully complete both modules to practice as a Home Healer.

You have to heal a minimum of 10 homes to be certified as a Home Healer.

Completing both modules will result in instant qualification for the School’s exclusive Members Support Hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

Home Healing does involve working with spiritual activity, but with the clear processes Emma has put together, even if you have not had a direct spiritual experience, you will be able to learn how to clear psychic activity.

Most of home healing is a process. Emma has broken down each stage to make it easy to follow and teaches you skills such as dowsing to access the processes more easily. Everyone learns differently and at different paces, so each stage builds up to the next one at your own pace and with support as required.

Connecting energetically to situations can be tiring and Emma will teach you the importance of preserving your own energy and working intuitively.

Part of the Home Healing learning process is about protecting yourself. When working spiritually there is good energy and bad energy and you will encounter both. In this training you will learn to understand how each energy works and how to connect to good energy and protect yourself from the not so good energy.

The course is made up of 2 modules and broken down into parts and then into sub-sections within those modules. Each part of the module will be taken separately with time in between to practice as well as ask any questions to support learning. Each part is approximately two hours.

Practicing is a very important part of the learning process and certification will not be given until a minimum of 10 homes have been healed. Each healing will be checked and verified by Emma to support the learning. Friends and family are an obvious choice to practice on and you will be taught how to measure changes in energy within homes.

Home Healing is taught as a remote healing process. In Emma’s own practice, she has realised that her energy connection is far stronger when working remotely as her connection is not interfered with by the logical brain. When you are working solely with energy connected to the land or the fabric of the building, remote healing is quicker and more effective.


“I’ve been a de-clutterer and organiser for many years, visiting people’s homes. Since I was a young girl I was always aware and open to the energies from within buildings and homes and often used my connection to move spirits on. About four years ago, after researching and reading articles I realised that people actually do ‘energy’ home healing as a business. This was a really exciting and eye opening prospect and I began to think about what was available to me using the connection to energies that I could share and use to make people’s lives better.

I had been following some other home healers but as soon as I made contact with Emma, I knew she was the one who I wanted to work with!

Throughout my learning Emma was hugely supportive, something that continues to this day. She is incredibly experienced and openly shared her wealth of knowledge and protocols. We developed a completely symbiotic relationship which I’ve found invaluable. Overall, the experience has been unbelievable and completely knocked me sideways. I now have increased energy and have found a tribe of people with whom I continue to grow and learn with. Finally, I’m able to embrace my spiritual skills and experiences, which I was reticent to use before, but are completely part of me, so home healing has allowed me to settle in to being the person I truly am. All my dreams have come true and it is amazing!!”

Home Healer Members Support Hub

In this Hub space you will be connected to other Home Healers and supported by myself and other experienced Home Healers on your personal home healing journey.

Support will include:

  • Checks on homes you have healed
  • Q&A ongoing email support
  • Q&A 1 hour group monthly zoom meetings
  • Business building support if required
  • Invitation only annual retreat
  • Home Healing Process updates

About your Teacher

Emma Loveheart did not always see life through a spiritual lens, in fact, she had no awareness of anything other then the planet we stand upon until she had a premonition. Once the gateway was opened however, she embraced everything that came her way, developing her skills to work intuitively and learn about this other world – the Universe. She is a Reiki II practitioner, certified Crystal Healer, experienced Dowser, certified Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader.

As someone aware of the importance of having a safe and supportive home space, she turned her abilities to the home environment and after training on geopathic stress and honing her spiritual skills working with psychic activity she became a Home Healer.

As part of her mission to reach and help more people around the world connect to their homes, Emma has developed a workshop to train others to become Home Healers.

She shares upward of 500 healed homes experience from around the globe in her course and has developed an easy to follow process with full Q & A support to guide new Home Healers.

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