Psychic energy influencing a family member


Mark is a Nutritional Therapist.. He has a scientific mind, but is also open to alternatives when it comes to health and wellbeing.

Mark was not aware of any strange goings on in his house. It had been his Grandmother’s house and he felt it was an incredibly productive and happy house which he had extended and made into a fabulous family home for his wife and 2 daughters.

He only knew that his youngest daughter had been a challenge to the family with challenging behaviour since she was a child, but which they managed with love and support and were always looking for ways to help her.

When I conducted my clearing of the house, I found a lot of psychic activity going on, but particularly around this one daughter. I was able to clear the dark energy, but was aware that this daughter had been carrying this energy for some time and moving it would have an effect on her. So I emailed Mark explaining what I had done so far with regards the clearing and to watch out for his daughter, as she may be tired.

As it happened, she came home early from an event that day, explaining how tired she felt and went to bed at 6pm. Something she would never normally do.

Since then, there have been many changes with her behaviour, to the point that everyone has noticed. She is more open and able to talk about things, far more than she ever was. She has also agreed to have tests for food allergy’s which she would just not do before.

She did have a turn of behaviour recently and was shouting, but this passed and afterwards she apologised, which again was something she wouldn’t have done before.

Mark is still not aware of any changes to his house even after I finished clearing geopathic stress and protecting against EMF’s, but he is very aware of the changes and improvement to his daughter. She is a different person and this has been since I did my clearing work.