Do you have a soul contract with your home?

My name is Emma Loveheart and I heal homes and clear out their negative energies.

Many people approach me when they move into a new home having recognised that issues and problems only began after moving in.

There are cases where people feel spirit activity ranging from a ‘cold’ feeling in certain areas of the house, through to more serious cases of objects moving or disappearing. I have had many incidents involving electrics being messed with too, such as the TV going on and off randomly, or lights turning on and off. One client had touch lamps either side of their bed which kept turning on in the middle of the night until I cleared some spirit activity.

There are also cases of people moving into a home and not being able to sleep or developing an illness. This could be that sometimes previous owners can leave their energy behind and if they were ill this can attach to the new owners. Or the energy can simply be so draining within a property that an individual’s immune system depletes and illness sets in.

I often get people ask me if their house will sell once I clear it. This is always a hard question to answer. Whilst I can say with some certainty that clearing will make the house more attractive to more potential buyers, this does not guarantee a sale. A difficult sale may also be due to the owner having a soul contract with the house.

A soul contract is a commitment your soul undertook before it took on your human existence. There will be many in your lifetime that you will never know about but one area it can happen is with a house.

As I have explained in my previous blogs about 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional living, we are here to learn and heal in each lifetime, and in our current times many of us are being encouraged to live a more spiritually connected life. Thus many people coming to me are learning about the fact that another life exists at all in the form of energy affecting us.

I have a personal experience of this, where I helped a burglar, something I committed to as a soul to help someone in this lifetime. I didn’t know about this at the time he crossed my path, but found out some years later as the incident had always bothered me. My home was burgled. The burglar got in through an unlocked window and took the TV, children’s electronic games and their pocket money. It would have been my jewellery too judging by the dirty footprints on my cream bedroom carpet, but we believe he was disturbed by my neighbour popping round to drop our dog back. How do I know it was a man? Because the police recognised his style of burglary and tracked his path of break ins that particular evening. He was very clean and careful with stealing, closing doors behind him for example. But I also met him. Some time after, I was walking down my road when he came up to me and asked for money. I just knew it was him. I could see it in his eyes. And I knew I knew him although I had never met him before. I could feel his sadness and when I connected with his spirit later on, I saw I committed to helping him in this life. But just the once. I had been decorating the downstairs room at the time and stripping back the wooden window frames, so the windows didn’t close properly. It was as if I left the window open for him! We were also out for the day and so was the dog. It was a horrible experience which left me feeling very afraid to stay in my house at night, but in actual fact he didn’t take anything much of value.

So this is one example of a soul contract, and another could be with a house. Our homes are made up of energy and sometimes we need to heal them. Although I carry out the clearing, I still need the clients to recognise their home needs healing and ask for my help before I can do anything. When a home is healed it is then able to let the owners move on. That owner could have agreed to heal the energies in a home. Or it could be a contract to help a trapped spirit in a home. They could have been in a past life together.

There are multiple reasons and contracts made without our knowledge, but don’t think a house is just a house. It is somewhere to be nourished and to heal within. It can support us or challenge us. As can the people and neighbours living around us. All the variables are part of the journey and learning.