Children not Sleeping in New Home

When Sarah got in touch with me, she was quite distressed and desperate for some help. Ever since she moved into a new rental property, strange things had occurred.

Sarah was sensitive to energies, happily working with spirit guides, but from when she moved into this new home, she was finding it harder to connect and described her energy as feeling ‘sporadic’ and not something she had experienced before. She felt blocked by the environment.

Added to her own awareness, strange incidents were happening.

The lights kept flickering, but in a rhythmic way, like they were doing morse code. Sarah felt it to be a distress signal or perhaps a message she was unable to connect with. Electrics or lights being tampered with are usually a sign of some spirit activity wanting to be noticed.

Also, a crack next to her son’s bedroom door had appeared in the shape of an upside down cross and this together with his outbursts of strange and frightening behaviour indicated something was trying to get attention. It is not uncommon for spirits to target children if they are wanting to be heard, as children are more intuitive and sensitive to energies. This is why it is so important to listen to your children if they sense something.

Sarah was trying her best to connect with the light to help her navigate what was going on, but the more she tried, the more amplified the darker energy became. As soon as she made contact with me, the problems stepped up a level too. This is also a very common occurrence as the spirit activity often doesn’t want to be moved or knows it’s getting close to being heard.

When I connected to the property to begin the healing, I first noticed there were lots of layers. The home was part of an estate which had been a boys prep school and a monastery. There were lots of unhappy souls and past trauma hanging around over many years. There was also a negative power object nearby which is set with the intent to bring bad luck and attract dark energy.

As I healed and cleared souls, and cleansed the power object, I felt the energies lifting. The next day I received an update from Sarah:

“Thank you for your work. I can confirm the baby slept through the night for the first time since we have lived here last night.

The scratching noise that was bothering my son in his room has ceased along with the feeling of foreboding around the house. The lights are no longer communicating morse code and no items are involuntary flying across the room. I am also pleased to report no objects have gone missing. My breathing as an asthma sufferer has also improved dramatically!”

I continued to work on clearing the earth stresses and any residue spirit activity that revealed itself as I worked. Thankfully most of the issues were related to the multiple spirit activity and were cleared immediately, but fully healing the property and land brought the vitality reading of the home up to 100% and ensured only positive energies would be attracted to the space going forward.

Sarah realised the energy was amiss in her new home and recognised she needed some help to clear it. My assessments of home energy are FREE, so if you would like your home checked please complete an assessment enquiry on