Working Intuitively with Life

My name is Emma Loveheart and I work with energy on people and their homes to ensure there is no negative energy around to cause discomfort or disharmony.

Naturally, as someone in the healing profession, personal life and challenges can often weave their way through my work and the theme for me at the moment is definitely working more intuitively in life. It’s about letting go and trusting that all is well and taken care of. Easier said than done!

We can get so caught up in our worries, I know I do, but we need to find ways to bring our awareness back to reality and bring our thoughts back to the here and now.

I love all the positive quotes people often post on social media, the successes people share, and the wisdom I get from authors sharing their own experiences when I read or revisit an inspiring book. They are little nudges and reminders, but I also know that sometimes, if I am not in a good place, they are extremely annoying! If you are having a bad day, it feels like the last thing you want to hear and can actually demoralise you even further.

On my radio show this month on, my guest was a healer called Amanda Farrar. She is a teacher in Law of Attraction and Manifestation. We discussed how important it was to be connected to a high vibrational energy within yourself to assist your life to flow rather then stick or be blocked. But how can you achieve this?

In a previous article I wrote called, ‘Are you under Psychic Attack’  I explored how there could be negative energy attached to you or attacking you which would be influencing your thoughts and your behaviour. This is something that needs to be cleared, and is a service I offer, before you can really work on the next step which is raising or keeping your vibrational energy high.

To truly work intuitively with life, you need to be connected to life through your heart.

This week I shared the picture of a dandelion and asked, ‘Do you see a weed, or perfection and beauty?’

Obviously a dandelion is a weed, and they are everywhere, but if you look closely, it really is a work of art. Another analogy is whether your glass is half full, or half empty. We are all aware that we can switch between the two trains of thought. The first challenge is being aware of this, the second challenge is discovering how to see beauty and have that glass half full. This is seeing life through your heart and through love.

Your challenge is to find a solution that works for you, to bring you back to that place of positivity when you find yourself drifting.


On the show, Amanda and I shared some of the solutions we use when times are challenging.


Writing a journal and downloading all the stress and worries in your head is a great start to clearing the negativity from your head. It has been proven scientifically that writing your worries down, releases your brain from having to think about it anymore. Great!


Getting out in nature and reconnecting to mother earth is a great way of clearing your mind and getting life back into perspective. Just breathing fresh air really helps calm stress levels and helps the brain see things more clearly.


A good old laugh does wonders for lifting your mood and shaking off negativity. Find the thing that will make you laugh, such as watching a film or reading a book.


Don’t get too hung up on the intricate details of what meditation is, I see it as my time to simply go within. By taking time out and connecting to my emotions, I give myself the opportunity to understand what is driving my thoughts with the aim of ultimately letting them go. I can assure you that if you choose to ignore your feelings, they will only come back to haunt you in another way, so you need to deal with them.

There are plenty of other things you can do too, but I recommend you write a list of the solutions that work for you. When you next feel down, visit that list to remind yourself of what you need to do. Good luck.

If you do however feel you are under psychic attack then please contact me. I can offer a free assessment of your energy to see what could be holding you back.

Clearing Psychic Attack Results

This month has seen me honouring my offer to clear people of psychic attack or unwanted energies and what fun we’ve had!

One of the highlights has been helping a young boy with autism who was having sudden attacks of anger and which were becoming more frequent. When I connected with his energy, I could feel he was a gentle playful character, but could also see a dark interfering energy attached to him. I was able to release this energy and free him, which has meant the anger attacks have stopped.

I also worked on a young girl who was being difficult at home and struggling with relationships. I found her to have entities attached to her which love to influence negative behaviour, but she also had a negative attachment to one of her parents. Her parent had put hooks into the young girl as a result of their own issues. Once cleared, the girl was being far more polite and relaxed and less negative at home.

Another lady came to me wanting to be cleared as just felt her energy was not as good as it could be. I found her to be working with a dark energy rather than her higher self but then also found parts of her to be under the influence of dark energy. I wondered if she had been involved in drugs at some point in her life as this is a classic time when these sort of energies can attach. She hadn’t, but had had a series of abusive relationships. Someone able to be abusive would more than likely be carrying dark energy which could have easily been transferred to her.

