Spirits Arriving after a Clearing

Spirits arriving after a House Clearing

I was asked by a previous client to look at their house again some months after I had conducted a clearing. All had been well with the clearing despite there being a lot of stress in the house which the owner was well aware of, and clearing had restored calm.

So I was surprised when she got in touch with me again asking for a further assessment on the house She claimed the energy was feeling strange and had noticed it had changed after her neighbour had sadly passed away of a sudden heart attack.

Knowing that once I have cleared a house, it will stay clear, I was fairly sure that the energy change was due to the passing of the neighbour, as it was too much of a coincidence. I connected with the spirit energy of the neighbour and immediately sensed he was not happy about dying! This would be understandable as it was a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

I also sensed the spirit as female even though I knew the neighbour was a man. When a person dies unexpectedly, they can stay in the moment and not pass over to the light. In this case, the neighbour was being drawn to the positive energy of my clients house, almost as if he was asking for help. Luckily my client had recognised the change in the energy and asked for my assistance.

On connecting with the neighbours spirit, I was able to show him he was in fact in spirit and was stuck. I showed him my clients house and explained it was so bright due to the positive energy there and that there was more light like it that he could go to. I then showed him further light from above and let him go explore at his own pace. His anger at dying and being stuck was giving off a negative energy that my client picked up.

She soon got in touch with me explaining how much better the house felt, and how lifted the energy was again. She also told me her neighbour had a very feminine energy, so that explained that one!