Clearing During an Emotional Separation

Clearing during an Emotional Separation

Emma lived with her husband and 2 young children but had been unhappy in her marriage for some years. She had reached the point where she wanted to separate but there was a lot of anger from her husband, causing stress within the family.

She asked me to do an assessment and I found average geopathic stress with 7 negative energy blocks, broken ley lines, psychic stresses present and an overall vitality reading of 34%.

Although her husband had now moved out, I included him with psychic clearing as well as Emma and her children. He had lots of negativity attached to him and also a portal. This would have been allowing spiritual traffic to pass through him continuously. I hoped the clearing would free him a bit and allow everyone to feel easier around him.

The psychic activity in the home was negative energetic patterns and negative energy imprints. These could have been caused by the stress of the relationship or been left over from previous inhabitants and certainly wouldn’t have been helping the stress levels in the house. As I started clearing the psychic stresses and sending in positive light and energy I really got a sense of the house welcoming the light and love. This is something I hadn’t experienced before, but was nice to ‘feel’ a house.

As I continued the clearing by working on the negative blocks, Emma got in touch with me. She had felt a huge wave of emotion over the week and finally separating from her husband after what had been a mess for nearly 3 years, coupled with the actuality of things moving forward, totally knocked Emma in a way she had never expected. She had fears of being alone which she had not realised and was having fearful dreams.

As I was still working on the blocks, and I checked all psychic activity was clear, I decided to pull an angel card for her to see if I could help with what she was experiencing.  It was from the Goddess Guidance Oracle and was White Tara, who was all about sensitivity. It said; ‘You are becoming increasingly sensitive. Avoid harsh relationships, environments, situations and chemicals’. Emma immediately acknowledged this card and confirmed she had been feeling very emotional and extremely sensitive. She was struggling with having to let go of the marriage after all the stress of the last 3 years and nothing moving forward.

As I carried on with the clearing, Emma reported that things were feeling a lot less intense in the house and less overwhelming which was a relief to her.

When I finished, Emma acknowledged that the energy clearing was definitely needed!