Innocence of Spirituality

I had an interesting phone call from a lady who was concerned about her 11 year old daughter Maisie.

Maisie had always seen spirits and had talked about what she saw as soon as she could talk. No-one else in the family was psychic but luckily for Maisie, her parents were not afraid and listened to her and acknowledged she could see things they couldn’t.

The phone call came when Maisie said she had seen a spirit that frightened her. Up until that point, nothing she had seen had been a threat, and she had several ‘spirit’ friends that she would talk regularly to. She would mostly talk to them during dreams at night, which is a common time for us to converse with spirit, as this is the time that most resembles a meditative state.

Maisie was a delight to speak to. Her innocence was beautiful as she explained to me the spirits she had seen, and about her best ‘spirit’ friend who was a boy the same age as her. She had also done her own research on the internet and learnt about spirits and other realms and understood so much.

The day I spoke to her, she had seen the figure of a spirit man, who climbed over the fence at school and came towards her with a sly grin and dark slit eyes. It was his smile that really freaked her. Because she was frightened she told a teacher. The school immediately phoned her Mum and advised Maisie be taken to a doctor. Thankfully the Mum answered that is was not uncommon for Maisie to see things and so not to worry.

An interesting, but not unexpected, reaction from the school though. When it’s something we don’t understand, let’s go to the doctor. I am sure there are spiritually open doctors out there, but I am guessing not many. It is so sad that an adult reaction is there must be something wrong with a child if they are seeing things. I felt incredibly proud of Maisie for not being put down by the schools reaction.

Maisie and I then proceeded to have a very open and honest conversation about spirits.

I advised her she can ask for spirits to go away, and that this was ok. She liked talking to them but I explained sometimes spirits get so excited to speak to someone, you can get bombarded. So we talked about boundaries. All of Maisie’s experiences had been with the innocence of a child but this would change as she got older, so she needed to understand about protecting herself.

Protection is an interesting topic in itself, and one I talked extensively about on my recent radio show (September 2018) News for the Soul. My understanding is different protection works for different people. For Maisie she resonated with a shield and I visualised a metal war shield around her. This was the protection that worked for her.  I personally have soul protection, but I also visualise beaming out white light from myself so nothing can touch me.

Maise asked a very specific question. She said “Are there bad spirits?” Of course the answer is yes. I explained just like on earth there is good and bad, this is the same in the spirit world. This led us to talk about challenging a spirit. You can ask a spirit if they are of the light and they have to answer truthfully using the universal law of 3. If you ask the exact same question 3 times, on the third time the spirit has to answer honestly. I advised her that if she wasn’t sure about a spirit that came to her, to ask the question “Are you of the light?” 3 times. If it answered ‘no’ on the third time, then to use her protection and ask it to leave.

We also discussed openly about other peoples reactions to spirituality. I personally had a very sudden awakening to spirituality in my 40’s and received a lot of negativity from people through fear. It took me a long time to work through this and understand it was not me and that what I was experiencing was ok. Maisie did need to understand though that not everyone is open to it and she would need to be cautious as to who she spoke to.

It was a joy talking with 11 year old Maisie and discussing some of the basics of being psychic. I explained she had a gift and using it would help her get along more easily in this world.

For her, it was a relief talking to someone that accepted her and could answer her questions. She had so many and I hope it continues.