Clearing an Office that wouldn’t Rent

Clearing an office that wouldn’t rent.

This was a fascinating project as there was so much going on.

The building itself was a 2 floor office building taking up one corner or quarter of the total building space. The business client who contacted me used the ground floor for their business but was unable to rent the top floor despite it being a good office space.

In addition, they had also had problems with staff turnover in their business, usually down to illness. The owner themselves was experiencing some health challenges and the series of bad luck was becoming more of an issue.

The other interesting fact was that the business in the adjacent corner of the building was about to close down and this was the 3rd business in that office space to have gone into liquidation in the previous 10 years. It suggested to me some psychic activity.

There was high geo-pathic stress and I sensed underground water, which I later discovered was caused by a nearby stream.

The building itself was one of about 10 buildings on a site that was a farm. At one end there were converted barns and through dowsing I discovered that where this office was, had once been a church or farmhouse.

Nothing untoward came up initially. I cleared psychic activity but there was nothing dark and then I worked through the blocks. It was slow progress but we got to the end and I contacted the client. They admitted they didn’t feel a lot of change. This I didn’t understand as clearing the earth stresses should have released a lot of tension and draining energy.

I reconnected with the psychic energy, as it is common for this to hide in the negative blocks and it is only when the blocks are cleared, that real psychic activity is revealed. This was exactly the case on this site.

I discovered a church had burnt down on that site and in the fire, many people had become trapped in the building and headed up the tower to escape the flames. They had all perished in the heat and smoke but this explained why the really bad energy was upstairs in the top office as this was where the spirits were stuck. It took some time to move them on, but eventually it was cleared.

I now need to wait and hear that the office is rented!