Dogs Barking at a Wall

Laura came to me when she heard that I could clear energy in homes.

Although she had lived in her home for some 10 years, she had always been aware of some strange energy there. She couldn’t put her finger on anything particular, she just sensed negativity in the house. She felt low in the house, but it was her dogs that were really uneasy in the home.

At the end of the hallway downstairs was a small window looking out into the garden and it was here that 1 of her dogs would stand and bark persistently. There was nothing to be seen outside and the dog couldn’t see out the window anyway because it was high, but it was here, without fail, the dog would stand and bark.

The first stage of clearing a home that I tackle, is the psychic phenomena. When I connected to Laura’s house, there was a very upset spirit hanging around, and no coincidence, it was just outside the window where the dog barked. It was a mother trying to protect her son who had died in that spot long before the house was built. She was upset and angry and did not want to leave. In these situations, healing is required for the spirits. Once this was done, it took the spirits family dog to beckon them to the light before they were ready to leave. Seeing them go happily though was lovely to witness.

Back in the house, the immediate difference was the dogs. They were much calmer and stopped barking, it was instant! Laura said the house also felt more positive.

The next step was to clear the earth stresses. These can be caused by geological faults or underground water for example but once cleared, another layer of stress is removed.

At the end of clearing, Laura said the difference in her house was significant. It felt lighter, she felt she could see the house again. She started investing in the house; carrying out overdue projects and  making the place look more like home. She also felt compelled to declutter.

She said the house felt more like a sanctuary, which was what she had always wanted her house to be like, but it had felt like somewhere you just went, rather than home. It hadn’t felt like she belonged there, and she didn’t feel revived after being there.

It wasn’t until it was all cleared, that she realised how strange it had been!

Now, however, the dogs are happier, everyone is calmer, the children are more relaxed and chilled. Everyone is getting on better, there is more understanding and definitely less friction. The house now has a calming effect.