One lady explained how she felt freer and more liberated after I had cleared her. She had some entities attached to her and influencing her mood which I removed. She was also working with a spirit guide rather than her higher self. Guides are good but not as your main support since they will have their own agenda. This lady worked in the healing field so it was important that she was working directly with her higher self.

So this is just some of the highlights of this month’s clearing on people.

How Can You Heal Remotely?

“Don’t you need to come to my house to clear the negative energy?’ is a question I sometimes get asked.

It is a good question.

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes from a distance (wherever I happen to be actually, I just need quiet and to not be disturbed) and I can alter energy within another home. But how?

We live in a very physical world. Our homes and possessions are physical. We can touch them, see them, hear them, smell them. We use our senses to confirm physical existence. It is natural for us to expect a physical solution to a problem that is physically affecting us.

However, energy is all around us and at the very core of our existence. Although it can manifest itself physically, like hearing a radio through a radio signal, we don’t necessarily identify it with our senses. But it is the energy that I connect to and work with, and because it is energy, I can connect to it from anywhere. I don’t need to be at the exact place where I am conducting clearing work.

When working with paranormal activity in a home, I use my spiritual self to connect to it. Using support from universal beings and energy, I am able to move it on and therefore clear it from a property. For clearing earth stresses I use an age old tradition of dowsing to alter negative stresses to positive. Because I am connecting to the earth stresses via the universe through dowsing, again, I do not need to be on site to have an effect.

Connecting to energy is something we can all do and can have a positive and empowering effect on ourselves and others around us.

Let me share with you two simple exercises that work with energy.

Exercise 1

You can control your energy and ensure it is vibrating at a proper level to attract positive experiences in your life. To understand this, firstly think of something that makes you unhappy. Where do you feel this? Sit with the feeling and notice how it brings you down, makes you sad, or makes you feel miserable. You will usually feel this in the pit of your stomach. Now think of something that makes you really happy. Something you love to do or someone you love to be with, or somewhere you love to be. How does this feel and where do you feel it? You will usually feel this in your heart, or in your head and it can feel light and joyous. That is the difference between low vibration and high vibration. The secret is to stay in a higher vibration as this is where you attract positive energy back into your life. It also makes you feel good and everyone around you will benefit!

Exercise 2

You can do this exercise with a friend. Sit opposite each other and take it in turns to send positive thoughts and send positive energy to your friend. Think of light flowing from you to your friend and send them love. Bathe them in your wonderful loving energy. Now ask you friend to do the same to you and notice how you feel. Close your eyes and feel the energy pouring into you.

These exercises demonstrate the power of energy and how we can influence it within ourselves and on others. Working with energy in this way is how I am partly able to conduct my work remotely.

I offer free assessments of energy in homes and if you would like a report please complete the request form on my website

Meeting the Biker Spirits

Quite often when I go away to somewhere new, spirits will find me to help release them. I have had situations finding spirits attached to a building or a place, and it’s not always obvious at first.

Meeting the biker spirits was one of those NOT obvious situations. Once I realised they were there though, it explained a lot!

I have taken my motorbike licence this year. It is in 4 stages. The first stage is the Compulsory Basic Training which consists of basic handling and road awareness on a 125 cc motorbike. This allows you to ride a motorbike up to 125cc with L plates. The second stage is passing a theory test. These 2 stages I completed perfectly well and keenly went on to the next stages. It was then that is started going wrong.

Next is Module 1 which is the handling and manoeuvring of a 650cc bike. The test is taken within a test centre marked with bollards. One of the assessments is to carry out a u-turn. This is quite often a manoeuvre people struggle with to balance and there is a tendency to put your foot down or ’dab’ as it is called. I was fine carrying out u-turns on the road but as soon as I got in the test environment, I lost my nerve somehow and would dab. Anyhow, I kept practicing and had been performing u-turns well on the day of the test. However, when it came to the actual test I put my foot down! I was furious with myself as I knew I could do it and it was an immediate fail. Not put off, 3 days later I was back and this time I passed effortlessly.

