Living on a site of village activity

Roz had just moved into a new house in a small village in Worcestershire. It was located in the centre of the village and was her dream home.

A mutual friend mentioned Into The Light’s services when Roz became aware of spirits in the house one evening during a full moon. She also felt strange energy in the house and thought that a clearing would be the solution.

Initial readings showed maximum geopathic stress, very high psychic stresses, 9 negative energy blocks and a vitality of only 8%. So there was definitely some work to be done.

The first stage of clearing looked at any psychic activity. This revealed a village scene with villagers coming to the site to worship, which may be why Roz saw them during a full moon as they could have been worshipped the moon. They were stuck in an old pattern but I was able to move them on quite happily. Also at this stage I had to clear Roz of some attached negative energy. I saw Roz’s spirit self dragging a ball and chain on her right leg, with a feeling of being stuck and inability to move forward. On reporting this to Roz, she explained she had felt awful that day right up until about 5pm (the time I had cleared her) with a feeling of being stuck, but now felt better!

I started on the next stage of clearing the negative energy blocks when Roz got in contact complaining of many ailments. She had swollen knuckle joints, sore elbow, stiff hip and knee, all on her right side. She was aware there was less activity in the house but felt there were hidden angers. To me it felt like some darker energy at work, so I checked in. This then revealed another earlier scene of a witch’s coven conducting worship at the site.  However, their worship was using dark magic which Roz was picking up. Once cleared I was able to carry on with clearing the negative energy blocks and things settled down for Roz.

A few days later as I was still working through the blocks, Roz got in touch saying that there wasn’t such a feeling of negative energy but funny things were happening such as on one day all items with batteries just stopped working! Also their mobile phones kept losing charge. This indicated to me a lot of spirit and discarnate activity being revealed as I cleared the blocks. They like to reside in the negative energy so when revealed can cause problems with energy items such as electrical devices. I could only keep going with the clearing and asked Roz to protect herself with crystals and spiritual energy.

As I progressed towards the end of the blocks, I checked in with Roz to see how she was. She said the house was feeling a lot calmer, both her and her partner had noticed the difference, but that things still disappeared and appeared again in unexplainable ways!

I finally cleared the blocks and subsequently cleared the geopathic stress. I then worked through protecting the house against EMF’s and other outside stresses. I discovered a high level of radon gas on the site which is usual for a site that has been dug or mined. Roz later confirmed the site had been dug for lime in the 1800’s and they were opposite the site of an old lime kiln.

The final challenge was to clear some more psychic energy which was 2 vortexes on the site. These weren’t revealed until the other clearing had taken place but would have been very draining, especially if located near a bed, or sitting area.

At last the house was clear and both Roz and her partner noticed the whole house had changed. They had both been feeling dragged down and inexplicably worn out. The phones kept their charge now and the clocks kept their time. It felt a very different space and much more positive.