Spiritual Get Together

Spiritual Get Together at West Usk Lighthouse


Wow – what an interesting day I had last week when I met with new like-minded people at an amazing venue on the Bristol Channel.

We met at West Usk Lighthouse which is now a cosy bed and breakfast, but was built in 1821 by Scottish Lighthouse architect James Walker. It is unusual as is not tall like most lighthouses and is considerably bigger in circumference. All the rooms are within the building and are quirky and comfortable. There is also an outdoor hot tub on the roof with fantastic views over the Channel.

It has also been home in the past to spiritual groups meeting, and so was an obvious venue for the Spiritual Supper Club based out of Oxford. Except that we had a spiritual lunch on this day.

There were 6 of us that met up, and only 2 of the group had actually met before. I did wonder what I was doing when I set off for the 2 hour journey in the morning to meet people I didn’t know and to listen to a talk about a man who had been abducted by aliens. This was the arranged talk for the Club to listen that evening.

The truth was, I had a brilliant day. The 6 of us went to a nearby hotel for a fantastic lunch and we all got on very well; sharing our spiritual journeys and how we use spirituality today.

Back at the lighthouse, people started arriving for the talk. There was a group who collated sightings of UFO’s in the Swansea area and had recorded 700 over the last 50 years. Their stories were fascinating. There was a man who shared a painting of his spirit guide. It was beautiful and we learnt it was a very powerful guide which the man needed, as he was able to physically materialise people. Not something I have witnessed or want to witness really, but fascinating none the less.

In the end there were some 25 people gathered for the talk. It was a very detailed talk about the man, his wife and his children being abducted. Other people shared their stories too. It seems it is more common that you might think and many people have had experiences of alien intervention on earth.

There is always more to learn, and so much we will never know.