Clients Reaction to Clearing

One of the areas of fascination about my energy clearing work is how different people react to the changes.

Unanimously though, everyone agrees that there is a calmness in the home, and relationships within the home are more harmonious after clearing has taken place.

There are 3 distinct stages to the clearing work that I do. Firstly, I clear any psychic activity. This can vary for different properties and can be a real change for some people, whereas others won’t even notice.  Some people have felt physical symptoms as I clear stuck spirits. The spirits pass their energy through people living in the house, which can be felt by some people. It doesn’t last long, but can be a strange sensation. Most spirits like to be moved on into the light and are very happy to go. Some may have lessons or messages for the existing inhabitants, but most are just stuck from previous lifetimes. They know no time, so there is no associated pain for them. Only poltergeists or spirits of the dark don’t like being moved on. They enjoy creating negativity and fear and stress, and can really impact on someone’s feelings, thoughts and actions. They definitely need to go, and require spiritual skill to be moved on.

Stage 2 is working on the geopathic stress. I offer an additional level of earth clearing where I work on clearing negative energy blocks before clearing any geopathic stress. This stage of clearing has the biggest impact for most clients. It is this stage that everybody seems to notice and benefit. It’s people reactions that vary. Some feel an overwhelming urge to de-clutter and tidy areas of the house that have been left for so long. Others relax more in parts of their house they never used to use. Many people sleep better, and feel more positive about life. This stage can also be the catalyst for change where someone has previously been procrastinating.

The final stage is protecting against EMF’s and also altering damaging rays to positive rays in some cases. Again, this can have different effects on different people. There are people that have become so sensitive to EMF’s, it has made them ill. I am unable to change frequencies to the extent that people’s symptoms disappear, but I can certainly alleviate the cause in their home space. This way they can free themselves to work on healing their bodies, so they are not susceptible to illness from EMF’s.

So, everyone has a different experience. Many of the home clearings I have written up as case studies and these are available to read on the website. There is some interesting reading there to help understand people’s individual stories and experiences going through a home healing.