Living with a poltergeist

When Leanne moved into The Old Mine House, it had been rented out for several years as a holiday let and had not been very well maintained, so it was no surprise that it didn’t feel like home.

However, there was one side of the house where there was a hall and stairs that really had bad energy, to the point that Leanne’s Mum didn’t like going through the hall and always kept the door closed, even though it was access to upstairs. It felt damp, cold and dark. In an attempt to change the mood, they painted the walls white and in a picture taken at the time you can see loads of orbs in the area.

One time Leanne’s husband and teenage daughter were having an argument in the hall when a picture literally flew off the wall where they were standing and round a corner towards them. It was impossible that it simply fell, it had been propelled by something.

When I commenced the healing, I found some very strong psychic presence there. After clearing this, everyone noticed an immediate difference. The door is now kept open and a flow has been created. In a further picture taken there are no orbs and it is much lighter.

The house and land were cleared of geopathic stress and there was a lot due to the mining and history of the site. The clearing has cleared the way for decorating to be done and one of the children has said she feels safer in the house and moved her room round and feels a lot happier even though she was unaware of the clearing taking place.


Psychic energy influencing a family member


Mark is a Nutritional Therapist.. He has a scientific mind, but is also open to alternatives when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Mark was not aware of any strange goings on in his house. It had been his Grandmother’s house and he felt it was an incredibly productive and happy house which he had extended and made into a fabulous family home for his wife and 2 daughters.

He only knew that his youngest daughter had been a challenge to the family with challenging behaviour since she was a child, but which they managed with love and support and were always looking for ways to help her.

When I conducted my clearing of the house, I found a lot of psychic activity going on, but particularly around this one daughter. I was able to clear the dark energy, but was aware that this daughter had been carrying this energy for some time and moving it would have an effect on her. So I emailed Mark explaining what I had done so far with regards the clearing and to watch out for his daughter, as she may be tired.

As it happened, she came home early from an event that day, explaining how tired she felt and went to bed at 6pm. Something she would never normally do.

Since then, there have been many changes with her behaviour, to the point that everyone has noticed. She is more open and able to talk about things, far more than she ever was. She has also agreed to have tests for food allergy’s which she would just not do before.

She did have a turn of behaviour recently and was shouting, but this passed and afterwards she apologised, which again was something she wouldn’t have done before.

Mark is still not aware of any changes to his house even after I finished clearing geopathic stress and protecting against EMF’s, but he is very aware of the changes and improvement to his daughter. She is a different person and this has been since I did my clearing work.


How Home Healing affected this family

Karen was always aware of some sort of presence in the house. She felt it in the kitchen and the sitting room, but when she turned round there was nothing ever there! It made her feel a bit uncomfortable, but she never felt spooked if she was on her own in the house.

One of her teenage daughters also had an anger problem, which was something that came later on in life as she was not like that as a small child. Nothing obvious happened to trigger it, so was always a mystery. She had mentioned to Karen on occasion about having thoughts of bad things happening as well, like she didn’t always have her own thoughts.

Once I started the home energy clearing, Karen noticed changes straightaway. The first stage of clearing is psychic cleansing and I discovered that the daughter was carrying some very dark energy around with her which was the first thing I cleared. The presence that Karen felt in the house was the Grandma trying to protect the daughter from this dark energy, so once I had cleared the energy from the daughter, the Grandma was happy to leave. I warned Karen the day I did the clearing as I thought the daughter may feel tired. Strangely that afternoon, the daughter came home early from an event she was due to be at all day, saying she was very tired and needed to go to bed. This was something she would never have done before.

Since then, the daughter hasn’t mentioned any worries about strange thoughts again and seems a lot happier. There have been no more shouting matches from the daughter, or physical anger and she is becoming more of her own person.

Once I finished the remainder of the clearing, Karen has noticed everyone is happier in the house. She herself is happier to let things go a bit more and feels more relaxed.

Living on a site of village activity

Roz had just moved into a new house in a small village in Worcestershire. It was located in the centre of the village and was her dream home.

A mutual friend mentioned Into The Light’s services when Roz became aware of spirits in the house one evening during a full moon. She also felt strange energy in the house and thought that a clearing would be the solution.

Initial readings showed maximum geopathic stress, very high psychic stresses, 9 negative energy blocks and a vitality of only 8%. So there was definitely some work to be done.