So, trying not to feel too disheartened by my fail, I went on to Module 2. This part of the test is road awareness and safety. I had 2 days of riding around my home town, mastering roundabouts and when to conduct a lifesaver, as well as hill starts and pulling away. I found this all quite straightforward and was looking forward to the test. On the day of the test I turned up without my documents. How did I forget them?! I knew I had to bring them with me, but luckily my daughter was at home and saved the day by bringing them to me. All set, I began the test. All was going well until I pulled up at a T-juntion on a slight camber sloping to the left. I came to a stop and put my left foot down. I felt the bike’s weight leaning left and before I knew it we were both on the ground! I was mortified and the tester behind me looked bemused to say the least. How had that just happened?! I had made no faults up until that point and had never wobbled with the bike’s weight before. Needless to say I was very upset and embarrassed. I didn’t understand why these tests were proving so difficult for me. It just seemed to keep going wrong.

Luckily I wasn’t hurt, just a bit bruised, but the incident kept going over in my mind. I kept seeing myself falling with the bike. As this played out in my mind, I suddenly became aware of an energy behind me. I connected with my Higher Self and turned round to see about 50 spirit people gathered behind me. All bikers! I had picked up biker spirits that had been killed in motorbike accidents. I think I picked them up from the test centre. Many were stuck on the earth plane and were gathered at the Centre. With me being psychic, they naturally attached themselves to me. They desperately wanted to stop me passing my test so I wouldn’t ride and subsequently die in an accident.

I had to tell them I had no intention of dying in an accident but merely wanted to have fun on my bike! I then reminded them of how much fun it actually is.

I was able to release many of them quite quickly. Some took off on motorbikes, others connected to family members. There were a few that were harder to move as they hadn’t wanted to die and were stuck in the trauma of dying. I eventually showed them the light and they moved on.

I am hoping this has now released me from being influenced by other forces when on the bike. I did suggest rather than trying to stop me, they protect me instead, so that we could all have fun on a ride! I have not been back on the bike since the failed test, so will be interested to see how it feels. I do not, however, underestimate the power of a collective force of spirits in having an influence in real life and look forward to finally passing my test and getting out on the road on my bike.

Innocence of Spirituality

I had an interesting phone call from a lady who was concerned about her 11 year old daughter Maisie.

Maisie had always seen spirits and had talked about what she saw as soon as she could talk. No-one else in the family was psychic but luckily for Maisie, her parents were not afraid and listened to her and acknowledged she could see things they couldn’t.

The phone call came when Maisie said she had seen a spirit that frightened her. Up until that point, nothing she had seen had been a threat, and she had several ‘spirit’ friends that she would talk regularly to. She would mostly talk to them during dreams at night, which is a common time for us to converse with spirit, as this is the time that most resembles a meditative state.

Maisie was a delight to speak to. Her innocence was beautiful as she explained to me the spirits she had seen, and about her best ‘spirit’ friend who was a boy the same age as her. She had also done her own research on the internet and learnt about spirits and other realms and understood so much.

The day I spoke to her, she had seen the figure of a spirit man, who climbed over the fence at school and came towards her with a sly grin and dark slit eyes. It was his smile that really freaked her. Because she was frightened she told a teacher. The school immediately phoned her Mum and advised Maisie be taken to a doctor. Thankfully the Mum answered that is was not uncommon for Maisie to see things and so not to worry.

An interesting, but not unexpected, reaction from the school though. When it’s something we don’t understand, let’s go to the doctor. I am sure there are spiritually open doctors out there, but I am guessing not many. It is so sad that an adult reaction is there must be something wrong with a child if they are seeing things. I felt incredibly proud of Maisie for not being put down by the schools reaction.

Maisie and I then proceeded to have a very open and honest conversation about spirits.

I advised her she can ask for spirits to go away, and that this was ok. She liked talking to them but I explained sometimes spirits get so excited to speak to someone, you can get bombarded. So we talked about boundaries. All of Maisie’s experiences had been with the innocence of a child but this would change as she got older, so she needed to understand about protecting herself.

Protection is an interesting topic in itself, and one I talked extensively about on my recent radio show (September 2018) News for the Soul. My understanding is different protection works for different people. For Maisie she resonated with a shield and I visualised a metal war shield around her. This was the protection that worked for her.  I personally have soul protection, but I also visualise beaming out white light from myself so nothing can touch me.

