3rd, 4th or 5th Dimension

Where are you on your dimensional and spiritual journey?
My name is Emma Loveheart and I work with energy, specifically with clearing negative energy in homes. I started my spiritual journey in 2011 when I had a premonition about my eldest daughter having an accident. The closer I got to the event where I saw it happening, the stronger the visions got. I could see my daughter clearly after the accident as a vegetable and not having the life I expected her to have. It was so frightening that we completely changed our plans to avoid the incident happening
All my life prior to this event, I had had no spiritual experiences. No-one in my family was psychic, in fact, we were all atheist and the belief of there being anything else out there was just not an option! I was firmly embedded in the third dimension. However, this event was exactly what was meant to happen, because it was part of my journey in this lifetime to learn about spirituality.
This is my understanding of the different dimensions:
When we come to earth, we are souls taking on a human experience. Living in the third dimension is an existence without spiritual awareness. We are very much focussed on our own lives and accomplishments. We go through education. We begin a career. We have relationships, and we look for a suitable partner to start a family with. We then focus on bringing up children and support them to start the same journey. We grow old, we look to retire, we look forward to welcoming grandchildren into the family. This was certainly how my life was panning out and I was very happy thank you very much. Obviously, it’s not always as simple as that, as life doesn’t always go to plan. Life’s obstacles are what I call spiritual assignments. They are sent to us to help us learn, but when you are in the third dimension, they will be experienced as bad luck. It’s very difficult in the third dimension to see anything that goes wrong as a learning opportunity. Or to see any life challenges as representing a chance to develop and grow.


The next dimension is the fourth dimension. We are seeing more and more people moving into more spiritual awareness. This may be because of a wider societal acceptance of existence beyond our own. My story is not unusual in terms of being introduced to this stage very suddenly. The visions I was seeing were so vivid. It was like nothing I had experienced before. I was being shown there was something else out there, but initially, my reaction was ‘what is going on?!’
The dimension following the fourth is of course the fifth. In the fifth we are truly connected to source. Source is the universe, or God, or whatever you want to call it. It is not a religion as there are no rules or restrictions, it is just being connected to your inner love and the love of the universe. There is no real time, there is only the present moment. There are no worries, there is only peace. There is no judgement. It is a place and feeling we aspire to. It is actually available to all of us right now, it just depends how we wish to look at the world and what we see.
For a majority of us that understand perhaps there is more out there, we hover in the fourth dimension. This is where the assignments really challenge us. We doubt what life is really about. We question why life always seems to go wrong for us. Sometimes we sit in the third dimension and cling to our daily lives and routines. Other times we have a spiritual healing or experience that blows us away and we feel immense love and peace within us.
Our aim of course is to be more present in the fifth. This is where true love and true peace exists. Do not feel if you are nowhere near this point that you have failed. We cannot fail in life, we can only learn. For me, knowing there is a universe out there supporting us to learn and experience, is very comforting. It is an immense library that I can tap into and use. I use it to help others through my business and also use it to work more intuitively in both my work and personal life. I do question and struggle at times, but ultimately, I have something to fall back on to bring me back on my path.
I hope this helps you on your own personal journey and know you are doing a great job even it feels hard at times.