Meeting the Biker Spirits

Quite often when I go away to somewhere new, spirits will find me to help release them. I have had situations finding spirits attached to a building or a place, and it’s not always obvious at first.

Meeting the biker spirits was one of those NOT obvious situations. Once I realised they were there though, it explained a lot!

I have taken my motorbike licence this year. It is in 4 stages. The first stage is the Compulsory Basic Training which consists of basic handling and road awareness on a 125 cc motorbike. This allows you to ride a motorbike up to 125cc with L plates. The second stage is passing a theory test. These 2 stages I completed perfectly well and keenly went on to the next stages. It was then that is started going wrong.

Next is Module 1 which is the handling and manoeuvring of a 650cc bike. The test is taken within a test centre marked with bollards. One of the assessments is to carry out a u-turn. This is quite often a manoeuvre people struggle with to balance and there is a tendency to put your foot down or ’dab’ as it is called. I was fine carrying out u-turns on the road but as soon as I got in the test environment, I lost my nerve somehow and would dab. Anyhow, I kept practicing and had been performing u-turns well on the day of the test. However, when it came to the actual test I put my foot down! I was furious with myself as I knew I could do it and it was an immediate fail. Not put off, 3 days later I was back and this time I passed effortlessly.

So, trying not to feel too disheartened by my fail, I went on to Module 2. This part of the test is road awareness and safety. I had 2 days of riding around my home town, mastering roundabouts and when to conduct a lifesaver, as well as hill starts and pulling away. I found this all quite straightforward and was looking forward to the test. On the day of the test I turned up without my documents. How did I forget them?! I knew I had to bring them with me, but luckily my daughter was at home and saved the day by bringing them to me. All set, I began the test. All was going well until I pulled up at a T-juntion on a slight camber sloping to the left. I came to a stop and put my left foot down. I felt the bike’s weight leaning left and before I knew it we were both on the ground! I was mortified and the tester behind me looked bemused to say the least. How had that just happened?! I had made no faults up until that point and had never wobbled with the bike’s weight before. Needless to say I was very upset and embarrassed. I didn’t understand why these tests were proving so difficult for me. It just seemed to keep going wrong.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt, just a bit bruised, but the incident kept going over in my mind. I kept seeing myself falling with the bike. As this played out in my mind, I suddenly became aware of an energy behind me. I connected with my Higher Self and turned round to see about 50 spirit people gathered behind me. All bikers! I had picked up biker spirits that had been killed in motorbike accidents. I think I picked them up from the test centre. Many were stuck on the earth plane and were gathered at the Centre. With me being psychic, they naturally attached themselves to me. They desperately wanted to stop me passing my test so I wouldn’t ride and subsequently die in an accident.

I had to tell them I had no intention of dying in an accident but merely wanted to have fun on my bike! I then reminded them of how much fun it actually is.

I was able to release many of them quite quickly. Some took off on motorbikes, others connected to family members. There were a few that were harder to move as they hadn’t wanted to die and were stuck in the trauma of dying. I eventually showed them the light and they moved on.

I am hoping this has now released me from being influenced by other forces when on the bike. I did suggest rather than trying to stop me, they protect me instead, so that we could all have fun on a ride! I have not been back on the bike since the failed test, so will be interested to see how it feels. I do not, however, underestimate the power of a collective force of spirits in having an influence in real life and look forward to finally passing my test and getting out on the road on my bike.