Clearing a House with Bad Luck


Clearing a House with Bad Luck

This client got in touch with me to look at their parents house. The parents had always experienced bad luck and because the client had had their own house cleared and felt the results, they asked if I could do anything with the parents house.

On conducting an assessment, I found there initially to be very high geopathic stress. There was a total of 10 negative energy blocks which is high for an average size house, plus there were blocked ley lines running across the property. I thought this would be the contributing factor to the very low 2% vitality reading I got for the house.  There was psychic stress present too, but nothing that I picked up to be sinister.

It wasn’t until I started the work that I discovered the curse. I always clear any psychic negativity first before I work on the earth stresses, as psychic activity can cause havoc and likes to be present in negative earth energy. I had found some of the usual stresses such as negative energy patterns, and negative thought forms, but the curse was a surprise.

Using dowsing, I discovered it was a wooden ornament that hung on a wall. It had been bought in this country and had been cursed by gypsy’s. When something is cursed, it is the opposite to healing and is therefore intended to bring bad luck. I was sure this was the reason for the parent’s continued bad luck. I was able to clear it using a ceremony and intent to reverse the energy. Curses are set using ceremony and intent, so I use the same method to reverse it.

I then went on to clear the geopathic stress and later found out that their lives had changed. There was a completely different atmosphere in the house and that life had settled down. Life had become more positive.