Child with Nightmares

Sandie came to me as her son was having continued nightmares and she was desperate for some help to stop them but didn’t know where that help might come from.

I offered to do a free assessment on her house. I found overall vitality to be only 11%, so immediately knew there was work I could do to change the energy. I also found some darker energy present and located this to be in the front room. This corner of the house was also where the wifi and TV were located and they were always shaving trouble with the TV turning itself off and on, as well as the wifi signal dropping out. It was also the area that was directly under the son’s bedroom.

I started the work and when carrying out checks on everyone found the son to have an attached energy, but one that he had invited into his energy space, like an imaginary friend. It was like a gremlin figure and was very happy living in the corner of the house and being with the son. I was however, able to remove it and replaced it with the son’s guardian angel. I felt sure this would help with the nightmares.

A week later Sandie reported back that her son had had a whole week of unbroken sleep! He had started talking loudly in his sleep one night but didn’t wake up, when he usually would have done, so this was a huge relief.

I continued with clearing the earth stresses, finishing with protecting against electro-magnetic frequencies, so that the energies emitting from the devices was neutralised instead of negative and draining.

Sandie soon became aware that the corner of the front room felt brighter, almost radiant and the TV stopped having problems. She could also hear her son snoring heavily in the room above!

Sandie was very pleased with the results and only wished she had come to me sooner. Spiritual work however, will happen when it’s the right time, and now was obviously the right time.