Clearing Psychic Attack Results

This month has seen me honouring my offer to clear people of psychic attack or unwanted energies and what fun we’ve had!

One of the highlights has been helping a young boy with autism who was having sudden attacks of anger and which were becoming more frequent. When I connected with his energy, I could feel he was a gentle playful character, but could also see a dark interfering energy attached to him. I was able to release this energy and free him, which has meant the anger attacks have stopped.

I also worked on a young girl who was being difficult at home and struggling with relationships. I found her to have entities attached to her which love to influence negative behaviour, but she also had a negative attachment to one of her parents. Her parent had put hooks into the young girl as a result of their own issues. Once cleared, the girl was being far more polite and relaxed and less negative at home.

Another lady came to me wanting to be cleared as just felt her energy was not as good as it could be. I found her to be working with a dark energy rather than her higher self but then also found parts of her to be under the influence of dark energy. I wondered if she had been involved in drugs at some point in her life as this is a classic time when these sort of energies can attach. She hadn’t, but had had a series of abusive relationships. Someone able to be abusive would more than likely be carrying dark energy which could have easily been transferred to her.

One lady explained how she felt freer and more liberated after I had cleared her. She had some entities attached to her and influencing her mood which I removed. She was also working with a spirit guide rather than her higher self. Guides are good but not as your main support since they will have their own agenda. This lady worked in the healing field so it was important that she was working directly with her higher self.

So this is just some of the highlights of this month’s clearing on people.