Living on the site of an old Monastery

This was an interesting energy clearance because there was so much going on!

The property was detached and based in the grounds of an old monastery, which immediately raised alarm bells for me. Christine is very spiritual herself and had crystals and positive energy in the house, but was having issues with her daughter eating and sleeping, which was put down to being a teenager, but also found her husband was low on energy and mostly spent time watching TV sat on the sofa when at home.

The life force of the house was 11%, and there was dark psychic energy present. There were also 2 vortexes and a spirit path which was very draining on energy. There was also very high geopathic stresses including 12 negative energy blocks plus broken ley lines.

The first stage was to clear the psychic stresses. I discovered a rather horrific historic scene of about 6 monks chained in the wine cellar of the monastery. They were being starved to rid them of evil because of their sins. Most excepted their punishment apart from one who was very angry and possessed by the dark. He took careful moving on but eventually went, and I filled the space with light and positive energy. I thought this active spiritual energy might have caused the daughters lack of eating since living in the house, as it related to food.

Soon after clearing this, Christine reported back that her daughter was sleeping better, as well as her husband and son, who had also commented on what great sleeps they had had. She also said her daughter’s appetite was coming back. Her husband commented at the dinner table soon after; “you look so much better. No big bags under your eyes and it’s lovely to see you eating”. Her husband also started to clear and tidy the garden at the weekend which was unheard of!

I then started to work thought the negative energy blocks. Towards the end, Christine got in touch with me explaining she thought there was a spirit stuck in the house. She felt someone’s presence, seeing a figure in the door way of her bedroom, then standing over the bed. She thought once it was a child in her room, but there was no-one there. It was when the figure sat on her bed that she decided to call me! I had just cleared the last block and spirits can hide in these, so I wasn’t surprised. I conducted a general clearing, and the spirit went.

Christine has said the house feels very different, as do the family. It was really brought home to her when a friend came round for tea and a catch up soon after I had finished and said: ‘…your house feels really nice, I don’t know what it is, but it feels different’. Christine explained about the work I had done and the friend said: ‘you can really tell. There was just some sort of feeling before’.