How Home Healing affected this family

Karen was always aware of some sort of presence in the house. She felt it in the kitchen and the sitting room, but when she turned round there was nothing ever there! It made her feel a bit uncomfortable, but she never felt spooked if she was on her own in the house.

One of her teenage daughters also had an anger problem, which was something that came later on in life as she was not like that as a small child. Nothing obvious happened to trigger it, so was always a mystery. She had mentioned to Karen on occasion about having thoughts of bad things happening as well, like she didn’t always have her own thoughts.

Once I started the home energy clearing, Karen noticed changes straightaway. The first stage of clearing is psychic cleansing and I discovered that the daughter was carrying some very dark energy around with her which was the first thing I cleared. The presence that Karen felt in the house was the Grandma trying to protect the daughter from this dark energy, so once I had cleared the energy from the daughter, the Grandma was happy to leave. I warned Karen the day I did the clearing as I thought the daughter may feel tired. Strangely that afternoon, the daughter came home early from an event she was due to be at all day, saying she was very tired and needed to go to bed. This was something she would never have done before.

Since then, the daughter hasn’t mentioned any worries about strange thoughts again and seems a lot happier. There have been no more shouting matches from the daughter, or physical anger and she is becoming more of her own person.

Once I finished the remainder of the clearing, Karen has noticed everyone is happier in the house. She herself is happier to let things go a bit more and feels more relaxed.