Using Oracle Cards

 My name is Emma Loveheart and I am a Home Healer. I specialise in working with universal energy to help others work more harmoniously in life, and the home has a big impact on how we can achieve that.

I use many methods for spiritual guidance to help me heal the energy of homes and one of those sources is Oracle cards.

I can use them for messages to assist me in my home healing if I am facing a challenge or block, but also for messages directly for the client.

What are Oracle Cards?

They are a deck of cards, usually 44 cards, with spiritual messages and guidance. They will have been compiled by someone who has been given the messages through divine contact. Sometimes the contact can come very quickly and other times over a longer period of time, but a series of guidance will be collected and a deck formed.

I have found the messages between different decks of cards can sometimes be similar, but it is often how it is phrased that you eventually hear it, or sometimes you need to hear it more than once for the message to finally click!

Divine guidance is no different to asking a good friend for advice or support. Friends want to help you, and it can be very comforting to receive their wisdom to support your actions or intentions.

Advice, however, can also come in the form of something you don’t want to hear. Or it’s not the answer you want. This is more challenging and harder to understand the message as a result, but this is where the real learning and healing is found.

How to read Oracle Cards

Tuning into spiritual messages can be a challenge, but oracle cards can help activate your intuition, helping you receive messages to fully realise your purpose and potential in this lifetime.

Oracle readers have been around throughout time from the earliest history of humankind. People would turn to these visionaries to gain wisdom and insight about their own lives. However, it is no longer necessary to turn to an oracle reader to unlock the answers to your questions, as our souls have evolved enough to interpret the messages ourselves.

As with most things in life, practice is the key. Using cards on a regular basis, will help you begin to align your natural inner spiritual existence with your outer life.

The key is not to overthink it. There is a strong belief you can never choose the wrong card. You will always pick the one you need at that time.

I remember seeing my first deck of cards spread out on the table and trying desperately to connect to which card was for me. I ran my hand over the fan of cards waiting to feel something, a tingle, some heat, but it never happened! In the end I just picked a card I felt drawn to. This is a simple way to get started.

Now that I have been using cards for several years, I choose a card through a quick yes/no dowsing method.

I ask, ‘Is there a card for me?’ Sometimes there can be a message for me and another person in my life. Then I ask, ‘Is there more than one card?’ More often it is just one card, but sometimes it could be two or three. When it is 3, I ask if it is a message about the past, present and future, as this is more likely the case.

Each deck will have guidance at the beginning of the guidebook that comes with the pack. It is advisable to read this before using the cards to understand them better and to ensure you use them in the best way possible.

How to get a message

Firstly it is important to be in a calm state of mind, feel relaxed and ready to receive any messages with the love they were intended to give. You do not want to rush into a reading as you are less likely to get a clear message. The cards are to be treated with respect.

Before choosing a card, it is advisable to pose a question. What would you like an answer to? If you do not have a specific question however, it is also ok to simply ask for any guidance that will help you in your life right now. Whatever approach you choose to take, you are setting an intention.

Next shuffle the cards 3 times. The number 3 is a universal number of power and in this instance is infusing the deck of cards with your energy so they are aligned to you.

Should a card fall out whilst you are shuffling, then read it! This can happen to assist you in receiving a card that you need to see. When you are drawing cards as part of a group, then a card falling out of the pack can be a message for everyone present.

Remember there is no right or wrong. When using the pack, you are tapping into your own personal intuition system and need to believe in yourself. Enjoy getting to know your cards.

When you have picked your card, read the message with an open mind. Try not to judge the message. Feel which part of the message resonates with you the most. Sometimes it is only part of the message you need to hear and know.

Be aware as well not to over pick cards. If you continue to pick card after card from a deck, you will simply get a different card with a similar message. You are not respecting the messages by doing this. Stay aligned, stay true to your intention and be open to receive.

 Which deck is best?

Choosing the right pack for you is again an opportunity to use your intuition.

You can search for cards online and feel which pack you are drawn to. In the same way you can view several different packs in a shop and choose one. Or two!

I now have 13 packs of oracle cards, which I have built up slowly over the years as I was drawn to them. The early packs I bought from a shop, but latterly I might see an advertisement that catches my eye, or someone will use a pack that I feel a connection too, and so I will order my own.

There is no right or wrong and we are all drawn to different sets of cards that will work for us.

Using the Cards

If I am feeling stuck with a situation or in need of some support, I head to my cards all lined up beautifully on a shelf in my office. I love my cards. They are full of wisdom and insight, and I enjoy seeing them on display ready to be used.  I will scan the row until my eye settles on a pack and this is the one I choose.

Depending on the message, I may want to carry the card around with me for an hour or even a day. Sometimes I might have it by my bedside overnight or under my pillow, or on display on my desk. This way I benefit from the reminder of the guidance at the same as allowing the energy to merge with my own energy field.

Always do what ‘feels’ right for you and ENJOY your cards!