The first stage of clearing looked at any psychic activity. This revealed a village scene with villagers coming to the site to worship, which may be why Roz saw them during a full moon as they could have been worshipped the moon. They were stuck in an old pattern but I was able to move them on quite happily. Also at this stage I had to clear Roz of some attached negative energy. I saw Roz’s spirit self dragging a ball and chain on her right leg, with a feeling of being stuck and inability to move forward. On reporting this to Roz, she explained she had felt awful that day right up until about 5pm (the time I had cleared her) with a feeling of being stuck, but now felt better!

I started on the next stage of clearing the negative energy blocks when Roz got in contact complaining of many ailments. She had swollen knuckle joints, sore elbow, stiff hip and knee, all on her right side. She was aware there was less activity in the house but felt there were hidden angers. To me it felt like some darker energy at work, so I checked in. This then revealed another earlier scene of a witch’s coven conducting worship at the site.  However, their worship was using dark magic which Roz was picking up. Once cleared I was able to carry on with clearing the negative energy blocks and things settled down for Roz.

A few days later as I was still working through the blocks, Roz got in touch saying that there wasn’t such a feeling of negative energy but funny things were happening such as on one day all items with batteries just stopped working! Also their mobile phones kept losing charge. This indicated to me a lot of spirit and discarnate activity being revealed as I cleared the blocks. They like to reside in the negative energy so when revealed can cause problems with energy items such as electrical devices. I could only keep going with the clearing and asked Roz to protect herself with crystals and spiritual energy.

As I progressed towards the end of the blocks, I checked in with Roz to see how she was. She said the house was feeling a lot calmer, both her and her partner had noticed the difference, but that things still disappeared and appeared again in unexplainable ways!

I finally cleared the blocks and subsequently cleared the geopathic stress. I then worked through protecting the house against EMF’s and other outside stresses. I discovered a high level of radon gas on the site which is usual for a site that has been dug or mined. Roz later confirmed the site had been dug for lime in the 1800’s and they were opposite the site of an old lime kiln.

The final challenge was to clear some more psychic energy which was 2 vortexes on the site. These weren’t revealed until the other clearing had taken place but would have been very draining, especially if located near a bed, or sitting area.

At last the house was clear and both Roz and her partner noticed the whole house had changed. They had both been feeling dragged down and inexplicably worn out. The phones kept their charge now and the clocks kept their time. It felt a very different space and much more positive.

Living on the site of an old Monastery

This was an interesting energy clearance because there was so much going on!

The property was detached and based in the grounds of an old monastery, which immediately raised alarm bells for me. Christine is very spiritual herself and had crystals and positive energy in the house, but was having issues with her daughter eating and sleeping, which was put down to being a teenager, but also found her husband was low on energy and mostly spent time watching TV sat on the sofa when at home.

The life force of the house was 11%, and there was dark psychic energy present. There were also 2 vortexes and a spirit path which was very draining on energy. There was also very high geopathic stresses including 12 negative energy blocks plus broken ley lines.

The first stage was to clear the psychic stresses. I discovered a rather horrific historic scene of about 6 monks chained in the wine cellar of the monastery. They were being starved to rid them of evil because of their sins. Most excepted their punishment apart from one who was very angry and possessed by the dark. He took careful moving on but eventually went, and I filled the space with light and positive energy. I thought this active spiritual energy might have caused the daughters lack of eating since living in the house, as it related to food.

Soon after clearing this, Christine reported back that her daughter was sleeping better, as well as her husband and son, who had also commented on what great sleeps they had had. She also said her daughter’s appetite was coming back. Her husband commented at the dinner table soon after; “you look so much better. No big bags under your eyes and it’s lovely to see you eating”. Her husband also started to clear and tidy the garden at the weekend which was unheard of!

I then started to work thought the negative energy blocks. Towards the end, Christine got in touch with me explaining she thought there was a spirit stuck in the house. She felt someone’s presence, seeing a figure in the door way of her bedroom, then standing over the bed. She thought once it was a child in her room, but there was no-one there. It was when the figure sat on her bed that she decided to call me! I had just cleared the last block and spirits can hide in these, so I wasn’t surprised. I conducted a general clearing, and the spirit went.

