Unhappiness in a New Home

In this case, Danielle got in touch because the house she had been living in for 6 months was dragging her and her husband down. There was a lot of tension in the house.

She was aware the previous owners had been unhappy there and felt that the energy wasn’t right in the house

My initial assessment showed vitality to be at a very low 8% and I picked up some draining psychic energy present, which I believed to be on the land before the house was built. The house was a new build.

The psychic energy I found was a scene of a fight with swords on the road out the front of the house. The area felt like a meeting point or crossing point of some kind from times past. The spirits involved in the fight were replaying the scene over and over, so the energy was around anger, fear and pain. I was able to move the spirits on once I showed them they were no longer living and they were happy to be released from their suffering. I also found a spirit path which I re-routed. A spirit path carries spirit traffic so there is constant movement. It could feel equivalent to living on a motorway in terms of exhausting energy! These 2 significant energy drainers would have really disrupted the energy fields within the house and negatively affected anyone living around them. Clearing this energy immediately brought vitality up to 48%.

Working on the earth stresses was then quite straightforward until at the end the clearing revealed another psychic path, this time an entity highway. This is again spiritual traffic but not of past human spirits but of entities.

On completion I contacted Danielle and this is the response I got:

“Thank you for clearing my house. In the last week I have managed to clear so much clutter and clothes. Then my husband started sorting his clothes! He is a massive hoarder and most rooms are packed full with his stuff. 

 I do believe there were unhappy/marriage/depression relationship vibes at my house but I do think they are better. I have felt in a big rut and I am beginning to feel a release.”

Psychic and earth stresses can have a huge impact on your life without you even realising they are there. One clearing can alleviate tension and bad health, leading the way to harmony and peace in your home.