How Can You Heal Remotely?

“Don’t you need to come to my house to clear the negative energy?’ is a question I sometimes get asked.

It is a good question.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes from a distance (wherever I happen to be actually, I just need quiet and to not be disturbed) and I can alter energy within another home. But how?

We live in a very physical world. Our homes and possessions are physical. We can touch them, see them, hear them, smell them. We use our senses to confirm physical existence. It is natural for us to expect a physical solution to a problem that is physically affecting us.

However, energy is all around us and at the very core of our existence. Although it can manifest itself physically, like hearing a radio through a radio signal, we don’t necessarily identify it with our senses. But it is the energy that I connect to and work with, and because it is energy, I can connect to it from anywhere. I don’t need to be at the exact place where I am conducting clearing work.

When working with paranormal activity in a home, I use my spiritual self to connect to it. Using support from universal beings and energy, I am able to move it on and therefore clear it from a property. For clearing earth stresses I use an age old tradition of dowsing to alter negative stresses to positive. Because I am connecting to the earth stresses via the universe through dowsing, again, I do not need to be on site to have an effect.

Connecting to energy is something we can all do and can have a positive and empowering effect on ourselves and others around us.

Let me share with you two simple exercises that work with energy.

Exercise 1

You can control your energy and ensure it is vibrating at a proper level to attract positive experiences in your life. To understand this, firstly think of something that makes you unhappy. Where do you feel this? Sit with the feeling and notice how it brings you down, makes you sad, or makes you feel miserable. You will usually feel this in the pit of your stomach. Now think of something that makes you really happy. Something you love to do or someone you love to be with, or somewhere you love to be. How does this feel and where do you feel it? You will usually feel this in your heart, or in your head and it can feel light and joyous. That is the difference between low vibration and high vibration. The secret is to stay in a higher vibration as this is where you attract positive energy back into your life. It also makes you feel good and everyone around you will benefit!

Exercise 2

You can do this exercise with a friend. Sit opposite each other and take it in turns to send positive thoughts and send positive energy to your friend. Think of light flowing from you to your friend and send them love. Bathe them in your wonderful loving energy. Now ask you friend to do the same to you and notice how you feel. Close your eyes and feel the energy pouring into you.

These exercises demonstrate the power of energy and how we can influence it within ourselves and on others. Working with energy in this way is how I am partly able to conduct my work remotely.

I offer free assessments of energy in homes and if you would like a report please complete the request form on my website

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