Doesn’t Feel like Home after 14 Years

Doesn’t feel like home after 14 years

Annabelle came to me after hearing about the work I do from a friend of hers.

She was very intrigued to see if I could make a difference having not known there was anything she could do in relation to the energy in her house. Her friend had had such good results, she wanted to give it a go.

The house was a large 7 bedroom house with a separate guest house and a converted barn doubling up as an office and stables. There were meadows and paddocks surrounding the house.

The vitality was very low, with a reading of 2%. I immediately got psychic activity present, especially around the barn.

On connecting with the main house, I discovered a curse on some previous occupants effecting the house and the land. A curse will always bring bad luck and make life difficult. I lifted the curse and then looked for anything else. I found one end of the barn to be very dark in energy. I was shown a scene with 3 witches working with black magic. It looked like about 150 years ago. They were having fun but causing a lot of damage and their energy was not good. I found out from Annabelle that the barn buildings were over 150 years old and so it was quite feasible that witches had been there. I was able to move them on, although reluctantly, and this transformed the energy of the barn. I heard the horses were more settled in the stables and that this was an area of the office that previously hadn’t been used.

The next stage of clearing the negative energy blocks and earth stresses was straightforward but with huge uplifting results. The family were much more at ease and the atmosphere felt very different.

Annabelle was very happy that she had gone ahead with the clearing.