Past, Present, Future Self.

Past, Present, Future Self

My name is Emma Loveheart, and my spiritual journey, (and we are all on one whatever your beliefs), is definitely one of discovery. Waking up today, I realised that I have three main blocks in my life. My past me, my present me and my future me.

There is much well directed advice out there to encourage us to live in the now and yet our brains constantly remind us of the past or tell us we will be happy in the future. How many of you when asked the question; ‘what do you want in life?’, respond with the answer, ‘to be happy’ ?

I would guess it is most of us, I know I have said that to myself all my life. Every birthday I had when I blew out the candles on my cake, my wish was to be happy. But what we are doing is pinning our happiness to a future event, or attaching our lack of happiness to past events. This is our brain hard at work tricking us into mis-beliefs.


We will all have experienced some trauma in our early childhood. Experiences will vary greatly and will be different to different people, but they will be there. To protect ourselves from these traumas, our brain separates the part of us that emotionally felt the trauma, so that we don’t have to keep reliving the experience. This is the beginning of disconnecting ourselves from ourselves. But it works! We can bury the emotion and get on with our lives. But here’s the catch; we are not meant to be disconnected. Our spiritual journey in this life is to be connected to ourselves and love. When we disconnect we struggle, and life just keeps throwing us curve balls. When we connect, we can love and be loved. The curve balls are reminders that we have disconnected and need to go through some healing. When we don’t acknowledge there is some healing to do within, the challenges increase. Either, we constantly come up against blocks, or we get ill. All these challenges are actually assignments and opportunities to learn and grow. But when we have the awareness of this and can acknowledge the challenge and learn from it, that’s when life starts to flow and miracles can happen.


So, I expect most of you would say you have issues with money and don’t have enough. I know I do. In fact, I have always felt that, and money can be very time consuming from an energy perspective. Life today presents itself with lots of financial burdens such as a house and a car, which are now seen as essentials and minimum requirements, and yet can be huge commitments. We are also presented with so many opportunities to have experiences, such as eating out, travelling, and entertainment. The lack of money to do everything we want eats away at us. And yet, if you were to truly answer do you have a money problem right now, in this very moment, do you? As I sit writing this article on my PC, I don’t have a money problem. I am thinking what to write and thinking it might be lunch time soon, but money problems do not actually exist in the here and now. In other words, although we may feel we have constant money issues, for the majority of our time we don’t. The point is bringing everything back into perspective. If you truly connect with the here and now, you have no problems at all. You only have you.


How many times have you said to yourself, ‘when I get ‘x’, I will be happy’? This could be the dream house, the perfect partner, or a certain level of income. Just like me blowing out my birthday candles and wishing to be happy, I was attaching my happiness on an outcome in the future. But guess what? Yes, the future never happens! The future will always be in the future. We put so much of our energy into the future that we can never be happy in the now. It’s impossible as we are constantly telling ourselves happiness is attached to something. I have done this myself in looking for the perfect relationship. I have told myself that when I have the perfect person in my life, I will finally feel complete and fulfilled. Well, that’s a tough order for someone! Of course, the reality is I am already fulfilled and have all the love around me I need right now. The truth is, by putting an attachment onto a future event, I can’t see what I already have around me. We owe it to ourselves to accept what we have in the now and be grateful.


I realise this is always easier said than done. I am still battling away after years of awareness! It’s about recognising this is ok and it can take time as you are changing life time and genetic habits. My sharing this is a good reminder for me too.


To help you reconnect with yourself, my previous article (Working Intuitively in Life) on tips to work more intuitively may help you get back on track. It has to be little steps in retraining yourself, but at least you know you are not alone.

I am also hosting my first ever live event on the evening of 1st May 2019 in Newbury, Berkshire. With my colleague Heidi, Pranic Healer, we will be sharing our wisdom on working with life, sharing tips and advice from our own learning.