Living with a poltergeist

When Leanne moved into The Old Mine House, it had been rented out for several years as a holiday let and had not been very well maintained, so it was no surprise that it didn’t feel like home.

However, there was one side of the house where there was a hall and stairs that really had bad energy, to the point that Leanne’s Mum didn’t like going through the hall and always kept the door closed, even though it was access to upstairs. It felt damp, cold and dark. In an attempt to change the mood, they painted the walls white and in a picture taken at the time you can see loads of orbs in the area.

One time Leanne’s husband and teenage daughter were having an argument in the hall when a picture literally flew off the wall where they were standing and round a corner towards them. It was impossible that it simply fell, it had been propelled by something.

When I commenced the healing, I found some very strong psychic presence there. After clearing this, everyone noticed an immediate difference. The door is now kept open and a flow has been created. In a further picture taken there are no orbs and it is much lighter.

The house and land were cleared of geopathic stress and there was a lot due to the mining and history of the site. The clearing has cleared the way for decorating to be done and one of the children has said she feels safer in the house and moved her room round and feels a lot happier even though she was unaware of the clearing taking place.