Christine has said the house feels very different, as do the family. It was really brought home to her when a friend came round for tea and a catch up soon after I had finished and said: ‘…your house feels really nice, I don’t know what it is, but it feels different’. Christine explained about the work I had done and the friend said: ‘you can really tell. There was just some sort of feeling before’.




Dogs barking in same corner of the house

Tracey was aware of some strange energy in her home ever since she had moved in, some 10 years ago. She sensed the negativity in the house, relationships had been challenging for a number of years, she felt low in energy and her 2 dogs would often bark in corners of the house. It’s not until now that it’s all gone, she realised how strange it was!

She always wanted her house to be a sanctuary, but it felt like somewhere you just go, rather than home. It didn’t feel like she belonged there and she didn’t feel revived after being there.

The first clearing conducted was removing the psychic activity.  There was a particular part of the house that this was concentrated and where the dogs always barked. Once cleared, the immediate difference was the dogs. They were much calmer and stopped barking. The house also felt more positive.

The next step was to clear the geopathic stress and protect against EMF’s. Tracey said the difference in her house was significant. It felt lighter, she felt she could see the house again. She started investing in the house; a new rug, some new blinds, just little things, but things that made the place look more like home and look loved. She also felt compelled to declutter. The house now feels more like a sanctuary, especially as she continues to make changes here and there.

In terms of realtionships in the house, the dogs are happier, everyone is calmer, the children are more relaxed and chilled. Tracey even invited her Mum to visit, having never done this before. Everyone is getting on better, there is more understanding and definitely less friction. The house now has a calming effect.

Living on an excavated area

Charlotte is a mother of 2 girls aged 7 and 9, and they and her husband currently live in San Diego, California. She works in the spiritual world herself, giving one to one spiritual healing to clients.

As a result of Charlottes spiritual ability, the vitality reading in her house was 72% before I started work which is high. The house was already clear of psychic activity and Charlotte used lots of crystals around the house for protection.

The initial assessment showed there to be high geopathic stress and also high electromagnetic frequency stress. During clearing it also became apparent there was high radon gas pollution in the area. Charlotte confirmed that the housing development was built into the side of a mountain where it had been flattened. This was probably the cause of the radon gas. She also said how the whole street of inhabitants are often sick with common and recurring sicknesses, including severe allergies to the atmosphere, asthma and unshakeable colds. She had avoided sickness in her own house through the family using oils and remedies and through her conducting daily saging and cleansing.

When the final stages of clearing took place, Charlotte was away with her family on a road trip. The final stage took some time as the radon gas had to be cleared a little bit every day for quite a few days, so when she did return quite a lot had changed since she was last there.

Charlotte immediately noticed the difference. She says the house felt calmer and cleaner and somehow safer. The biggest reaction however was from the girls. The day after they got back the girls decided to completely rearrange their rooms. They moved furniture around, cleared out clothes, and stuff, and had a good tidy up. It was like they felt safer in their rooms and were making them exactly how they wanted.

Charlotte has found she is using remedies a lot less since the clearing and the house feels considerably cleansed now, so no longer needs to do this daily. She has also embarked on really clearing out the house of stuff and de-cluttering.

Child refusing to use part of the house

Anna was aware her house was a bit chaotic, since she has 4 children, 3 dogs and her mother living with her! So a bit of noise and mess wouldn’t be a surprise, but when she heard about my property healing work, she thought an energy clearing might help calm things down.

The first stage of clearing is to clear the psychic energies and in Anna’s house there was a column of very draining energy running from the ground up through their cellar, through the study and through the eldest daughter’s bedroom and out the roof. It was a vortex of energy and could be draining and disruptive to be around.

There were 12 energy blocks which again would have contributed to draining energy and the vitality reading was only 16%.

Some way through the clearing process, Anna got in touch with me saying she had returned home from a trip and rather than the usual rush and stress of returning home, she felt a lot calmer and the family seemed calmer too. She asked was this because of my work, and it is very common to experience this as the clearing is carried out and afterwards too.

When I had finished, the biggest effect however was on the eldest daughter. Whereas in the past she would never go in to the cellar, she was now very happy to go there. What’s more, she began an immense clearing out of her room, taking many things to charity and clearing the walls and wardrobe. She has ‘cleansed’ her room and is sleeping much better too.

Overall the house feels calmer, there is less stress between family members and there is a greater feeling of relaxation