Clearing Office Space


Helen got in touch with me initially to clear her house as had never felt really connected to the house and had issues with smelly drains and rats. I found discarnates in the sewer system and cleared the negativity. Add this to clearing earth stresses, the house felt a lot better for everyone and no more rats!

Soon after this, Helen got in touch with me again about her husband’s office. He had been so impressed with the change in his home, he wanted to see if I could make a difference in his work place. Both himself and his business partner felt quite stuck there and unable to really move the business forward, although business was generally good.

What I found in the offices was quite shocking spiritually.

His office was in a rented Tudor listed building and I found a scene of 3 witch hunters torturing a young girl. It was very dark and traumatic and this scene was continuously replaying itself. Once I was able to move the spirits on and clear the earth stresses, there was a huge release of negative energy.

One year later, I had an update from Helen explaining how much had changed for her husband since the clearing of his offices. His business partner, who had never wanted to move premises, suddenly announced she wanted to move soon after I cleared the stuck female energy there. What followed, was a series of synchronicities that brought a new premises to their attention, becoming available just when they needed it. They moved into the new offices a few months later, which was based on a farm with horses in the field just 5 feet away looking out of the window, lots of light and space, bird song and wonderful walks at lunchtime, but no more traffic noise or street grime.

Helen said, “I KNOW this was as a direct result of what you did to clear that other space and the unhappy energy that felt it was keeping him trapped there, almost like it was holding onto him to keep it company. He’s been in such a much better-feeling place about work since that move”.

Negative energy in offices can affect you as much as in your home, but can be cleared to not only support you, but also work colleagues and business growth.

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  1. Elaine Houghton
    Elaine Houghton says:

    Very interested to read this because Ive always thought this (lovely old) house is jinxed as I have had so much go wrong with it and myself since I moved in and now it won’t sell.

    • Emma Loveheart
      Emma Loveheart says:

      Hi Elaine

      Would you like me to carry out a free assessment and let you know what is there that could be causing issues?

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