Maise asked a very specific question. She said “Are there bad spirits?” Of course the answer is yes. I explained just like on earth there is good and bad, this is the same in the spirit world. This led us to talk about challenging a spirit. You can ask a spirit if they are of the light and they have to answer truthfully using the universal law of 3. If you ask the exact same question 3 times, on the third time the spirit has to answer honestly. I advised her that if she wasn’t sure about a spirit that came to her, to ask the question “Are you of the light?” 3 times. If it answered ‘no’ on the third time, then to use her protection and ask it to leave.

We also discussed openly about other peoples reactions to spirituality. I personally had a very sudden awakening to spirituality in my 40’s and received a lot of negativity from people through fear. It took me a long time to work through this and understand it was not me and that what I was experiencing was ok. Maisie did need to understand though that not everyone is open to it and she would need to be cautious as to who she spoke to.

It was a joy talking with 11 year old Maisie and discussing some of the basics of being psychic. I explained she had a gift and using it would help her get along more easily in this world.

For her, it was a relief talking to someone that accepted her and could answer her questions. She had so many and I hope it continues.

Spiritual Get Together

Spiritual Get Together at West Usk Lighthouse


Wow – what an interesting day I had last week when I met with new like-minded people at an amazing venue on the Bristol Channel.

We met at West Usk Lighthouse which is now a cosy bed and breakfast, but was built in 1821 by Scottish Lighthouse architect James Walker. It is unusual as is not tall like most lighthouses and is considerably bigger in circumference. All the rooms are within the building and are quirky and comfortable. There is also an outdoor hot tub on the roof with fantastic views over the Channel.

It has also been home in the past to spiritual groups meeting, and so was an obvious venue for the Spiritual Supper Club based out of Oxford. Except that we had a spiritual lunch on this day.

There were 6 of us that met up, and only 2 of the group had actually met before. I did wonder what I was doing when I set off for the 2 hour journey in the morning to meet people I didn’t know and to listen to a talk about a man who had been abducted by aliens. This was the arranged talk for the Club to listen that evening.

The truth was, I had a brilliant day. The 6 of us went to a nearby hotel for a fantastic lunch and we all got on very well; sharing our spiritual journeys and how we use spirituality today.

Back at the lighthouse, people started arriving for the talk. There was a group who collated sightings of UFO’s in the Swansea area and had recorded 700 over the last 50 years. Their stories were fascinating. There was a man who shared a painting of his spirit guide. It was beautiful and we learnt it was a very powerful guide which the man needed, as he was able to physically materialise people. Not something I have witnessed or want to witness really, but fascinating none the less.

In the end there were some 25 people gathered for the talk. It was a very detailed talk about the man, his wife and his children being abducted. Other people shared their stories too. It seems it is more common that you might think and many people have had experiences of alien intervention on earth.

There is always more to learn, and so much we will never know.

Spirits Arriving after a Clearing

Spirits arriving after a House Clearing

I was asked by a previous client to look at their house again some months after I had conducted a clearing. All had been well with the clearing despite there being a lot of stress in the house which the owner was well aware of, and clearing had restored calm.

So I was surprised when she got in touch with me again asking for a further assessment on the house She claimed the energy was feeling strange and had noticed it had changed after her neighbour had sadly passed away of a sudden heart attack.

Knowing that once I have cleared a house, it will stay clear, I was fairly sure that the energy change was due to the passing of the neighbour, as it was too much of a coincidence. I connected with the spirit energy of the neighbour and immediately sensed he was not happy about dying! This would be understandable as it was a sudden and unexpected heart attack.

I also sensed the spirit as female even though I knew the neighbour was a man. When a person dies unexpectedly, they can stay in the moment and not pass over to the light. In this case, the neighbour was being drawn to the positive energy of my clients house, almost as if he was asking for help. Luckily my client had recognised the change in the energy and asked for my assistance.

