Do I need to be on site to work?

Do I need to be on site?

I do all my negative energy clearing work from a distance. I access universal energy and then direct this to where I need it to go, and tell it what I need it to do. All I ask for from clients is the home address, to make sure I am directing the energy to the right location.

The simple answer is I do not need to be on site to carry out my work, and I would like to share an example of a house I cleared proving this point.

This particular house had some rather dark energies at one side of the property. It came up in the psychic clearing stage. It was spiritual, had been in the building for some time, and was being fuelled by a ‘not very nice neighbour’ on that side of the house. When I came to clear it, I visualised the energy in an attached garage, running the length of the property front to back. I moved the spiritual energy on and replaced it with healing energy and then carried on with the clearing.

As this client was local to me, I visited the home after I had finished the clearing and on arriving at the property I parked in front of the garage – a separate building opposite the house.  There was no garage attached to the house as I had visualised.

This gave me doubts as to the accuracy of my work. However, on talking with the client and her showing me round the house, I explained about the darker energy to one side of the house which was a living room and how I had seen it as a garage. She immediately told me the room had been converted from a garage and how she hardly ever sat in that room as it felt uncomfortable.

This gave me confirmation that I do not need to be at the house. If I had seen the house before I did the work, I would not have believed I was seeing a garage and my logic brain may have stopped me being as effective. I always have to trust my intuition working with spiritual energy.