Overwhelming Sadness & the Ringing Doorbell

The client had lived in their listed house for 3 years in the old town of a desirable city in the East of England. It was accessed via a cobbled narrow street, and the buildings dated back to the 18th century. However, despite working hard to make improvements to the feel of the house since moving in, there was always a feeling of sadness.

They wrote to me:

“My listed house is in an historic conservation area part of the city, but somehow has a dreary feel to it. I knew the house and the locality had associations with sadness and suffering when I bought it over 3 years ago, but thought the house simply needed some loving. Much has been done to improve the feel of the house, but there are still some stubborn vestiges that require clearing. Is this something that you could do? “

I offered to carry out an assessment of the property to understand what might be causing the sadness.

I found the earth stresses to be high. This would be common for a city built up location, so I was not surprised, however whilst the negative energy this created would have been draining to live on, it would not have been a feeling of sadness. I next needed to connect to any psychic activity to see what was present.

I immediately found multiple spirits. I saw men, women, and children in poverty and desperate. They were attached to the building somehow, as if they were queuing to get in. I thought it could be a workhouse, so I asked the client if they knew of any history.

They replied:

“This is the only remaining building of an Infirmary for Sick Children. It is in an area that has associations with medical practitioners going back centuries.

There is a large under croft which is currently being restored.  It was once an Apothecary but has been left redundant for decades. There is a residual sadness in the immediate locality as well as in the house.”

I had been close! When I began the healing, I connected to the spirits I had seen. The ones I had initially seen were poor families queuing to get their sick children into the infirmary. They were desperate not knowing where to turn to get help but were also too poor to pay for medical assistance. It was initially sad to witness, but then satisfying to finally release them to the light where their trauma could be closed, and emotional healing could take place.

In addition, I found lots of stuck souls within the infirmary where they had passed away. No wonder there was so much sadness! Many souls were released on that first day of clearing.

What truly fascinated me was when the client replied with this:

“We have had a lot of incidents of the doorbell ringing with nobody outside. One Christmas It was going all day. All those poor souls still trying to get into the infirmary! Needless to say the doorbell ringing has ceased since your clearing, although next Christmas will be the true test!.”

I continued my healing work over the next few weeks, healing the earth stresses and then any residual psychic activity. I brought the vitality reading up to 100% from a low 29%. This is the measurement in percent of the overall lifeforce of the property and is a good indicator that there is healing to be done.

When I reported to the client I had finished my work, they responded:

“There is a much better “feel” to the house. I have not had any gruesome dreams since you started. Your home healing coincided with works to the under croft that are going better than expected. This part of the building has been neglected and dormant for decades. Other works that have not been progressing for sometime, have now been completed in the last three weeks. It looks as if you have had a positive impact!”

This example of a home healing highlights how psychic activity can impact our lives in how we feel and sleep. In this particular case there was a lot of activity so would have been a greater impact on the occupants of the house. It is always a pleasure to work on situations like this, as I am not only helping the house inhabitants but also the lost and stuck souls.