Trying to sell a Flat

The flat itself had freezing rooms, with dramatic temperature differences in some rooms, even after new flooring and new heating was installed. The owners could see specific energy slumps in certain rooms, whilst other rooms generated anger.  Their child had regularly seen a shadow of someone, and they often felt anxious and unsafe.

They lived in a ground floor flat of a semi-detached house and wanted to move. They were aware there were issues with the energy within their home, especially as their child was so anxious, that’s when they decided to get in touch with me.

I found the vitality (life force reading) to only be 4% so knew immediately there was a lot of draining energy there. I detected spirit activity in the ground under their property that was affecting them, which was quite dark in nature as well as there being a sprit path crossing their boundary. This is a footpath for spirits to travel on. Whilst harmless, it means there is a lot of energy continually passing through the home.

My clients also wanted to understand more as they were spiritual themselves and felt they could clear it with their own methods. They asked:

“Can you advise me if I can change the energy and support a healing process in my home myself? I am spiritually connected and while living here in the past few years  I have definitely made a positive energy change, using light protection therapy, daily white light protection, smudging, candle-light therapies, daily meditations to name a few. I wanted to ask, as I’m eager and happy to put work into my own home to support my own homes health. Or is something far darker and deeper that is going on in my home?”

I replied:

“As it stands the draining spirit energy and earth energy going on in your home can only be masked and reduced by the wonderful healing you are doing. It’s like putting perfume over a bad smell, it’s much more effective to get rid of the smell. You will still be able to do your healing work but it will be much more effective after my clearing.”

I had now completed the first stage of healing which was to clear the psychic activity. I found a type of gateway on the land under the home to an underworld and a gatekeeper there. I moved it and the spirit path so that it no longer affected the home or anyone else’s. No wonder they had experienced temperature changes with that amount of psychic activity under their home.

As a result of this clearing, the vitality reading rose up from 4% to 55%.

The client reported back the next day:

“This morning I definitely have more energy and the flat feels more solid and there is a better energy, which sounds weird but it just feels underfoot more solid!”

I continued to work through the earth healing until vitality was at 100%. The client reported back they finally had a buyer so all was looking good.

A few months later however they got in touch again:

“The flat sale has fallen through and our son is hugely anxious again and back to sleeping in our bed.  I had something tap me in bed and 2 nights ago a shadow woke me up.  This morning my son told me that he keeps hearing voices in the bedrooms at night and someone keeps poking him from behind!  I play this down for his sake and try to make a joke of it but I’m concerned as we’ve both felt activity in the last week and this also ties up with the sale falling through.  We all want to move on from this and we’re ready to move. This will be the 3rd time we have tried to sell the flat and it keeps falling through.  I really want to keep the flat clear and the spirits that are affecting us away, so that they are not holding us in or back.”

Again I connected to the energy of the property and found new psychic activity which I cleared until everything settled again and the sale was back on track.

All was quiet for a month until I heard again:

“The electrics are playing up again in our flat. The lights are blowing and there are temperature differences again in certain rooms.  In some rooms I have also felt the exhaustion and anger issues returning.  We’re so keen to leave now and are desperate for this flat to finally fully sell.  Could you please check this property once again!”

I cleared again and restored calm but was clearly missing something. I asked what their neighbours were like and got the following reply:

“I believe we are getting all the problems from the neighbour who has their back door directly opposite our back door. We are part of a semi-detached house and the house we are attached to has positivity and health, the two flats upstairs, again have peaceful healthy people in residence. But the opposite flat door that we also share a courtyard with, we definitely get a direct energy flow from them. The couple living there are long term tenants, they are elderly and very sick but also have lived and live a rather unhealthy life.  I am peaceful and polite to them, we have helped them and given them company multiple times.

The neighbour did tell me someone was murdered in their flat years ago, they have lived there 20 years or so the murder was prior to them moving in. I have felt for a long time we get their energy and they are desperate for us not to leave.”

This inspired me to clear negative energies from this neighbouring flat. This can sometimes happen where a neighbouring property has negative energy and those energies can jump over and psychically attack.

Finally calm was restored in the clients flat, the sale got back on track with exchange dates agreed and they were able to move on at last.