On connecting with the neighbours spirit, I was able to show him he was in fact in spirit and was stuck. I showed him my clients house and explained it was so bright due to the positive energy there and that there was more light like it that he could go to. I then showed him further light from above and let him go explore at his own pace. His anger at dying and being stuck was giving off a negative energy that my client picked up.

She soon got in touch with me explaining how much better the house felt, and how lifted the energy was again. She also told me her neighbour had a very feminine energy, so that explained that one!

Working with Darker Influences

Working with Dark Influences


As I continue to clear and heal more homes, so does my spiritual learning continue. Sometimes this learning will go in phases and several clients will need the same work at the same time.  This has happened recently with about 6 clients needing the same healing.

In this instance, healing has taken the form of clients having one member of the household carrying some darker energy from the past. When I say past, I mean in a past life and they will be under the influence of the dark but usually for less than 10%, so not always noticeable.

What this dark energy does allow however, is for openings or portals to be created over the home, which can let in disruptive energies.

Clients notice odd incidents of objects moving, electrics going wrong or acting strangely, or feeling spooked and uneasy. Also, the individual under the influence of the dark can be angry, or can feel strange and not sleep well.

Whilst I can close openings and clear portals as part of my home clearing, I can’t stop new ones being opened.

However, once I know there is a problem I can dowse to see who in the household is causing the openings. I can close openings again and clear any unwanted energies. I can then remove any parts of that person previously under the influence of the dark side, transferring all parts to be under the influence of Light and God.

Sometimes I need to also conduct a past life regression. If I have universal permission, I can cut cords between the past life of a person and their current life, so there is no longer an influence on them in this life. Sometimes, however, it is not possible for me to do this and the individual needs to go through the past life regression themselves. This will be where they need to understand the learning consciously and continue on a healing path.

Quite often my home clearing work creates the environment and platform for individual spiritual healing to take place. If you are on a spiritual path yourself, you will know that this can be very demanding emotionally at times, but the reward after the learning is worth it.

Please don’t ever be afraid of the darker influences or the learning. It is only there to teach us and for us to learn from it. Dark and light work in tandem and we will always have dark moments. We just have to ensure we return to the light, and we all have the power to do that.

Love & Light,

Emma Loveheart.

Protecting Yourself

Protecting Yourself

This is often a question I get asked:

‘If I am surrounded by all this negative energy, how do I protect myself?’

It is a question that has come up many times in my spiritual learning and one I have realised is different for different people.

Before I had my premonition and sudden introduction to spirituality, I was extremely closed. I never sensed anything spiritual, felt anything, or was aware of anything other than ‘real’ existence. The only memory I have that could be vaguely linked to having some spiritual awareness was with my Grandma. If I rang or turned up at her house, she would often say she knew it was me and it was the same for me if she rang me. We were very close and so I never thought anything of it.

Another experience I had about 6 months before my big premonition was being out on my bike with my dogs. I cycle off road with them and have several routes that I can take. On this one particular day I had intended to take a route that took me off the track onto a section of road before completing a circle home. As I thought about the route in my head my stomach literally did a flip. I felt nauseous, nervous, frightened and very uneasy. I hadn’t experienced this feeling before but I felt pretty sure that taking that route was not a good idea. I ended up taking a different route and had an enjoyable cycle ride with the dogs and got home with no issues. With hindsight, I think this was the universe giving me an opportunity to understand that are other forces out there and to question where these feelings had come from, but no. I listened, but I did not think to find out where that message had come from. I must admit at the time, there was a part of me that was really intrigued about knowing what may have happened. A part of me wanted to take that route and just see. However, I am glad I didn’t because I know now it would not have been good. Unfortunately for me though, I needed a much bigger push to wake me up in the form of a premonition.

What I have learnt, is although Emma wasn’t awake, my soul most certainly was, and my soul has seen it, done it, and got the t-shirt. A good aspect of such an experienced soul is I have some automatic protection. I have seen this with other people where past lives or spirit guides are there giving protection in this life.

This doesn’t mean I don’t have to protect myself, but it does mean I am not susceptible to all energy attacking me wherever I go. It is a great gift for me, because I can lead a normal life without worrying about psychic attack. It also means I can sleep anywhere even if there is geopathic stress or psychic activity, whereas I know that other people can’t do this. Many spiritual people have to go through learning to protect themselves to be able to travel, and not pick up psychic activity. Some energies like to jump bodies.

