Headaches and Bad Business after moving

Chris got in touch with me after searching on google for help with bad energy in the home.

She had already had some feng shui carried out on the house, but the practitioner had noted there was some bad energy there which was spiritual and that she could not resolve.

Five months after moving into a dream home in the country, Chris had suffered unrefreshed sleep and headaches and her husband had seen his business decline, with customers not returning calls.

My assessment of the house showed very high geopathic stress, although the number of negative blocks was not extreme.

There was dark psychic energy at work though, which I pinpointed to be at the rear of the house. This was coupled with entities in the electrical network and the plumbing network.

The overall vitality of the house was 34%.

What I found was the energy of a gremlin type creature at the back right of the house. It brought with it a damp and mouldy energy. I also found the spirit of a previous owner trying to protect the house from the gremlin. He may have stopped it from causing havoc all over the house.

I was able to move both on and Chris immediately got in touch to say her headaches had subsided and she had slept the best in many months.

They also found a buried horseshoe at the entrance gate and I believe this to have been buried there to protect the house against evil spirits. It made me think the gremlin had been there a long time, possible before the house was built, but had never been detected or moved.

I am pleased to say that wellbeing has improved for both and business is busy again.