Is it all Woo Woo?

My name is Emma Loveheart and the more I speak about spirituality and  the universe, and how much it impacts our lives whether we like it or not,  I sometimes get the reaction, ‘are you talking about all that woo woo stuff?’


First and foremost there is quite often a fear. If you are not sure of something then you are naturally going to be fearful of it. Of course when something is unexplainable, there can also be a fear. Think about how many films have been made about the unexplainable which are mostly fear based. I immediately think of Poltergeist and how scary that is even after all these years.

There is next the aspect of seeing ethereal beings or being aware of other energies. If you don’t experience this and then hear someone talking about what they have seen or felt, yes, I can understand this does sound strange!


My journey into spirituality has been an interesting one in that I did not see or was aware of anything existing other than our world. I must also point out that I was quite content in this world of mine and didn’t feel it was lacking in any way. But when I was suddenly introduced to the world of spirituality and the fact there was a universe out there wanting to support us, I wasn’t phased by that either. It was as if I knew it all along. Since then I have seen and connected to energies that even I would refer to as woo woo at times. But not having seen this all my life I can understand how it is for people to hear for the first time, and I can relate to how you could think it crazy.


I have worked with two clients recently that came to me due to experiencing strange goings on but with no logical explanation. What saddened me was that they thought there was something wrong with them, or they were being punished in some way. I guess if you don’t know what could be causing the issues then this may be a rational answer.

The first client was an elderly lady who was being woken every night by 3 taps. Tap, tap, tap. Sadly for her she could never get away from it as it wasn’t just happening in her home but also happened to her when she was away. When she heard from a friend that it could possibly be some kind of psychic attack she contacted me. It was a huge relief for her to know there wasn’t anything wrong with her. I found it to be her childhood Governess, and the tapping was the Governess relentlessly tapping a pencil on the table. This spirit did not have a good energy at all, and was very angry and strict and I can’t say I liked her much.  It was a relief to move the spirit on and release my client from the torment, but also let my client know it wasn’t her but the Governess being of a nasty energy.

The second client I worked with was hounded by bad luck and poor energy since moving into a new home. Sadly she felt it was something to do with her and that perhaps she had done something wrong. I felt pretty sure it wasn’t and was right when I found a curse in the house. Curses are set with an intention to bring bad luck. I also found her to be carrying some negative energy that she had picked up and I was able to clear this. The results were being able to sleep for the first time in ages and a feeling of release.

I am not for a minute suggesting that psychic attack is the cause of all bad luck or strange goings on but it is something to recognise as a possible solution.

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  1. Roger
    Roger says:

    I read the article in the paper the other day and I don’t understand it but I know I am locked in to some negative battle at the moment and have been for 3 years what can I do?

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