My main experience of not protecting myself and feeling an energy was one day when I was out walking on my own. I was on my back from town to home along the canal path and I noticed a young man walking towards me with his hood up, looking down and walking purposefully. It is someone I would be wary of in the way he looked. He didn’t look happy or appreciate of life shall we say. As we passed, which was about 2 foot apart, I suddenly felt a blow to my stomach. It caused me to double over on the spot and crouch to the ground. The man however was nowhere near me and had kept on walking unaware of my reaction. I later learnt that that where a spirit can take on a human is known as a Jin. I had been attacked by something attached to that man. From that day on, I learnt how to protect myself so I would not have to experience it again. I also later removed the energy from the man, as it was of a dark nature, (otherwise I wouldn’t have felt it) and would not have been healthy for that man to carry.

Basically, protecting yourself is very easy. Protection lasts for about 12 hours and you can protect yourself and others as well. I start my day by putting protection around my family and my dogs.

You simply ask or imagine some form of protective bubble around yourself or another person. It can be a bubble of white light. It can be layers of light in different colours. It can take the form of an egg. Or it could be a cloak of any material you feel appropriate. You can ask in your head or ask out load. You don’t have to ask anything or anyone in particular, you just ask.

If you are on a spiritual journey, then it is advisable to protect yourself. Where there is beautiful light, there is also dark and so putting simple protection around you can help you on your journey in a positive and stress-free way.

Love & Light as always.

Emma Loveheart.

What is Wisdom?

I joined Conscious Café in London recently where the topic of discussion was wisdom.

It was kindly hosted in someone’s home and about 20 of us sat around in a large circle on a mixture of deep cushioned sofa’s and  upright hard chairs. There was a mix of backgrounds in the group. Someone from Italy, someone from Nigeria, a lady who lived 6 months of the year in Egypt and two token gentlemen.

We started by answering the question of what people thought wisdom actually was. It was a polite group, with people taking turns to say what they thought a definition was. Mostly people thought it was something you got from life experience and education. Although there was the recognition that some people simply seem to be wiser than others; they were born wise.

As the discussion progressed it became clear that there were certain members of the group that liked to talk. It was also clear that some members, including myself, did not contribute anything. In fact, it got to a point where one lady was continually commenting on anything anyone contributed and was quite unaware that they were causing some frustration with other group members.

It was because of this lady that what I thought would be an interesting but low key meeting, and one I was happy to be involved in,  suddenly turned out to be quite a drama!

A woman who had been contributing her thoughts quite well, but also engaging with others, suddenly asked the lady who had been non-stop interrupting to maybe give some other people a chance to say something. Most of us had been thinking this but certainly didn’t have the courage to voice it! However, this feedback was not received well, and the accused lady stormed out of the room, despite pleas to return and left us all feeling slightly stunned. I haven’t witnessed behaviour like that in an adult for some time!

So you can imagine how the topic of discussion went off track somewhat, and went onto ‘what on earth happened there’.

Although I felt very uncomfortable in true British style, it was fascinating how different everyone felt after the incident. Some felt uncomfortable like me. Both the Italian and Nigerian lady said that was normal and in their cultures they would have dragged the lady back in the room! Some felt the woman shouldn’t have confronted this lady so directly. But what truly fascinated me was how it allowed the room of people to open up and voice their opinion. No-one was wrong, it was simply a way of approaching and coping with a situation. And isn’t that what wisdom is all about? Sharing and learning from others in an honest, open environment?

I did get my turn to speak in the end, and speak I did. I shared that since my spiritual awakening some 6 years ago now, I have a very different view of wisdom. I feel wisdom comes from within, from your soul, and is a result of your many past lives and experiences. It is the result of much much more than this one life time. I also shared that whilst there are some people in this world that you would agree were wise and inspiring, I truly felt that we are all wise and can learn from anyone we meet. Everyone has a piece of wisdom to offer, you just need to listen. I felt that the meeting had been a true example of that and it had been a privilege to be part of the discussion with so many honest and open people.