Living on an excavated area

Charlotte is a mother of 2 girls aged 7 and 9, and they and her husband currently live in San Diego, California. She works in the spiritual world herself, giving one to one spiritual healing to clients.

As a result of Charlottes spiritual ability, the vitality reading in her house was 72% before I started work which is high. The house was already clear of psychic activity and Charlotte used lots of crystals around the house for protection.

The initial assessment showed there to be high geopathic stress and also high electromagnetic frequency stress. During clearing it also became apparent there was high radon gas pollution in the area. Charlotte confirmed that the housing development was built into the side of a mountain where it had been flattened. This was probably the cause of the radon gas. She also said how the whole street of inhabitants are often sick with common and recurring sicknesses, including severe allergies to the atmosphere, asthma and unshakeable colds. She had avoided sickness in her own house through the family using oils and remedies and through her conducting daily saging and cleansing.

When the final stages of clearing took place, Charlotte was away with her family on a road trip. The final stage took some time as the radon gas had to be cleared a little bit every day for quite a few days, so when she did return quite a lot had changed since she was last there.

Charlotte immediately noticed the difference. She says the house felt calmer and cleaner and somehow safer. The biggest reaction however was from the girls. The day after they got back the girls decided to completely rearrange their rooms. They moved furniture around, cleared out clothes, and stuff, and had a good tidy up. It was like they felt safer in their rooms and were making them exactly how they wanted.

Charlotte has found she is using remedies a lot less since the clearing and the house feels considerably cleansed now, so no longer needs to do this daily. She has also embarked on really clearing out the house of stuff and de-cluttering.